ECM 20

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Chapter 20

The commotion quickly caused the passerby to gather around and point fingers.

The fat man probably cannot afford to lose this person or he was maybe startled with how Cen Feng reacted as his expression changed several times and finally said nothing and just glared at him and hurriedly turned away.

Cen Feng retracted his eyes, and lowered it to swept a glance at Xu Zaixing who was still tilting her head and staring blankly at him. He turned around picked up the guitar on the ground and put it back in the bag.

Xu Zhaixing finally came back to her senses and carefully brushed her hair, while she pursed her lips before asking him.

“Brother do you still remember me?”

Cen Feng glance and then put the loaded guitar to his back.

She rubbed her palm on the corner of her coat and reminded him in somewhat nervous whisper.

“Last fall, you played the guitar here and bought me a cup of milk tea….”

Her voice was getting softer and softer as her face looked chagrined.

Just now I was too impulsive!

Letting her idol see that side of her, now all good feeling were gone.


Cen Feng carried the guitar, then put his hand in his trouser pockets as he slightly bend and looked at the young girl in front of him.

She was dressed well, the whole person looked so round with the scarf on her neck wrapped all the way on her jaw and the furry hat on her head that had two red fox ears blown back and forth by the night winter wind.

Only half of her face was exposed, reddened by the cold wind and her eyelashes was covered with fine snowflakes. Her bright eyes were clear and when smiling it would curved into the shape of crescent moon.

He spoke lightly at her chagrined look.


Her eyes lit up as her face little face flushed and her voice was full of unconcealed excitement.

“Brother, I haven’t seen you for a long time, let me treat you to a milk tea this time?”

It was still snowing.

His fingers tucked in his trousers pocket trembled and it took for a long time before he faintly responded.


Xu Zhaixing was overjoyed and followed him to the milk tea store not far away. She looked the signboard menu, turned her head and asked.

“Brother, what do you like to drink?”

Of course she knew his tastes but she was still careful to seek his opinion.

Cen Feng looked the dim light enveloped in darkness.


Xu Zhaixing shouted very boldly.

“Boss! Two cups of caramel milk tea with red beans and pearls! Ten percent sugar! Make it hot!”

Her idol likes to eat sweet especially very sweet milk tea. Although the caramel and red beans were already very sugary, but who would want that kind of sweetness.

Cen Feng’s eyes flickered slightly and looked down at her.

Xu Zhaixing paid for the milk tea, while suppressing her fluttering heart and tried to act normal as she inserted the straw and happily take a sip.

I missed the taste of salty foods.

 At this time of year even milk tea were not as good in the future.

She tried to swallow while peeking at Cen Feng who was biting the straw with unchanged expression and hesitantly asked.

“Brother, is it good?”


Xu Zhaixing: “………”

As expected of the very sweet beans!

He said it tasted good and when he drank in again surprisingly she really didn’t think it was that bad.

Xu Zhaixing’s heart was filled with honey, holding the milk tea as she followed him one step behind. After walking for a short distance, Cen Feng’s footsteps stopped and turned around to look at her.

“Not going home?”

She then snapped out her honey imagination and hurriedly took steps back.

“Yes, yes!”

Although she had many things to ask him, and to tell him to take care of himself and not to aggravate himself but she could not open her mouth and couldn’t say anything.

Cen Feng withdraw his gaze.

“Thank you for the milk tea.”

Xu Zhaixing shook her head and tried to keep her voice light.

“No thanks! You should go back, it’s cold outside!”

Cen Feng nodded, turned around and leave but he didn’t take few steps when the girl’s good-natured voice came from behind.

“Brother, I will come here tomorrow night to listen to you sing ah.”

He did not respond.

When he returned to the dormitory, all his roommates were already asleep.

The place where he now lives was dormitory the company arrange for trainees with a total of four people, living in each separate rooms. Cen Feng did not turn on the lights when he walked to the door of his room, when one of the room in the corridor was pulled opened from the inside.

Yin Chang was in his pajamas and his hair was messy, his handsome features looked harmless and his voice sounded as he turn on the light in the corridor.

“Brother why did come so late today?”

Cen Feng ignored him, and just opened the door of his room and walked in. He then put the guitar down, took off his clothes and changes his shoes.

Yin Chang followed him and looked at him in the through the doorway but finally spoke as he made up his mind.

“Brother, I heard from Brother Niu at the company today saying that he is going to get you in trouble. I heard that the superiors are very dissatisfied with you for being late and leaving early and not taking training seriously, but going out to perform outside instead.”

He looked at Cen Feng disapprovingly.

“Brother why did you change so much this year? Don’t you want to debut anymore?”

Cen Feng already change into a black undershirt and slippers, putting a towel on his neck. His exposed arms and calves were clearly defined compared with the soft and thin Yin Chang.

He swept a light glance at him.

“Are you finished? If you’re done, get out.”

Yin Chang choke as his face turned red.

He did not reminded nor exchange good words with Cen Feng several times because of goodwill. He was young, and his eyes couldn’t hide things he dislike as it overflowed with malice not to mention his face already gave way how wronged he felt.

However Cen Feng was still expressionless, he walked from the door sideways and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Yin Chang took two breaths and shouted at his back.

“Cen Feng! Even if you are unhappy with the company, you don’t have to take it on me, right? I took you as my brother. But what about you, what do you take me for?”

He was answered by the sound of the bathroom door closing.

Immediately after the sound of water clattering could be heard, the person inside seemed not to put his words at all in his heart. No matter what he said or did, it could not get in that person’s eyes.

Yin Chang thought back to two years ago when they first came to the company. He and Cen Feng were in the same group of trainees in the dormitory, Cen Feng was one year older than him so he called him brother out of good manner and Cen Feng really took care of him as his brother also.

Cen Feng had helped him in everything even help him correct his pronunciation, he would also accompany him to practice his dance. And since he does not have a flexible body and his ligaments were not in a good condition, Cen Feng would help him lift his legs little by little until he could finally move his body at will without hearing the cracking sound of his bones breaking.

There was even a time when someone in the company called him pussy, Cen Feng punched the person first and went up to help him fight.

As young teenagers, facing with a group of people was not easy. The corner of their mouth was swollen but he still smiled and comforted him.

“Don’t be afraid, they won’t dare to say it again.”

At that time, he sincerely regarded Cen Feng as a brother and appreciated him.

But when did it get start to change?

It was when the dance teacher praised Cen Feng unabashedly but scolded him for being clumsy, when the voice teacher praised Cen Feng for his talent but looked at him and shook his head, when Cen Feng could play piano well within half a year while he was still stumbling over his training.

He knew he shouldn’t be jealous.

But he could not control his red eyes that were filled with jealousy, his resentful emotions were like a fine net circling and wrapping around his heart strangling out the blood.

And he concealed it very well, while being jealous inside he enjoyed Cen Feng’s care.


Last year…..

Cen Feng couldn’t attend the training because of a fever and when he waked up the looked in his eyes has changed.

He was like a different person; cold, aloof, indifferent he was full of thorns and people dare not approach him.

Yin Chang at first thought that his hidden secrets were being perceived and was immediately terrified so he pretended to be concerned and carefully please him but no matter what he did Cen Feng never responded to him again.

He even deliberately clashed with other trainees, yet in the end he only received an indifferent look from Cen Feng.

He not only alienated himself but also cut off contact with everyone around him. He began to slack off on his training, he would come late and left early. He even went to the night market like a crazy person performing for measly amount of money.

Niu who manages the trainees has not been able to restrain him by half even though he has been talking nicely to him. They all said that once the best seedling was just ruined and the company might give up on this person.

While Yin Chang was secretly happy he was also worried at the same time, thinking that if Cen Feng left who would help him in the future? What if those people who had bullied him came to him and target him again?

Today, he heard Brother Niu’s rage on what happened in the night market saying he would teach him a lesson, so he waited for Cen Feng to come back talk to him but didn’t expect that he would still ignore him.

Yin Chang was so angry that he gritted his teeth but could not do anything about it. He just stared at the closed bathroom door for a long time and finally went back to his room and slammed the door hard.

Cen Feng returned to his room after taking a shower, covered in mist.

There was no floor heating in the dormitory and the only heating they relied on was the small electric heaters assigned to the trainees by the company. He did not like to use it, so the whole room was cold.

Blowing his hair dry, he put the money he earned today into the deposit box and looked at the mechanical parts and books piled on his desk. He sat down on his bed with his computer in his arms, opened the browser and searched a new mechanical assembly videos.

He watched the videos late in the night and was about to turn off the computer when a small box popped up in the right bottom corner of the browser.

[You have 99+ blog comments.]


He paused for a moment and clicked on the pop-up box.

After the debut, those public accounts were managed by the company and even the blogs they used themselves were uniformly cancelled. After coming back from rebirth, he forgot he had a blog account.

The page pops up and the latest content was still a picture of him feeding a stray cat last year.

Cen Feng clicked on the message icon.

Finally, he saw where the 99+ messages came from.

It all from the account ID called ‘picking up the stars from the sky for you’.

He scrolled down the page and looked at it line by line, at first the comments were quite normal.

[Eat on time like the kitten.]

[It’s dark, time to go to bed, don’t stay up late, good night~]

[It’s so cold now, and started snowing where are you? Remember to add more clothes!]

[Saw a super beautiful little flower today on the side of the road, sending it to you!]

[Today’s math test came up with the problem that I couldn’t do! Ah, ah, it seems that I can’t keep the first place in my grade!]



Then gradually it became.

[Why are you so pretty?]

[What good would it do you to take my life?!]

[Oh god look at this damn handsome brother!]

Cen Feng: “……”


Is this person sick?



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