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Chapter 22

The cake was exquisite and small, with chocolate leaves and full cherries on top of the cream. When the wind blew, the candle was also blown out and almost went out. Cen Feng subconsciously reached out to block the wind.

The candle burned silently between his palms with a shallow temperature melting the coldness of his fingers.

He looked down at Xu Zhaixing, for a long time before asking in a low voice.

“Your birthday?”

Xu Zhaixing lied with a straight face.

“Yes! But I’m the only one at home, so I didn’t know who to ask to eat the cake with me. But you’re here.”

She smiled happily and sincerely, Cen Feng did not suspect and acquiesced to this reason. He looked at the candles that were gradually burning out and reminded her.

“Make a wish then.”

Xu Zhaixing nodded and closed her eyes. A few seconds later, she opened her eyes and looked at Cen Feng brightly.

“Brother you can make a total of three wishes on your birthday, I’ve made two and I don’t seem to have any other wishes.  The remaining wish, I’ll give it you okay?”

Cen Feng was taken aback.

Xu Zhaixing urged.

“Hurry up, hurry up the candles are about to burn out make a wish!”

Cen Feng subconsciously closes his eyes.

But his brain was blank.

What to wish for?

Would the wish come true?

If wishes do come true…..

He wished he had never come to this world.

Become a stone, a tree even a blowing wind as long as it was a not a person, anything was good.

But he had no choice, the world had never given him a choice. He had also struggled and struggled, tried to live this life well.

He once really believed that the future would be better.

But it was the world that told him over and over again, don’t be delusional. It’s never going to be okay.

When he was young, he thought as long as he was obedient, good and ate less his father would like him but what greeted him was still endless beatings.

Then the man went to jail and he was free. He thought he would at least not be beaten in the orphanage but because he was the son of a murderer, untold violent bullying awaited him.

The teacher told him, ‘Cen Feng ah you have to smile more, you smile more so that someone will like you and want to adopt you.’

So he endured the pain that filled his body under his clothes and obediently curled his mouth.

Then a couple did adopt him, they came to take him home that day, gave him a new warm and soft clothes and also brought him a lot of cookies and candy then he though from then on it would be different.

But in that family, there was a brother who was not related to him by blood.

That older brother does not like him, Cen Feng knew from the first moment he stepped into that home.

He was all too familiar with that loathsome look.

He lives in this house cautiously, not daring to speak loudly, not daring to walk heavily but this brother who was two years older than him still hated him.

In the middle of the night, he secretly peed on his bed, tore up his homework and together with the boys in the school, pushed him into the toilet.

The young malice has no measure and the adults could never imagine how vicious a child could be.

Cen Feng had no way to open up this to his adoptive parents—what their most precious son had done to him. They adopted him, fed him, clothed him and sent him to school. They were kind to him, he could not go and destroy the family.

The adoptive parents felt that they were just petty fights between the two children and that when the children grew up a bit more it would all go away.

They didn’t understand why he wanted to run away from the house.

Until he was discovered the by the Zhongtian’s scouts, it didn’t matter if he became a star or not, for a fifteen year old he was willing to give anything to leave that place that was like a silent hell.

But it wasn’t until he became a trainee that he realized he was just jumping from one hell to another. Everyone here was a competitor, friends would betray you, and brothers would step on your head to climb up for the chance to debut.

But there was no way back for him.

His adoptive parents have cut ties off him because he dropped out of school to become a trainee.

This was the path he chose and he has to prove it to himself and to the world.

He had also gritted his teeth and defied the odds.

But what was the result?

It was reality that gave him slap after slap until he came to his senses.

Now looking back on his journey, it was ridiculous to the point of laughter.

Reality was clearly telling him over and over again. Don’t try. Don’t chase the good, people like you were born unworthy of the light.

And he did not believe it, he went forward again and again, running, reaching out, trying to touch the light and finally fell into the abyss of ten thousand feet.

And so by now, he no longer dreamed for hope.

He resigned himself to his fate.

If you don’t chase you won’t suffer, if you don’t hope you won’t be disappointed. All good was a false illusion, a sugar to lure him into abyss, a poison to break his heart and bones.

He would not be fooled again.

Cen Feng opened his eyes.

Xu Zhaixing was caught off guard and crashed into his cold eyes and was sting by the sharpness like razor-sharp coldness that made her heart tremble.

Just for a moment, Cen Feng withdrew the hand protecting the candle and took two steps back. With full of indifference and rejection.

“I have no wish.”

He turned around and walked away.

Xu Zhaixing was at loos for words and froze in place.

Cen Feng took two steps and stopped, he looked up the empty street and after a few seconds he turned around and walked back. Xu Zhaixing was still frozen while looking at him blankly.

She heard him asked.

“How are you going to get home?”

She stammered.

“Take…. a cab.”

Cen Feng looked indifferent.

“Follow me.”

Xu Zhaixing hold the cake and followed him step by step.

They walked to the street and waited for two minutes, when a cab passed by Cen Feng hailed the cab and helped her pull the door open.

“Get in.”

Xu Zhaixing did not resist at all in front of her idol. She climbed up in the car shivering, halfway in she thought of something and hurriedly turned around and handed the cake over.

“Brother, you have not eaten the cake.”

Cen Feng frowned as if he was impatient.

“Don’t eat.”

Xu Zhaixing still did not give up and whispered.

“It’s very sweet, would you like to have a taste? Just one bite….”

She looked at the expression on Cen Feng’s face and suspected that she might be killed.

But in the next moment, Cen Feng stretched out his finger and quickly scrapped on the cake then put in to his lips and licked it.

He said.

“It’s okay.”

Xu Zhaixing was satisfied, holding the cake she obediently sat in the car. Before the driver started the car, she asked pitifully.

“Brother can I come to hear you sing next time?”

Cen Feng lowered his eyes to look at her, his eyes were dark and gloomy.

“I will not come since it’s snowing heavily.”

Xu Zhaixing hurriedly nodded.

“Oh, ok, okay! Then brother, you should take care of your health and take care of yourself. When the weather gets warmer, I’ll come back for you!”

Cen Feng did not respond.

As the car started, she reluctantly grabbed the door and looked back. She saw the young man standing on the spot and his shadow being drawn so long by the street lamp casted on the ground deserted and alone.

Her eyes were a little sour as she gave a small wave of her hand and whispered.

“Happy birthday brother.”

When the car drove halfway, Xu Yan called and scolded her.

“I just went to the company to sign a document and you disappeared? Didn’t I tell you not to go out tonight, since there could be a snowstorm?”

Xu Zhaixing hurriedly admitted her mistake.

“I’ll be back soon, I just went out to buy a cake. I’m almost home!”

Xu Yan stroked his aching forehead and walked to the hallway to change his shoes.

“I’ll wait for you downstairs.”

Ten minutes later, Xu Zhaixing jumped down from car holding the cake and shook the cake in front of Xu Yan’s suspicious eyes.

“My mouths is gluttonous, I’m sorry.”

Xu Yan glance at her indifferently.

“Next time you run around, I’ll tell your mother.”

Xu Zhaixing said.

“Brother, how old are you and still snitching? Can we still have some basic trust between people?”

This girl still dared to answer back. Xu Yan was about to knocked her head to admonish her with few words but when he turned his head, he saw the little girl’s face although smiling but her eyes were downcast and gloomy.

He change from knocking to patting and asked.

“What’s wrong?”

Xu Zhaixing run over to press the elevator.

“Ah? Nothing is wrong ah. Go, go, go, it’s freezing here.”

When she didn’t say, he didn’t ask.

After returning to the house, Xu Zhaixing took the cake out and squatted on the edge of the coffee table holding a spoon and started digging into it. When Xu Yan wen to the bathroom to take shower she was in that position after washing out she was still in that position. She didn’t even change her expression and looked a little bored.

Xu Yan wiped his hair and walked over and asked her.

“Do you want to go to the office tomorrow with me?”

Xu Zhaixing seemed to freeze for a moment before reacting to what he said and nodded.

“Okay, then I’ll set the alarm clock.”

Xu Yan did not say anything else, he smiled.

“Finish eating and go to bed early.”

The next morning Xu Zhaixing sleepily had a morning run with Brother Xu Yan.

Cheng Xing’s office was located in the City center, although not as grand as other large companies that has the whole building, but their office building has one to seven floors that were rented by Xu Yan.

Although the company was small but the appearance should be sufficient which was also conductive to signing artist and capitalist cooperation.

As soon as they arrived at the entrance a security guard greeted them.

“Hello, Mr. Xu.”

Xu Yan nodded gently and all the way over, the front desk girl, the cleaning lady and the employees rushing to clock in all greeted in unison.

“Hello, Mr. Xu.”

It was Xu Zhaixing’s first time coming to the entertainment company she personally promoted and looked at everything in awe. In just six months, Xu Yan could actually make the company to this scale, really deserves to be the future big shot.

She was looking around and the people around her were also looking at her.

The company’s internal group chat soon talked about it.

[Mr. Xu brought a super young girl to the company!]

[Is that young? That’s a baby. Her baby fat has not yet faded, think at most 15 years old.]

[Looking so cute with her big eyes!]

[Is she a newly signed artist? Did Mr. Xu say who will manage her? I have shortage of these types under me, so don’t grab her from me.]

[Sister Sue you’ve changed. You said last night I was your only baby.]

[There is a shortage of this type in the circle. Where did Mr. Xu find the treasure? Brother Yun aren’t you going to take Jinjin to try out Director’s Guo’s audition today? Ask Mr. Xu to bring this little girl to the audition and see if she fits any character.]

[It’s hard to say to say whether the person was signed or not. I will got Mr. Xu’s office later to ask it.]


Xu Yan saw Xu Zhaixing looking east and west with full of excitement and was no longer downcast like last night and finally felt relieved. When they got on the elevator, he said to her.

“I’m going to have a morning meeting so feel free to stroll around on your own and get familiar with it, and I’ll introduce the company’s employees and artists to you later.”

Xu Zhaixing waved her hand.

“No, no wait until I graduate then introduce me to the company. You go busy yourself and I’ll go stroll by myself.”

Xu Yan nodded, he got off the elevator and left. Xu Zhaixing rubbed his small hands in anticipation and decided to start pressing down from the seventh floor.

The sixth and seventh floors were offices of Xu Yan and several agents, Xu Zhaixing strolled around on the seventh floor—there was nothing. She then took the emergency exit to the sixth floor.

There were many posters hanging in the corridor on the sixth floor, all of them were artists signed by the company. Xu Zhaixing was very interested in this and looked at them one by one.

In addition to the few artist she previous highlighted in the planning book to Xu Yan, Xu Yan also signed five people, three men and two woman, all of whom were quite young and had good looks.

In the first poster was a girl with long and black hair, she looked innocent and well-behaved type. The smile she gave to the camera was particular sweet, in the future she would be called the first love’s face. The signature on the poster was Zhao Jinjin.

Xu Zhaixing was watching with interest when the elevator door next to her opened and a girl wearing sunglasses led by two assistants came out. Angrily saying as she walked.

“What does Ma Zhe mean? He urged Yun to take that newcomer to auditioned with me? Is it because when the artists were grouped I choose Bother’s Yun group and not him, so now he hates me? And dared to block my way, huh, what is the origin of that newcomer, did the group said anything?”

The assistant hurriedly answered.

“No news yet, Mr. Xu and the others had gone to the morning meeting.”

The girl sneered.

“Just because I come to the company and extend my hand to them, they really thing I am easy to bully? I’d like to see what kind of big face she has to be personally led by Mr. Xu? After all am I not personally signed by Mr. Xu himself?”

Just as she finished saying this, she saw a pretty little girl not far away across the corridor staring at her poster with inexplicable smile on her face.

Zhao Jinjin’s footsteps stopped and threw a questioning look at her assistant.

The assistant hurriedly took out her phone and flipped through the group messages, flipped out the photo that was secretly taken and compared it, she then nodded firmly towards Zhao Jinjin.

That’s right! It’s her!

Zhao Jinjin was instantly furious.

What do she mean by staring at my poster and smiling like that?

To provoke me???

Come one! I’m right here in person! Come and fight!

She raised her voice and laughed coldly.

“Some newcomers nowadays are very capable and was quick on hugging thick thigh. If you want to compete with me, use your own weight!”1

Xu Zhaixing who heard the voice, turned around curiously.

Who is this pretty lady with long legs and thin waist cursing at?


“Some newcomers nowadays are very capable but was quick on hugging thick thigh. If you want to compete with me, use your own weight!”1what she mean here is that Xu Zhaixing is quick getting a strong backer, if she wanted to fight Jinjin she needs to use her own capabilities.


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