Chapter 23

When leading her son to leave the Fu mansion, Jian Ruixi was a bit domineering and even her rich mother-in-law with unique advantage became the “loser”.

She could only conclude that her fighting skill were very good.

However she was only the commander in chief for a mere three seconds and once they were back home, Jian Ruixi unfathomable mystery was terrified.

Well, in fact she knew exactly why she was terrified—Old Madam Fu compromised for the same reason. Jayce was very smart six year old child and already had the ability to think independently.

He knows what he was doing, of course he also knows exactly what he does not like. If she couldn’t let the child have fun today, then she don’t have the qualifications to fight with her rich mother-in-law in the future.

On the other hand, as long as the young master was happy and had fun playing with her then Old Madam Fu would do nothing with her in the future.

So, thinking of making him like her more than the Fu family was a bit stressful. After all the child were brought up in the Fu family.

She couldn’t compete with the rich mother-in-law in terms of warmth and luxury. It seems that she could only win by novelty.

As soon as she enters the house, she asked the child.

“Jayce, do you want something to eat? Mommy prepared snack and refreshments…”

“Thank you.”

The child seemed very indifferent, there was no excitement nor strangeness in the new environment.

He even rejected Jian Ruixi’s snack temptation with self-discipline.

“I’m not hungry yet.”

It seems that the child do not like snacks even at his young age, and this was remarkable. Jian Ruixi raised an eyebrow and said in a good manner.

“Ok, let’s play the puzzle. It’s downstairs in the living room, it’s spacious there. Susan can I trouble you and go to my bedroom and get it? It’s on top of the suitcase, Aunt Lin help us cut some fruit……”

Before she finished speaking, Jian Ruixi paused and turned her head to ask Jayce.

“Honey, do you want fruit or juice?”

Jayce had the same choice as most kids.


Jian Ruixi then ordered.

“Okay, Aunt Lin help us squeeze some juice.”

There were only four servant in Madam Fu’s family, and everyone perform their own duties. Even though they couldn’t compare with the aunts and maids in the old mansion.

Even Fu Shiyuan’s has more staff in the Longquan than her, Jian Ruixi still prefer Madam Fu’s low-key yet luxurious style.

In addition, she may accepted Madam Fu’s relationship with her staff after accepting her memory since she was very kind to the staff and of course very good at giving orders too.

Everyone in the villa was also very excited. The Madam brought the young master back home, which made them a little overjoyed because usually only the Madam would visit the young master at the old mansion.

This was the first time the young master came over, the next heir of the Fu Group. And Madam Fu would depend on them for the rest of their life, so they need to serve them well.

The people were full of energy responding to orders, running up and down.

The whole villa was completely lively with the return of the mistress and the young master.

Jian Ruixi took the child and sat down, then handed him the TV remote control.

“Baby, choose the animation you like to watch, mommy will watch it with you.”

The child suddenly become a baby again, Jayce little face paused and looked with confused expression on his face, wondering why his mommy liked to change his name so much.

But the animations and toys were still very attractive, even if he thinks that he was not a three-year old child, so mommy shouldn’t treat him a baby either.

Even with that in mind, Jayce still takes the remote control and quickly find the cartoon he loved to watch and watch it with interest.

Only did Jian Ruixi turned her head and asked Lisa, who was standing behind her in a small voice.

“I thought I told you to go home after work, why are you still here?”

Although Lisa serves her 24 hours, Madam Fu doesn’t have the habit of letting her walk around all day. Of course so does Jian Ruixi.

She wanted to see her rich mother-in-law, and Lisa was useless if she go with her. So she simply asks her to leave work early and take her bodyguard to the Fu mansion.

Unexpectedly, people don’t like to leave work early even if they were permitted to do so?

Looking at the Madam’s expression of “I-don’t-understand-you-city-people-very-well”. Lis felt pain in silence.

She don’t know if she should say that she had already gone home, but when she saw the good news shared by everyone in their GC she hurried over?

She had no choice but to assume that she was active at work and took her phone and smiled.

“Madam, look—”

Lisa opened the photo album, Jian Ruixi came over to take a look and suddenly gave a small wow and took the phone over to enjoy it.

“Who took this photo?”

The photo was the back of her and Jayce at the Fu family gate. She remembered correctly, it was when they stood on the steps waiting for the car that time.

The young and slender mommy and the petite and charming child were holding hands while his other hands was holding a mini-sized child’s suitcase.

And on the ground reflects the shadow of a harmonious and loving picture, of course Jian Ruixi looked even more and more beautiful.

Lisa replied.

“It was take by Ah Ming, and I felt he took a good shot so I saved it.”

Jian Ruixi thought for a while before remembering who this Ah Ming was. He was Madam Fu’s bodyguard, unexpectedly the handsome young man who didn’t speak much was good at taking pictures,

She nodded with satisfaction.

“I’ll go out with Jayce tomorrow, and let Ah Min take the camera.”

Such loving photos were certainly more than good enough.

Probably because he heard his name, the child who was concentrating on watching the animation also raised his head and looked at his mommy.

Jian Ruixi gave him the phone and said with a smile.

“Look at the pictures taken by Brother Ah Min for us, did he make you look handsome and mommy elegant?”

Jayce’s little face was a little embarrassed, Mommy actually praised him. But he still looked down and looked at the photos.

Behind, Lisa also slyly “fighting for favor” said.

“Madam in fact, I’m also good at taking pictures…..”

Jian Ruixi smiled.


Lisa also smiled, and says nothing more. She doesn’t want to compete with Ah Min for a job as photographer, she just want let the Madam know that she also was available.



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