Chapter 25

He wring his arms and was dumbstruck when his father connected the video.

The child’s cute look was a little foul now, the delicate and small face has shrunk under the wide brim of the hat making his face looked more exquisite like jade and under Jian Ruixi’s sight the child was almost better than any child model.

If the perfect score was one hundred, she would give him one hundred and twenty points!

Such invincible and handsome look of course must be seen by Fu Shiyuan. Jian Ruixi specially sat behind the child, her chin was resting on his small shoulder, and together the mother and son looked at the phone.

She confidently thought that even the domineering president such as President Fu, he would definitely like it when he saw this cute look of the child and shower him with words of admiration.

However unexpectedly after the video was connected, President Fu’s first words were directed at her,

“The flight arrived in Hong Kong in the afternoon and just you finally remember me?”

President Fu sounded a little resentful.

Jian Ruixi: “……”

Is that the point?

When Jayce heard his father’s words, he turned his head and looked at his mommy. A trace of thought flashed across his little face, probably thinking that his daddy and mommy were getting along so well in private.

Jian Ruixi did not miss the little one’s eyes, she tied to hold back her embarrassment and said.

“Our son is here…..”

Fu Shiyuan lightly chuckled and finally gave his attention to his lovable and likable son.

“Jayce look very cute today.”


It was the child’s turn to blush.

Jian Ruixi stopped brushing up on her presence and gave up the time for father and son to bond with each other.

But since it’s already not too early anymore, Jayce only chatted with father for a few minutes and then politely and intimately say his goodbye.

“Daddy good night, rest early and do not work late again.”

This probably the advice he learned from his grandmother, Old Madam Fu.

When her child was thoughtful, Jian Ruixi saves herself the trouble of reminding him and just simply waves her hand and smiled.

“Jayce is right, get some rest early. Then we’re hanging up.”

When the video call ended, Jayce breathed a sigh of relief and couldn’t wait to ask his mommy.

“Mommy can I take my clothes off now?”

Jian Ruixi smiled and shook his head.

“Not yet.”

His happy little face instantly collapsed.


“Because we haven’t said good night to grandpa and grandma yet.”

Jian Ruixi hugged her son from behind to make him feel more comfortable by leaning in her arms which could be considered to be soothing and then quickly launched a video call to her rich mother-in-law.

This was her insight today, if she could contact Old Madam Fu tonight she feels that the rich and powerful mother-in-law was not that difficult as she thought she was.

She was not that unhappy nor did she complain and stop Jayce the moment she picked up Jayce on contrary Old Madam Fu’s face obviously eased a lot.

This kind of details makes Jian Ruixi feel that Old Madam Fu didn’t like her being close to Jayce was probably because of her possessiveness desire rather than the intrigue of rich families.

Old Madam Fu was just afraid after the child’s reliance and dependency to Madam Fu would no longer make her a good daughter-in-law who could fulfill her duties as a mother after she gained her support from his child as the next heir.

Based on the above speculation, Jian Ruixi would like to let Old Madam Fu see Jayce’s new look and rethink her idea of her and of course help her adore the adorable child more.

When the video call was being requested, Old Madam Fu was complaining to Fu Dong who just returned home.

It was not only Jian Ruixi who robbed her with “trivial matter” but also her own son who made Old Madam Fu most unhappy.

“…guessed what he answered when I asked him?”

Old Madam Fu was referring to the imperial green bracelet given by Jian Ruixi.

This daughter-in-law has entered in their Fu family for more than six years now. Even if they were not close to each other, they were all still a family.

Old Madam Fu believed that she had some understanding of this daughter-in-law. Her birthday was not very recent, and it was not like her style to send her tens of millions of worth of jade ornaments after coming back from the capital.

In fact the price was a small matter, this kind of jade couldn’t be found in the general market, nor was a private collection but it could be found on auctioned site only.

If you have money you could find ways, however how much money could Jian Ruixi have while in the capital? Then wasn’t she relying on their family’s Shiyuan?

With Old Madam Fu’s temper she would not care about such trifles. As the old saying goes, neither deaf nor blind was worthy of being in charge of the family.

So no matter who paid she would still gladly accept it.

But after Jian Ruixi left, the more she thought about it the more she felt uncomfortable. So she immediately called Fu Shiyuan—

After all wasn’t she taking her son’s things, by borrowing the flower and offering it to Buddha, and then snatch her grandson away. Wasn’t this her ‘good’ intention?

But with Old Madam Fu’s identity and personality, naturally she wouldn’t be like a shrew when she went up to question or complain.

She was very skillful when ‘praising’ Jian Ruixi in front of Fu Shiyuan saying she had spent a lot of money and she liked the bracelet she sent.

After letting her guard down, she picked up Jayce from home as soon as she returned from the capital, maybe because she wanted to experience the feeling of being a good mother.



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