Chapter 26

Despite her roundabout way of telling him, Old Madam Fu knew that her son understood her implication. But she didn’t expect that he would play a fool with her say something like.

“She has a heart now, and is now better than before.”

Wasn’t this deliberately stuffing her?

That was the phone call she made an hour ago. Old Madam Fu thought of her son’s elbow turning outside1 and until now she hasn’t cold down yet.

Unlike Old Madam Fu who was elegant and noble all the time, Patriarch Fu has become more and more amiable in recent years.

He was once a cold and tangible person in charge of the family but now, he gradually retreats behind the scenes and indulges with his grandson. He smiled more and more often, that people would mistaken him for kind-hearted man.

Hearing that his wife was still complaining about his son and daughter-in-law, Fu Dong good-naturedly comforted her.

“Have you always wanted to have more grandchildren? Now that Shiyuan and Ruixi are getting along well, maybe there will be good news soon.”

“You still want your grandchildren?”

Speaking of this Old Madam Fu was even more angry.

“I asked your good son just now, and he told me that Zonglin is very sensitive at this age, he may not understand if there is another baby and it may also affect his physical and mental health….”

Fu Dong nodded his head with deep understanding.

“Shiyuan is also right. Zhonglin did not get along much with them, and if they have a second child they would naturally care more on the little ones. It’s natural for children to get close to their parents even if Zhonglin doesn’t say anything, he will be hurt over time.”

Old Madam Fu understand the reasoning, bus she was just angry.

“Have you not hear what I said? He is helping his wife to steal Zonglin from us! She really knows how to calculate, the child is not easy to bring up so she threw him to us while enjoying her life as the madam outside and now that the child is all grown up, understands things and knows who he wants to be with so she came back running wanting to steal the child from us?”

“You’re just thinking too much, if she is a calculative person Shiyuan will not support her—when they got married didn’t they just like their simple family environment?”

Fu Dong patiently persuade his wife.

“Besides Zhonglin is such a smart boy, can he not know who is good to him?”

Speaking of her precious grandson, Old Madam Fu only then was comforted. She remembered that her good grandson wass not a greenhouse flower and was already expose to many things at a young age.

So he wouldn’t just be flattered with a day or two of interaction, especially if his mother’s mind was impure.

Seeing his wife’s expression, he knew that he was less aggressive so he sat down with a smile.

“I think Ruixi is willing to take Zhonglin for the weekend was just to lighten your burden. How long has been since you last shop at France? Don’t worry about the child this weekend, why don’t we go to winery to relax?”

Old Madam Fu’s heart was finally moved and was excited.

“Go tomorrow and return on Monday?”

“You can stay for two more days if you want.”

At this time, Jian Ruixi was requesting a video call. Old Madam Fu has not much resentment this time and was able to smile politely.

She then connected the call, and when the two old people suddenly saw the screen of their grandson wearing a dinosaur jumpsuit, they were shocked.

“What is this?”

Jian Ruixi saw that the father-in-law was also there, the smile on her face was even brighter, she greeted them and said.

“Mom, Dad this is what I brought back from the capital. I heard that parents in the capital like to wear such fun clothes for their babies. Our Jayce shouldn’t be left behind ah, we just put it on to show to grandparent as well.”

Although his father had already seen his getup, the child still couldn’t be comfortable as his grandparent watched him, his little face blushed and said.

“Grandpa, grandma good evening.”

“Good, good…..”

Old Madam Fu was smiling from ear to ear, and couldn’t bear to blink her eyes as her gaze pierce through her little cute grandson.

“This little clothes our Zhonglin wearing is really cute, do you many or few? Don’t forget to bring it back.”

Jian Ruixi smiled and nodded, thinking that she was not wrong. Her rich mother-in-law was really the number one fan f her cute son.

Even Fu Dong facing the new look of his grandson could help but praise him as his eyes also softened.

“It’s pretty, don’t forget to take some photos, I will show it to grandpa when I have time.”

The grandfather mentioned by Fu Dong’s refers to his father. Although the Fu family has one descendant in every generation for four generations it was also a rare generation family.

The old man was 90 years old, and recently prefers to live in a nursing home. And when Fu Dong was not busy at work he would often visits his father.

When Jain Ruixi received the support of her rich father-in-law and mother-in-law, of course she was very enthusiastic. She took dozens of photos her son and only put away the phone after seeing him sleepy, but still unsatisfied.

“Let’s stop here today and get ready to sleep.”

There was never a day when Jayce yearned for sleep more than now, and he was almost cheering as he stood up in bed—where he was immovable for the picture taking.

“Mommy help me take it off.”

The little child with limited mobility took the initiative to open his little hands in front of Jian Ruixi, afraid she wouldn’t let him take them off.

Jian Ruixi actually did not have the strength to toss, she went forward to help him take off the jumpsuit and quickly stuffed the little one into the blanket.

“Close your eyes and sleep.”

This child dutifully hid under the covers.

“Good night mommy.”

“Good night.”

Jian Ruixi quickly hung her clothes and then turned off the light then went to bed.

It’s okay to toss and turned today, at least today Jayce was no longer acting like a small adult in front of her. Sometimes he would show her slightly red face, and slightly angry looking mouth.

He also learned to act like a baby in exchange for her “love” in short he act like a child on his age and unknowingly dependent on his Mommy.

After lying down, Jian Ruixi felt a soft body unconsciously came close to her. Mother and son snuggled together and gradually fell asleep.


elbow turning outside1– It is a metaphor for helping others (outsiders) and not helping oneself (inside people), which damages the relationship with oneself. 


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