Chapter 39

Zhou Ruo was not talking this time, or rather refusing to talk. She couldn’t boast that Shen Yan could take the first place but she couldn’t also say that Shen Yan couldn’t take the first place.

After thinking for a while, she said.

“As long as the effort is on the line, besides as for the first place there are many competition on the stage, we can take either of those.”

Wang Peng stifled his laughter.

“Ok, if she took the first place, I will eat a keyboard in front of you. hahahahahaha”

Zhou Ruo glanced at Wang Peng and refused to talk again. To be honest with so many people participating, Zhou Ruo herself was not sure whether Shen Yan could get the first place for this.

For the time being, the program team doesn’t provide clothes and makeup artist but provide them dressing room so Shen Yan prepares her own clothes and cosmetics.

Shen Yan changes her clothes and goes out to wait. Good thing was she had her makeup done before coming out for the program otherwise it would have been really troublesome.

Standing outside Shen Yan opened the window, letting the wind come in and breathed in the fresh air.

She don’t know how many people were allowed to participate in the show this time, there were so many people in the dressing room and the corridor were constantly filled with people coming and going.

“How are going to get on for just over an hour of program with this so many people?”

“I also don’t know.”

“It’s a bit crowded. Didn’t the program team intend to have a few people on and everyone else a backdrop?”

“That would be better than participating.”

“We’ll find out later when the show starts.”

Shen Yan also have some doubts, with so many people how could the program team provide them the camera needed.

She looked at the time and there were still ten minutes before the program starts. Shen Yan knows that if she gets eliminated in this she would probably go to another role.

In addition to those discussing the competition system, there was also people discussing the judges this time. And since there were more girls, most of the discussion was about Lu Yunchen.

After about tem minutes, the program staff said.

“Everyone take your number plate, the host will call your number one by one. You will go up upstairs to introduce yourself and you only have one minute. Ok you can now think about your introduction.”

The scene became more boisterous at once.

“Only one minute?”

“What’s going on ah, why did they not say it before? Only one minute, does each of us only have one minute to appear on the stage?”

“Yes, what’s going on?”

The staff shouted, not answering their questions.

“The number is randomly shouted, you guys just hurry up and think of your introduction!”

At once the crowd quietened, they started thinking on how to introduce themselves later on when their number was called up.

At the same time, the staff started the countdown for their live show.

Lu Yunchen’s fans have been waiting for the live broadcast for a long time, and they were all secretly watching the recommendations on the screen.

They were all waiting for the broadcast to start and was long ready to click on the watch button.

And today happens to be a weekend, so there were many fans who were free to watch.

Countdown to three seconds, and the audition for Xianlu officially begins!

“Hello everyone, this is Xianlu’s talent show ‘Future Stars’ now official airing!”

After the two hosts walked onto the stage, they said this together.

Immediately after that, they said something about the novel Xianlu and why they were running this show. And explained that they were trying to produce a better film of the novel into a TV series.

Shen Yan opened her phone to watch the live broadcast.

Zheng Ruo ran next to Shen Yan and smiled, then watched the live broadcast together as she whispered.

“How would you introduce yourself later?”

“Just introduce myself directly ah.”

Zheng Ruo thought that Shen Yan was reluctant to tell her so she did not ask her again after all they were now considered competitors.

The host then invited the judges on the stage, this time there were four judges. One was the director of the Xianlu, then the script writer and there was Lu Yunchen, the highest traffic.

The other judge was an unknown person.

Lu Yuchen was the last one to appear.

Lu Yunchen wore a beige sweater with jeans, he took the microphone. He did not say anything yet but the audience below the stage began to scream.

Smiling lightly, Lu Yunchen said.

“I’m honored to participate in this episode and I’m also happy to be casted as the male number on of Xianlu.”

After saying that Lu Yunchen bent slightly then sat down on the judges’ table.

The live broadcast comments were all in support of Lu Yunchen. Shen Yan turned off the pop-ups and continued to watch the show.

After the judges came out, the host then continued to say about the criteria of the competition.

“Xianlu is a very good novel, so many people have signed to audition and although we already eliminated a number of people there are still three hundred and eleven people eligible to continue and participate in the audition.”

Three hundred and eleven people, how was this talent show going to continue.

The host continued.

“Originally, we were also very hesitant about how the show was going to continue, but our program team has discussed the rules of the first round. You would get the chance to choose, yes you, the audience can vote who can continue to participate in the next round.”

After announcing this, the host began to say the rules of the first round.

“The program team will randomly draw the number, and artist who will be called by her number will introduce herself. Each of them only has one minute. Every user ID who logs in using our app has one vote to choose and finally we will have a hundred contestants to continue to participate in the competition!”


TL: so I think some of you are confused, this show that Shen Yan is participating is a drama, it’s just that the audition for the role was not a simple reading the line but the production make it like a talent show where they test their skills and whoever wins get to the play the main role. I think I read or watched something similar to this, but not sure but yeah that’s the situation.


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