ECM 19

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Chapter 19

With the weekend off, Xu Zhaixing took two day to finalize the drawings and sent them to the entry email drawing an hour before the registration deadline.

This was the competition for the whole world, regardless of age, gender and nationality. The preliminary round was also anonymously selected to achieve absolute fairness and impartiality.

The next step was to wait for the results.

Since she had to review at the end of the semester, she didn’t feel anxious waiting. Once she was able to pass the preliminary round of the competition with her previous works, she should have no problem with her designs since it has been carefully considered and crafted for several years.

When the final exams were over and Chinese New Year was fast approaching, Xu Zhaixing received an email from the organizers congratulating her work on the success of the preliminary round. They also asked her to submit a confirmation letter and finished work to participate in the final round in B City at the beginning of spring in March.

At the beginning Xu Zhaixing didn’t tell her family about her participation in the competition but now that she needs to prepare the materials she needed for her work, as she needs all kinds of fabrics, sequence and silk threads needed and it should also be carefully selected. The cost would not be small, her pocket money was certainly not enough.

During their meal, she told her father and mother about this and asked them to support her with a little money.

Father Xu and Mother Xu heard this news for the first time, but didn’t think too much about it. They loved to spoil her with dolls since she was a child, and when she was in primary school she bought a sewing machine for her to put in her room and let her toss and turn.

Now that Xu Zhaixing was happily telling them that she passed the preliminary round of the fashion competition, the two parents thought it was kind of competition that make clothes for dolls.

It was not until after dinner that Xu Zhaixing showed them the organizer’s email, googled the contest and saw the words international, high end and high-luxury that they knew their daughter was not playing around.

Mother Xu looked at her for a long time half believing and half doubting.

“Can you really enter with this kind of competition? It’s not some kind of people cheating you out with money, is it?”

Father Xu glared at Mother Xu in displeasure.

“Go, go, go, go, go! My daughter is so talented that she skill for designing since she was a child! Didn’t you see in the news that those who make it to the final round are all world famous designers!”

Mother Xu still feel skeptical so Father Xu thought about it and decide to give Xu Yan a call.

Since after, Xu Yan provided Father Xu with the real estate information and Xu Zhiwen’s bankruptcy, Xu Yan’s company has been flouring making Father Xu very satisfied with him. Thinking that the child was reliable and every time he need some advice for any uncertain matter he would always call him.

After the phone was connected, Father Xu turned on the speakerphone and told him about the competition. Mother Xu interjected next to him.

“Xu Yan ah, you help ask if the competition is reliable? Zhaixing also said that the finals will be held in B City.”

Fashion has always been closely linked to the entertainment industry, so how could Xu Yan now know about this international competition that has such a high profile.

He really didn’t expect this little cousin of his to give him such a big surprise again.

First he praised Xu Zhaixing a few times and then told Father and Mother Xu about the scale and influence of this competition then finally said to them.

“Being able to enter the semi-final is already great recognition for the designer. Second Uncle, Second Aunt Zhaixing is really amazing.

Once the call ended, Father Xu hugged Mother Xu in excitement.

“My daughter it too good! Too good! Oh, how did I give birth to such excellent daughter?”

Mother Xu also put her heart down and was overjoyed.

“Did you give birth to that? It was born from me! Zhaixing how much money do you need tell your father to raise the limit of the credit card!”

Xu Zhaixing took the opportunity to say.

“After New Year before school starts I’m going to B City to buy some materials that could only be bought there also I have to contact models in advance.”

With Xu Yan in the B City, Father Xu and Mother Xu agreed easily. As soon as the first few days passed they bought a ticket for Zhaixing and took her to the airport, watched her board the place and contacted Xu Yan. He must picked her up ahead of time.

After a few hours of flying, Xu Zhaixing finally set foot in the city she had been dreaming about again.

Xu Yan was at the exit early, and waited for Xu Zhaixing to come out. When she saw her coming out, he took her suitcase and smiled at her.

Xu Zhaixing immediately blew a horse’s ass1 as soon as they met.

“Brother, you’ve become handsome again! It’s like walking with a domineering president”

“You just arrived but you already have something to ask me?”

Xu Zhaixing: “….”

Was it seen through so quickly?

Otherwise how could a golden agent like him not notice people who would shower him with flattery for something.

Xu Zhaixing mischievously laugh and follows Xu Yan into his black Mercedes, waiting for the car to start before saying.

“Did my parents tell you to live me under your nose, not to let me alone because I’m prone to trouble?”

Xu Yan reversed the car and gave an “en”.

Xu Zhaixing said righteously.

“That, how can I not be sensible? Is the company’s business important or me? You can go to work and don’t worry about me!”

Xu Yan looked at her with a smile, he did not know what came to his mind as he raised his eyebrows and asked unknown tone.

“Do you want to go and find Cen Feng?”

Xu Zhaixing: “……”

Can I have not privacy in front of this man? Is he some journalist student or psychology student?

He doesn’t even wait for her to answer, just one looked at her and Xu Yan knows. He snickered and drove slowly while saying.

“Early love huh?”

Xu Zhaixing almost burst out.

“Who is in love early? What early love? Don’t talk nonsense!”

Am I worthy of it???

Xu Yan gave a meaningful “oh”.

Xu Zhaixing defended herself.

“Do you understand appreciation? Just like how we appreciate the blue sky, the twinkling star, the curved moon, is the kind of appreciation of something beautiful that is unreachable!”

Xu Yan asked.

“Then what do you appreciate about him?”

Xu Zhaixing cut the chase.

“Of course I appreciated his talent!”

After saying that she feel a little lack of breath but still added.

“And handsome!”

Xu Yan smiled and looked at her, finally stopped teasing her.

“Ok, tell me in advance when you want to go, I’ll send you there.”

“Choosing a day is better than hitting the sun2, what do you think about today?”

Xu Yan: “……”

It was still snowing in City B recently.

Xu Yan rented a two bedroom house, the guest room has been packed in advance so Xu Zhaixing simply put the luggage in the room. Thinking that the night would be cold, she took out her own hat and scarf to wear, wrapped it around her before following Xu Yan out.

Xu Yan first took her to dinner, then called Father Xu and Mother Xu to report her safety arrival before driving her to Cen Feng.

Xu Yan did not want Cen Feng to see her and Xu Yan together so she asked to stop the car a distance away. She peeked front the window and explained.

“Brother, you stay away from me. Don’t let him see you.”

Xu Yan unexpectedly did not say anything and just waved his hand telling her to hurry up and go.

Xu Zhaixing squared up her furry hat against the car window and bounced away happily.

Hurry up, walked faster me!

I’m about to meet the person I’ve been waiting for.

In the end, she end up running.

As she feel that kind of joyful and precious feeling.

When he ran across the crosswalk, Xu Zhaixing stopped. She was a little hot, and breathless, she was panting white air in the cold and half of her face was red.

But finally she could see him again.

He has not changed at all, he was wearing black sweatshirt outside and his hair now was longer, it lightly covered his eyes and the winter’s night cold wind was blowing it slightly.

Xu Zhaixing walked along the flow of people across the crosswalk, every step closer was making her heart beat violently as if it would jump out of her throat.

She mentally reminded herself that she mustn’t cry this time!

Step by step, as she was getting closer and closer until she stood up in front of him, Xu Zhaixing smelled the cold smell of tobacco in the air. His fingers was red while playing the guitar but it did not affect the movement of his fingers and the melody.

He seems to have lost some more weight, his jaw was getting sharper and the whole person has colder and sharper.

Xu Zhaixing’s heart was aching to death.

There are so many things I want to ask him.

Why don’t you eat well? Your body is the most important thing. Why did you refused Chen Xing’s offer? Is Zhongtian treating you better? Do you have reason why you can’t leave there? Are you having a bad time? What can I do to make you happy?

But she didn’t say anything, she just stood in front of him and listened to him play one song after another.

It’s great to hear him sing again.

His little finger looked so good, with its distinct joints looking so sexy when he plays the guitar.

At the same time, it must have been painful when it was stepped on and was injured.

When she finds out which dog did that, she’ll break his legs!

Looking at Cen Feng, her imagination was running wild that she doesn’t even blink, she don’t know how long it took but suddenly an angry rebuke came from the side.

“Cen Feng!”

Xu Zhaixing subconsciously turned her head and saw a slightly fat middle aged man walking angrily not far away.

Cen Feng didn’t looked up but just pressed the string with his palm and stopped singing half of the song.

Xu Zhaixing was still searching in her memory if she ever seen this fat man in Cen Feng’s team before when he had already come to the front, pointing at Cen Feng’s nose and scolding him.

“The company strictly prohibits performances outside, you take the rule as nothing? Do you think the company is run by your family? If you don’t want to be part of the company then terminate the contract! Don’t give me any trouble!”

He kicked the guitar case that has money in it and his angry voice cause the passer-by to look at them.

“You have fallen into the eyes of money, haven’t you? How much money is this? How much can you even make in one night of singing? Have you counted how much damage you’ve done to the company by wasting all this for your training time?!”

The guitar case was already very light, and after being kicked over by him the wind blew the change everywhere.

Xu Zhaixing almost lost her temper, she could not care less about cursing him and just rushed to pick up the money.

This was the hard-earned money he suffered in a freezing night!!!

The expressionless face of Cen Feng froze for a moment as he looked at the figure crouching on the ground in a hurry and putting back the money in the guitar case and ignoring the fat man who was still cursing angrily, and walked over.

He has long legs and flexible body, he easily bend down to pick up the remaining money. Xu Zhaixing who was holding a handful of money looked up and heard him say.

“Thank you.”

Her eyes were a little red, she do not know whether it was because she was cold or angry. She stood up, put the money in his hands and turned around. She rushed forward towards the fat man who was still angry.

She opened her mouth and scolded the fat man.

“What’s wrong with you? Just talk and no need to used violence with your hands and feet! Didn’t your primary school teacher teach you politeness and manners? What’s wrong with performing outside? This is also a way to earn money with your own ability! I see that you are not young but how come you have grown in age but not in upbringing?”

The fat man looked the young girl who appeared from nowhere, in disbelief he said nonchantly.

“What does it matter to you if I teach my own company employee? Hurry up and get out of the way!”

Xu Zhaixing glared at him angrily, she opened her hand like she was protecting her baby cub and ready to fight him.

“Employees have no human rights? Employees can be insulted like this? How come after so many years since the founding of New China, you still think yourself as some great lord?!”

The fat man was speechless with this sharp-tongued little girl, so he subconsciously reached out to push her.

“You get out of my way!”

Before the hand could touch Xu Zhaixing, a bony hand grabbed his wrist and break it off.

The fat man immediately sucked a deep breath in pain and became furious.

“Cen Feng what are you doing! You let go of me! Do you still want to mix in the entertainment circle you fucking asshole?!”

Xu Zhaixing snapped back.

Cen Feng stood behind her, his arms were over his shoulder and squeezing the fat man’s wrist.

This was not courteous at all, and because of the force exerted she could clearly see the vein on the back of his knuckles bulging.

He still looked cold, but his eyes were sharp like a sharp knife stabbing piercingly through his dark pupils killing him a hundred thousand times ruthlessly as if he had drag people in front of him to the hell together.

The fat appeared to be startled by this look in his eyes and was silent for a moment.

But soon, it faded and the hostility in his eyes where nowhere to be found and the dullness was restored as if everything was just an illusion.

He released his hand and pulled Xu Zhaixing behind him, his voice was clearly calm and indifferent but it made people shiver.

“Yes, how about doing that instead?”


blew a horse’s ass1– flattery

Choosing a day is better than hitting the sun2– which means that everything just goes with the flow. In the past, Chinese people had to choose a good day for weddings and funerals, weddings, sacrifices, and even “baths.” This is the so-called ” day selection .” In fact, everyone knows that choosing a day is just a psychological comfort, and choosing a random day may not be bad, so there is a saying that ” choosing a day is not as good as hitting the sun


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