ECM 23 (1)

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Chapter 23 (1)

Zhao Jinjin was known for her quick-temper, and would never eat a little loss. Even her assistant said that it was a pity the heroine of her sadistic and abusive life was her

Seeing the little newcomer who didn’t know the heights of the sky and the depth of the earth didn’t blush after hearing the mockery but instead looked at them openly as if she had decided to provoke her.

Xu Zhaixing turned her head to look at the poster on the wall and compared it with the young lady in front of him and asked happily.

“Are you Zhao Jinjin?”

“I am!”

“You look better in person than on poster.”

Zhao Jinjin: “…..”

Wait a minute, why are you forcing to compliment the other first?

Even if she wanted to explode right now, she still need to return politeness with politeness so Zhao Jinjin also said with a sullen face.

“You are also good-looking.”

Xu Zhaixing was a little embarrassed with the compliment but still politely said.

“Thank you.”

Zhao Jinjin: “……….”

What’s wrong with you? You want to play this kind of game first?

Thinking of these Zhao Jin wanted to stop their roundabout and just asked directly.

“Which school did you graduate from?”

Director Guo’s drama was the most important right now. He has professional background in Chinese opera which couldn’t be matched by any small fish or shrimp.

And when she heard Xu Zhiaxing said.

“Ah? Graduate? I haven’t graduate yet, I’m only in my first year of high school.”

Zhao Jinjin: ???

You are still in your high school and first year at that? What resources can you grab from me?

Kids today are impetuous!

Zhao Jinjin thinks that this little girl was not bad as she thought before, it was just that when she first came to the company early in the morning the first things she heard was bad news. For a moment her anger surged up, but now after chatting she calmed down a lot.

She said to Xu Zhaixing earnestly.

“This circle is not simple as you think. The sooner you step in the easier you could be dyed with color and lose your original pureness. You are still young, I will not bother with you but what belongs to me, I will not let others get it. You take care of yourself.”

After saying this, she walked away with her assistant with her head high leaving Xu Zhaixing with her dashing back.

Xu Zhaixing who did not know what was happening: This young lady looks pretty but it seems that her brain is a little problematic.

After looking at the artists’ poster, she continued to stroll around the building. Downstairs were the planning department, publicity department, public relations department and other behind the scenes team. Although the whole company was in in a small scale, it has all the working organs. Xu Yan has arrange every link in an orderly way and the foundation for developing into a large company has been laid perfectly.

Xu Zhaixing finished her round of stroll and was very satisfied as she begun to calculate in her mind when to take this building. This was the future heart and face of the entertainment industry!

When that time comes, the four characters “Chen Xing Entertaiment” would inlaid on the front side of the building which would look glorious and magnificent.

Aiya so beautiful, very beautiful.

As she thought about it she went to the conference room on the third floor. Xu Yan came out after the meeting with the artists’ agents and directors, when he saw her giggling and wandering he couldn’t help but smile and called her.


As soon as he shouted, everyone stopped their pace to look over. Few of the agents who had been itching to ask for a long time while in meeting but didn’t get the chance, now grabbed the opportunity.

The group was excited and ready to go when they saw the little girl happily running towards them and shouted at Xu Yan.


Everyone: “?”

Xu Yan smiled.

“Finished strolling?”

Xu Zhaixing’s eyes shone brightly.

“Mm-hmm, it’s all pretty good, big and beautiful.”

Su Man, the company’s only female agent couldn’t help herself and asked.

“Mr. Xu, who is this?”

Xu Yan replied.

“This is my cousin, Xu Zhaixing and the daughter of our company chairman, Chairman Xu.”

Although Father Xu has never come to the company, he still holds the 51% of the shares and he has always been named as the chairman. So everyone knows that there was such a big boss behind the scenes.

At first they thought it was a newly signed artist, and didn’t expect it to be the daughter of the big boss!

After the shock, several agent looked at Xu Zhaixing with a bit of regret. However Sum Man was who was quick-witted immediately asked with a smile.

“So it’s the Young Miss ah, Miss is so pretty are you interested in entering the entertainment industry?”

Xu Yan smiled and shook his head.

“She’s only in her first year of high school, Sister Su Man don’t jest.”

They also think the same. Generally this kind of wealthy daughter would inherit the family business in the future and rarely go to the entertainment industry. And maybe Chen Xing would belong to her in the future, then wasn’t she their future little boss?

Then they have to brush up favorable impression early.

Xu Zhaixing politely said hello to her future employees. Xu Yan looked at his watch and said to her.

“I’m going to meet a producer, I can’t take you in this formal occasion. You can just go to my office and don’t run around, you can write you winter vacation homework when you’re bored.”

He also instructed his assistant.

“Take her to my office and order her lunch to my office, it’s cold outside.”

After hearing this, the company’s agent Wu Zhiyun immediately answered.

“Mr. Xu that’s not right ah, it’s not like Zhaixing can come to the company everyday but you still let her write her homework? When can’t she do her homework?”

He looked at Xu Zhaixing with a smile.

“Uncle is going to take my artist to the theater for auditions later, do you want to go along and see?”

Xu Zhaixing was really interested and nodded her head immediately.

“Yes, yes, yes.”



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