ECM 23 (2)

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Chapter 23 (2)

Xu Yan saw that she was interested so he didn’t stop her but only urged Wu Zhiyun to take care of her and reminded Xu Zhaixing not to be naughty. Xu Zhaixing happily followed Wu Zhiyun to the underground parking lot.

The car was a Mercedes-Benz business car, Xu Yan never saves money on the façade. Everything gives outsiders a feeling that Chen Xing has a lot of money and strong background especially the feeling of being prestigious.

Just as they reached the car, the door was pushed open with a ‘swish’ and Zhao Jinjin sitting inside looked at them incredulously and angrily, her voice was so sharp that it almost sound distorted.

“Brother Yun! Why did you bring her for?!”

Wu Zhiyun just opened his mouth and said.

“Xu Zhaixing she….”

Zhao Jinjin interrupted him vociferously.

“You said that no one in the company could steal this role from me! What are you doing now? The company promised me so well when they signed me and now you’re treating me like this?”

Wu Zhiyun: “……..”

Xu Zhaixing: “…..”

Five minutes later.

Zhao Jinjin shivered and curled up in her seat.

“Miss, are you thirsty? Want a coke?”

Xu Zhaixing: “….”

Wu Zhiyun turned his head from the passenger seat.

“How many time did I say no more coke! Xiaoxiao give me the coke!”

The assistant silently pulled out the coke in her bag.

Zhao Jinjin said aggressively.

“That’s sugar-free.”

“Not even the sugar-free ones! Give up all carbonated drinks! From now on, only mineral water is allowed for you to drink!”

Xu Zhaixing couldn’t stand it anymore and stepped in to save the little poor thing.

“Give it to me, I’ll drink it.”

The assistant smiled and hurriedly handed her the coke, Xu Zhaixing slowly unscrewed the cap and let the gas out. She waited for Wu Zhiyun to sit back before secretly stuffing it into Zhao Jinjin’s hand, saying with her mouth.

“Just one sip.”

Zhao Jinjin’s favorable impression of this young lady skyrocketed upwards.

Brother Wu was right, she must change her violent temper. She could no longer listen to wind and rain. It’s thanks to this great lady for being generous and not vengeful, otherwise her behavior today would be enough for her to be snowed for ten thousand years.

Xu Zhaixing looked at her trembling look, and thinks that she has been frightened for so long because of the rumors but she doesn’t feel angry. After all, in her eyes, Zhao Jinjin was just 20 years old little sister. She should be tolerant to younger generation.

And to be this so good looking, it should be okay to be a little temperamental.

She took the initiative to break the awkwardness.

“What drama are you auditioning for today?”

Zhao Jinjin hurriedly talked about the drama she’s going to act in and the role she’s going to try out for. Xu Zhaixing feels that many things have changed since she came back from rebirth, since she never had heard of this drama that Zhao Jinjin was going to try out for before.

She was going to try for the female number three, although the role was not as good as the first and second female, still victory lies on the people. And she was a newcomer, this role was already very good for her.

Xu Zhaixing listened to her talk and found it was quite interesting, so she cheered her on.

“Go for it! This role will definitely be hot.”

Chatting along the way, they soon arrived at the theater. When they got out of the car, there were several business cars parked around, with female artists surrounded by assistants in front and behind.

Wu Zhiyun took the initiative to explain.

“Everyone wants to play in Director Guo’s drama so there are more competitors.”

Xu Zhaixing nodded.

Most of the people fighting for the female number three were newcomers who were arranged to wait for the audition in the common lounge. Looking around, Xu Zhaixing felt that Zhao Jinjin was the best looking, she also saw a few familiar faces in all of whom would be regulars in the future TV series.

While watching happily alone, a piercing voice suddenly came from the side.

“Now some people really have no self-awareness, they dare to come to any place and dare to play.”

Xu Zhaixing turned her head and saw that he was talking about an artist who was about the same age as Zhao Jinjin. After she said this, the man who looked like an agent next to her also smiled.

“People from the small workshop, of course wanted to run to get some light everywhere.”

Xu Zhaixing didn’t want to mind them that much but she instantly exploded as soon as she saw the agent’s face.

Isn’t this doggy the agent of S-Star?

That doggy agent who condones the black powder’s rumors about Cen Feng, forcing Cen Feng to take the blame for his teammate’s black material and suppressing Cen Feng’s resources!!!

Xu Zhaixing resisted the urge to pounce on him and tear him apart, she turned her head to ask Wu Zhiyun.


Wu Zhiyuan was also furious and gritted his teeth and said.

“Right, recently the drama resources that Chen Xing needs have clashed with their artists and several drama have been taken away by our artists and every time we encounter them, they would taunt us Chen Xing as a small workshop that cannot be on stage.”

After speaking, he saw Xu Zhaixing looking up and down, left and right.

Zhao Jinjin asked.

“Miss what are you looking for?”

Xu Zhaixing face was expressionless as she said.

“Where is my sword?”

Zhao Jinjin and Wu Zhiyun pulled her back in horror.

That dog from Zhongtian hurts my idol and humiliates my company! I want him to die!!!

She took a few deep breathes and force herself to calm down. At the same time, the cast staff shouted at the door.

“No. 3 Xie Ling come in for the audition.”

Several people in Zhongtian walked over immediately, as soon as they entered the lounge, the other newcomers waiting for the audition were all whispering. Zhao Jinjin also lowered her voice and said to Xu Zhaixing.

“I heard that Director Guo is very fond of Xie Ling, and praised her at the dinner table as the best of the new generation. Everyone feels that the role this time is most likely hers.”

After saying that, she heard Xu Zhaixing say coldly.

“Then what are you still doing here?”

Zhao Jinjin was speechless for a moment.

Xu Zhaixing glanced at her and suddenly called her name in a stern voice.

“Zhao Jinjin!”

Zhao Jinjin shuddered in fear, her body sat up straight, staring wide-eyes at the young lady in front of her, who was obviously smaller than her but whose aura was stronger than her own.

Xu Zhaixing stared at her and said word for word.

“If you can take this role, I’ll give you a top international fashion resource.”

Miss personally sent the words, she’ll give me resources!!!

Zhao Jinhin’s delicate body shook.

The door soon opened, Xie Ling came out. The staff shouted.

“No. 4 Zhao Jinjin come in for audition.”

Zhao Jinjin stood up.

She glance down at Xu Zhaixing, her firm gaze slowly swept over Xie Ling, then one by one over the other competitors present before walking in with high spirits.

Xie Ling had already sat back and was strangely uncomfortable by Zhao Jinjin, turning her head to ask her agent unhappily.

“What does that look in her eyes mean?”

Before the agent could answer, a cold voice came from the side.

“What she means is that she’s not targeting anyone, she’s saying that everyone here…”

The two turned their heads at the same time and saw the little girl sitting next to them, staring at them sullenly, hooking the corner of her mouth and said word for word.

“All, are, garbage, garbage.”



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