Chapter 37

When Shen Yan went back Chen Yu was nowhere to find. So Shen Yan had asked some crew members, the staff said Chen Yu had gone out and does know where she was going.

Shen Yan then went out to look for her.

Outside the set, a group of people stood in front of Chen Yu. They were all looking at Chen Yu and was asking something from her.

“You’re friend of the vice president that’s why we asked you to visit the crew with us yesterday.”

“Yeah, that’s why we asked you to help with the stuff.”

“There are all famous brand, signed posters and signed album.”

Chen Yu took a step back as she pursed her lips.

“I’m sorry, I’ll buy you guys those brands but I really can’t get the signed poster….”

Yesterday Chen Yu was in a hurry to attend the get together dinner so she forgot where she put the things. Today, if they didn’t ask her for the posters she would have forgotten about it.

One of the star chasing girl felt so wronged and said.

“I saved a month’s visit just to come here and visit.”

Chen Yu did not dare to look at them and just said she was sorry.

Shen Yan stood at a distance and listened for a while, and found out what was going on. It seems that Chen Yu lost their signed posters.

At this time, the girl who just said that she had saved a month’s money just to visit here went straight to push Chen Yu.

Shen Yan then immediately went over and held Chen Yu.

“Sister Yanyan.”

“If you’ve lost something, you need to ask for help and look it together.”

“Yes ah, but instead you just look aggrieved. You know those posters are limited.”

“We can buy on our own those famous brand, but the problem is the posters.”

Chen Yu just kept saying sorry.

“I’m really sorry, I’ll keep looking for it maybe I can still find it.”

Li Li stood out.

“Who knows if you were keeping it for yourself?”

“I’m not keeping it for myself! Although I really like Lu Yunchen, I won’t steal your stuff for myself.”

“Then why can’t you give it back to us, didn’t you say you wanted the album to be signed? But you must have not let Li Yunchen signed it but take the album instead.”

After Li Li said this, she pursed her lips tightly.

Chen Yu was a new artist being cultivated, so her pay was not that big but she still said with gritted teeth.

“Just say how much was that, and I will give you money. Just consider those poster and album sold to me.”

“I want Lu Yunchen’s posters and album!”

Shen Yan thought about it for a moment. Tomorrow, Zhou Ruo would come and join her on her audition for Xianlu and if what Lu Yunchen said to her about him being one of the judges she could probably try and ask for autographs.

But the limited posters and album, Shen Yan could try to ask Lu Yunchen for those. Moreover she was not even sure whether he really would be one of the judges or not.

And at this time, Shen Yan’s phone rang. It was a text message form Lu Yunchen.

[Lu Yunchen: Black fan, how many comments did you contribute online?]

Shen Yan: “………”

Because of Li Li’s words, others also followed and shouted at Chen Yu.

“We want the posters and the album!”

Most of these girls were from A City, only few of them saved their money to come here and visit, specifically visit Lu Yunchen.

Chen Yu once mentioned this to Shen Yan, she also said how difficult it was for those few fans who saved money just to come to A City.

Just when Shen Yan was thinking about this matter, another person pushed Chen Yu over. Shen Yan stumbled back a few steps because she was standing next to Chen Yu.

Shen Yan said coldly.

“The day after tomorrow, I will give you the album with sign as well as the posters.”

Huffing Li Li laughed out loud.

“Forfeit items?”

“Chen Yu can’t give you the posters and album here. Why don’t you trust me? When you come back the day after tomorrow I’ll be sure to give to you the posters and album.”

Shen Yan added.

“If I can’t give them to you, we’ll try to find another way and solve this problem. During this time while staying here in A City for those not from here why not let Chen Yu shoulder your accommodation expenses. If any of you have any opinion, say it now so that we can solve it.”

Chen Yu has no objection but she was worried about Shen Yan. The limited edition posters and album were hard to get even if there were only few of them.

After thinking for a while, Chen Yu thinks that Shen Yan wanted her to find the lost posters and album.

The girls looked at each other and thought that Shen Yan has a point.

“Ok, will do as you say. Only I don’t believe you can get the poster and album, but I’ll give you time to think of a solution this time. If you can’t give out something the day after tomorrow, then I’ll go on Weibo and tell people about it.”

After the girls all went back, Chen Yu then said to Shen Yan.

“Sister Yanyan, I’ll go back now to find the posters and album.”

Shen Yan asked.

“How many posters and album are there?”

“Three posters, an album and autograph as well as support banner.”

Chen Yu said.

“They usually carry it themselves but that day Lu Yunchen invited us to drink water and took a group photo with him. And since I have a good relation with the vice president I was able to visit them and helped them with their things.”

“You go back and look for it first. If you can’t find it, I’ll find way.”

Shen Yan said, then turned back to the set. Shen Yan still hopes that Chen Yu could find those things so she doesn’t look for Lu Yunchen.

Chen Yu hurriedly said before Shen Yan could walk farther.

“Sister Yanyan thank you, if I can’t find it I’ll figure it out myself, you’ve just helped.”

She didn’t believe that Shen Yan could get the limited edition album with the poster.

Shen Yan did not say anything and went straight to the set.

Chen Yu looked at Shen Yan’s figure gratefully and ran back to find the poster and the album immediately after.



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