Chapter 36

Shen Yan continued to walked forward, her gait modesty did not even hesitate a moment.

Assistant Wu on the other end was frightened and did not dare to go out of the car. He found that this Shen Yan was not the same as before.

Before, Shen Yan asked another chance in the middle of the rain but now she seems to turn a blind eye to them.

Perhaps she was genuinely hurt this time, but who let her dump their President Meng for her future while he was in trouble.

Back at the hotel Shen Yan was staying, she was ready to wash up when she received a call from Zhou Ruo.

“President Meng was there at the dinner party?”

“En, he was there and I said hello.”

This was the truth, Shen Yan did let Director Wu passed her hello to Meng Yi’an and did not say it herself.

“The first stage of Xianlu audition is the day after tomorrow, I will pick you up but I don’t know the rules on this audition. They just name it “Future Star.”

After telling Shen Yan about her schedule Zhou Ruo hung up the video call.

Shen Yan was all washed up, when Chen Yu came back.

Chen Yu was a pretty lively girl and was very fond of Lu Yunchen. As soon as she enters the room she immediately clip inside the book the signature he received from Lu Yunchen and said.

“Every time I feel like I don’t want to be an actor, I just need to see Lu Yunchen’s signature and TV series clip I can immediately have full confidence.”

Fortunately although Chen Yu was a certified Lu Yunchen fan, she however did not persistently recruited Shen Yan to be one. So Chen Yu did not talk about Lu Yunchen all night.

After all with Lu Yunchen’s achievements she could definitely talk to Shen Yan whole night not to mention films, albums break through and the sales record.

At night when she went to bed, Chen Yu asked.

“Sister Yanyan, why do you want to be an actress?”

“I like it.”

But in her last life, for a man she failed being an actress but in this life if Meng Yi’an does not blocker her she must act well.

Shen Yan started shooting the next morning, she was just a supporting character so she spent most of her time sitting on a chair waiting for her part.

If she has a higher position and has her own nanny car, she could have stayed in the car and wait for her turn there.

For example, like the three pairs of main actors in the cast, they were all sitting in the nanny car waiting for their scene.

Probably because of Meng Yi’an incident yesterday, female number one was very quiet. Besides shooting her scene she hardly talk to anyone.

But the good thing was that there were not many people who heard that incident yesterday.

Shen Yan’s memory was considered relatively good, while waiting for her scene she was also writing her lines making it easier to memorize while chatting with Chen Yu.

Chen Yu has even more less screen time, but because she has a scene with the leading role she could only wait here.

When the lunch box was sent, Shen Yan called on Chen Yu to eat with her but Chen Yu’s fingers were trembling as she sat there nervously.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Chen Yu stammered for a moment, then with a sobbing voice she said.

“I went to visit the shooting yesterday.”

Yesterday Chen Yu went to visit the crew, Shen Yan knows about this since Chen Yu had mentioned about it many times.

She even mentioned that Lu Yunchen was good, even when was just sitting here waiting for her scene while watching Lu Yunchen’s movies like a fan chasing her star.

But looking at Chen Yu right now, she couldn’t even say anything and was just staring pitifully at Shen Yan.

Shen Yan wanted to asked more but the assistant of the female number one called her over. She said to Shen Yan that female number one wanted her to come to her nanny car for a while.

“Sister Yanyan you go, I’m fine.”

“You wait for me here for a moment.”

After saying that she saw Chen Yu nodded, and only then followed the assistant of female number one their nanny car.

Zhang Xiao, the female number one for Life Together was a popular star. She waited for a while before Shen Yan arrived, once Shen Yan arrived she immediately said.

“Let’s eat together, my assistant bought me quite a lot of food.”

Shen Yan knows reason why Zhang Xiao was looking for her this time. Only few people heard Meng Yi’an’s words yesterday, but Shen Yan heard them all.

Zhang Xiao was probably looking for Shen Yan for this.

Shen Yan was still thinking about Chen Yu, she knows that she was a good little girl, worried she directly told Zhang Xiao.

“I was a little asleep yesterday, I don’t know what you guys talked about.”

Suddenly Zhang Xiao smiles, she didn’t expect Shen Yan to be so direct. She said with a dry smile.

“What kind of drink do you want?”

“Thanks, but I’m not going to join you I have someone waiting for me.”

Zhang Xiao didn’t really want to be with Shen Yan either, so she had her assistant hand a business card to Shen Yan and let her go back.

When Shen Yan was gone, Zhang Xiao sighed with relief. She just think that Meng Yi’an looks particularly good yesterday and not really want to marry into the rich family.



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