Chapter 38

Shen Yan went back to the set with a pensive look. Zhang Xiao probably thought that Shen Yan was not bad or just wanted to make sure her mouth was sealed, as she asked her assistant to send Shen Yan a lot of snacks.

Three posters and one album.

Shen Yan smile, a smile of helplessness.

After the shooting in the afternoon, Shen Yan goes directly back to the hotel. Chen Yu throws all things on the floor.

She looked at Shen Yan with red eyes.

“Sister Yanyan, I searched according to where I was yesterday but I didn’t find it. I didn’t find it in my box either.”

Shen Yan stared at her.

“All the places you’ve been with your things, have you searcher for them?”

“Looked for it, but didn’t find anything.”

“By the way, yesterday you told me that Lu Yunchen bought water for you after your visit?”

Shen Yan asked.

“When you drink the water, where did you put your things? Maybe you forgot to take them. Let’s go and check the monitors.”

Chen Yu shook her head.

“There was no cameras outside the set.”

“I’ll find a way, you can let them come directly to the set the day after tomorrow.”

At night when she went to bed, Chen Yu hid and choked a few times but soon fell asleep. Shen Yan got up to look at the pair of shoes Chen Yu wore today.

Her shoes were clean—at that moment, Shen Yan had understand something.

The next morning, Zhou Ruo came over to pick up Shen Yan. Chen Yu was still asleep when Shen Yan went out, and the latter did not woke her up.

“The audition for Xianlu is strict. I wanted to inquire about what was the auditioned about and give you the idea of what to do to amaze the audience, this could also be regarded as good thing for the program but I can’t find anything. The organizer won’t tell us at all.”

Not only Zhou Ruo even Wang Peng also went to inquire and since it was rumored that Lu Yunchen would be the male lead, Wang Peng wanted a share on this resources.

At the thought of Wang Peng and Zheng Rou, Zhou Ruo wanted to say a few words on Shen Yan so that she could guard against them.

But looking at Shen Yan’s calm temperament, she didn’t say anything in the end.

While eating the breakfast bought for her by Zhou Ruo, Shen Yan said.

“It’s okay, everyone doesn’t know anyway.”

Although Shen Yan was reborn that doesn’t mean she knows everything. She did not watched the audition for Xianlu and doesn’t know the criteria the director was searching for.

But Shen Yan vaguely remembered that the netizens commented the audition was fair.

Fairness was fine, Shen Yan would just need to work hard to be selected on the drama but even she was not selected, there were still other opportunities.

Besides Shen Yan knows other opportunities she could have, all of which could help her if she seizes them.

After eating breakfast Shen Yan takes a look at the stock. At this time, she had made a lot of stock but was not the right time to sell them. When it’s the right time, she would sell all the stock and use the money to invest again.

After Zhou Ruo and Shen Yan chatted, Zhou Ruo asked.

“Who is the artist you are sharing a room with this time, and how is it?”

Speaking of Chen Yu, Shen Yan paused before saying.

“There was some trouble, but I can solve it.”

Zhou Ruo looked at her with thoughtfulness before saying.

“If you need my help, you can call me.”

Shen Yan was now considered a good potential in the entertainment industry, although her fans were only 100, 000 but she was now filming drama if she continue to have more exposure Shen Yan could mix well in the circle.

With this thinking Zhou Ruo was still very optimistic about Shen Yan.

The first stage of the audition was indoor. After Zhou Ruou sent Shen Yan, she immediately went to the audience area and waited for the program to start recording.

Wang Peng also came with Zeng Rou, he also sent Zheng Rou then went to sit on the audience area, next to Zhou Ruo.

“This is a live broadcast, because Lu Yunchen will be participating which has not been announced yet, since the promotional video didn’t mention anything.”

Who was Lu Yunchen? Was none other than the top artist with most traffic. Even if he only post an ads on his Weibo, his fans could make him number one on the hot search. In fact his fans could make him on the hot search with any topic.

He was never been the top agent, Wang Peng doesn’t know what it feel like to manage a high traffic artist.

“With this kind of production, strength is enough.”

Zhou Ruo then folded her legs and leaned back slightly.

Wang Peng: “…..”

“This time quite a few artist who have already made their debut got the news and are participating.”

“They are more beautiful than Shen Yan, at least the audience was more familiar with Shen Yan.”

“You, with this thinking you still want Shen Yan to take the first place hahahaha.”

If Shen Yan was successful in this program she then gets to play the female lead that was if could take the first place.

But how could that be possible?

However with Zhou Ruo’s attitude just now she was simply saying that as long as they rely on their strength Shen Yan could take the first place.



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