Chapter 24

After the child looked at the pictures the puzzles were also taken down. Susan asked.

“Madam, is young master going to play here?”

The weight of the toy was not light at all.

Jiang Ruixi looked at it and nodded.

“Isn’t this carpeted? Right here should be okay.”

Jayce’s little face finally showed a little anticipation and couldn’t wait to slide off the couch.

“I’ll take it apart.”

Susan glanced at Madam and saw her nod before she put down the box on the floor and said softly.

“Please be careful young master and call me if me if you need anything.”

Jayce said politely.

“Thank you Aunt Susan.”

Jian Ruixi also prepared to play with the child so she gave the phone back to Lisa.

“You go back to have a rest, and by the way send me a photo. I’ll keep it for my moments.”

Lisa, knowing the madam’s recent new hobby she cooperatively sent the photo and at the end put a sentence.

–Warm Reminder: Please be careful and shield the lady properly.

If this photo was showed to Old Madam Fu that she may have misunderstood her boss’s provocation.

Unfortunately, Jian Ruixi has been fiddling and playing with the child with all kinds of building blocks parts piled up on the carpet and simply do not care to look at the phone.

Lisa came forward a little loss and said.

“Madam, Young Master I’ll go home now. Goodbye.”

Mother and son waved their little hands in sync.

“See you tomorrow.”

Jian Ruixi never played Lego when she was a child, her parents were eighteenth tier secondary teachers of a small city.

Before she was six years old, she even played mud in the countryside at her grandmother’s house.

Lego? She never heard of it before.

When she got to work and had money she was too old to play. Now playing with her child, only did knew how interesting the toys were.

Fu Shiyuan bought Hogwarts Express for his son this time, and Jayce liked it very much. He even made gesture to Jian Ruixi saying he had just finished the Great Hall some time ago and hoped to get all the Harry Potter series this year.

When it comes to this, the kid frowned and was a little sad.

“I don’t know when can I have a game room at the house?”

Jian Ruixi took the opportunity to abduct the child.

“Mommy has many empty room here ah. I’ll get you a game room, and come back here every weekend to play LEGO, ok?”

She immediately caught Jayce attention as his face flushed with excitement.

“Thank you mommy.”

Jian Ruixi smiled beautifully.

“You’re welcome.”

Mother and son continued to bury their heads in puzzles until Jian Ruixi found her back was aching and was simply shocked to see the time.

“It’s nine o’clock!”

It’s time for the child to go to bed. She couldn’t let her messes her biological clock after staying two days with her. Jian Ruixi gets up and waved to the child.

“Go wash and sleep. Let’s play this again tomorrow, ok?”

Jayce also glance at the kid’s watch he was wearing and was immediately embarrassed and apologize softly.

“I’m sorry I overplayed.”

“Then mommy has to apologize too, I also forgot the time.”

Mother and son smiled at each other, Jayce took the initiative to hold his Mommy’s hand and asked while following her upstairs.

“Mommy what about LEGO?”

“Let Aunt Susan move them to the next room first and take it out when you want to play, ok?”


Susan was right behind them and smiled.

“I’ll go clean up later and make sure I don’t mess up the young master’s LEGO.”

The young master was very considerate of adults.

“I can just put it back again if you mess it up.”

As long as the complete form was not disrupted he would not be angry.

When they got upstairs, choosing a bedroom was another problem. There was no special preparation for the child’s room, although the guest room was always cleaned and the quilts and sheets were often dried Jian Ruixi was still a little hesitant.

She hasn’t brought up a child before so she doesn’t know if he was afraid of nightmare in the middle of the night. So she asked.

“Jayce, do you want to sleep with mommy on the first day?”

Jayce face was a little red after being asked by his mommy, he never slept with his mommy before when he was still a baby.  So how could he agree when he knew he was all grown up already?

But as soon as he heard his mommy say.

“Look there is no room specifically for you, so sleep in mommy’s room first and tomorrow we’ll go choose furniture together and can decorate your room yourself, okay?”

Decorating his own room was somewhat a big attraction for Jayce who liked to pretend to be an adult. Limited by his age, there were really not many things he could decide for himself.

Like the clothes he wears, what food he eats today—this was not entirely up to him, because in his growing age, the family nutritionist and the kitchen were watching his diet, afraid of nutritional imbalance.

So when he heard what his mommy said, the child’s face showed a tangles expression and did some serious thinking then finally nodded with red face.


This child was easy to coax, Jian Ruixi couldn’t help but rub the furry little head and happily took him to the master bedroom.

When she finished washing up and returned to the room, Jayce was already sitting on the bed reading a book and was wearing his pajamas.

Noticing her arrival the child looked up and asked her.

“Mommy can I call daddy and grandparents?”

“There’s no rush.”

Jian Ruixi smiled mysteriously.

“First looked at the gift mommy brought you.”

Jayce was looking forward by his mommy’s gift but didn’t expect his mommy to carry out a strange-looking clothes from the suitcase and when he looked at it.

It turned out to be a green dinosaur-shaped jumpsuit!

The child frantically refused in his heart and his little face was not as calm as usual.

“Mommy, I….”

Jian Ruixi came forward with a gently smile on her face.

“Honey, you said that you would like all the gifts that mommy bought. Isn’t this dress very cute? Try it on.”

In fact, Jian Ruixi dared to play like this because on the first day of their video call, she saw that the child was a soft mouthed soft bun. She just made a fuss for a while and then asked him to raise his hand to surrender.

Now, of course it’s the same. Jayce change into the jumpsuit.

However the child was not good at looking the master of deceiving people. She promised to let him try in on and take it soon afterwards. Moreover it was a clothes that could only be wear at home and would not wear it outside.

So the child agreed.

The jumpsuit was fluffy and warm so there was no need to take it off. Jian Ruixi helped him zip up and put on the cute hat.

And without saying a word, she took out her phone and said.

“It’s so cool, let’s talk to dad for a while.”

The child was simply dumfounded and look at the unscrupulous mother, didn’t she say he just need to try it on, and not let people see it?



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