Hi, TL (of some of the novels) and overall editor here.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the mass release that was supposed to happen last two weeks was stop because the pc that I am using stopped working while I was in the middle of mass release and was editing and because of some private matters! I had to fix my pc first and contact the other translators to send back their translations but since my pc is still not working and I only have my tablet, editing took longer than expected and couldn’t even edit my own translations.

I guess I need to start saving money for new pc but since I don’t have work now it will took much longer for me to be able to buy new pc, since the only income I have right now is through kofi and patreon, luckily I am living with my parents so I can leech off from them haha Ψ( ゚∀゚)Ψ

I had other novels like I’m Bearing my Love Rival’s Child, Pregnant With the Villain Uncle’s Child, I Dumped the Male Lead Before the Apocalypse, I Have Four Dads After Transmigrating in a Novel that was not included on the mass release, sorry ((●´∧`●)I am planning to have another mass release for this remaining novels.

See you on the regular release!!


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