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Chapter 35

The main staff of the crew and some actors and actresses were in that private room, what Shen Yan said was considered not rational.

Though she did come to the dinner party but she was only planning on showing her face and then go back directly anyway her screen time in the drama was not that much.

Shen Yan got out from the hotel when Chen Yu just entered. Chen Yu was with her new found friends when she saw Shen Yan and hurriedly ran to her as she excitedly said.

“I just got Lu Yunchen’s signature.”

Having said that she carefully took out the signature and showed it to Shen Yan.

“Right I’ll tell you what happened to my male god.”

Chen Yu thinks that Shen Yan was going with her in a private allotted for the Lu Yunchen fans so she naturally talk about what happened to her with Shen Yan over dinner.

And drag Shen Yan away.

Compared to the dinner party the atmosphere in this room was much better. They chatted as they eat and they looked harmonious.

Chen Yu found a place to sit down with Shen Yan, and continued talking about what happened to her while getting Lu Yunchen signature.

Chen Yu said expectantly.

“I wonder when I can have the opportunity to work with Lu Yunchen.”

With Lu Yunchen’s glorious record in the entertainment industry, Chen Yu knows better than Lu Yunchen himself.

When and what TV series were made, when the albums was released and how much was sold.

The atmosphere of this private room was more suitable for eating peacefully, so Shen Yan eats while listening to Chen Yun praising Lu Yunchen as she occasionally hmm.

Compared to them, the dinner party in other room was the complete opposite. Director Wu has been anxious and do not know what to do.

He seems to have offended Meng Yi’an without him realizing, the latter was not even willing to be perfunctory with him.

Director Wu was already sweating bullets as he asked.

“President Meng.”

President Meng leaned back on his chair.

“Where is the actor I chose in the audition room that day, how come I didn’t see her?”

President Meng chose during audition? Shen Yan?

The one who just went out, that Shen Yan?

“You’re talking about Shen Yan?”

Meng Yi’an as if thinking for a long time, paused then asked.

“Her name is Shen Yan?”

Director Wu didn’t wait for Meng Yi’an to ask another question, he excused himself and immediately asked his staff to find Shen Yan but couldn’t find her.

Mainly because they do not know Shen Yan, and the latter’s phone was just ringing, no one was answering. So he could only asked his staff and he himself to search for her in the hotel and check on other private rooms.

“Is Shen Yan here?”

As soon as he entered the private room he asked.

Shen Yan who was enjoying her time eating paused when she heard Director Wu voice as he swept a glance in the room and finally landing his gaze at Shen Yan.

“Shen Yan, you come out for a moment.”

In the hotel corridor, Director Wu said.

“Go back to the dinner party, President Meng just asked for you.”

Speaking of this, he thought about it for a while and then asked.

“Do you know President Meng?”

“I don’t know him.”

If Shen Yan knew Meng Yi’an, the latter probably had a reason for asking Shen Yan but since Shen Yan did not Meng Yi’an, Meng Yi’an just probably asked about her casually.

With this realization, Director Wu as relieved.

“Go back to the room with me—forget it, I will go in first then after a while you follow in.”

Without thinking about the reason, Shen Yan knew what Meng Yi’an must be thinking. It could be that he came to the dinner party was because of her, it was not like Shen Yan was a narcissist but the last time she saw Meng Yi’an he won’t let her go.

So now even if Shen Yan wanted to refuse Director Wu but she couldn’t. Meng Yi’an also has way now to force her to see him.

Thinking so, Shen Yan answered and said yes.

As they walked away, Director Wu said to Shen Yan.

“You have a good role, play it well.”

Soon Director Wu disappeared and went back to the room and continued to talk with Meng Yi’an. Not long after Shen Yan pushed open the door again.

“Shen Yan, come and sit down, there happens to be an empty seat left here.”

Shen Yan thinks that although Director Wu was a director and guides others on how to act every day his acting skills were really ordinary.

Sitting next to Meng Yi’an, Shen Yan nodded slightly with Meng Yi’an. Next to her was the female number one of the drama both her and Shen Yan were not good at greetings so she simply sit there quietly.

Director Wu was still a little embarrassed but the good thing was that the others were chatting just fine making him relieved a lot of his embarrassment.

Shen Yan did not know what to say to Meng Yi’an at the moment. In her previous life she always wanted to get together with him again but Meng Yi’an completely hated her to point of killing her.

But since she was born again, and with the new chance she did not want to get back with him she would even avoid him whenever she had the chance to.

The female number one on side looked at Meng Yi’an with her delicate and timid smile as she tugged Shen Yan’s clothes.

Shen Yan immediately understood that this female number one wanted to change seat with her. She Yan stood up and the female number one hurriedly smiled at her.

Before this, female number one wanted to sit next to Meng Yi’an but thought that Assistant Wu may come later so she didn’t change her seat.

But when Shen Yan came, it was a different story. Fortunately Shen Yan was aware of the current affair and was willing to change her seat.

Right after this female number one took her seat, she immediately whispered in a low voice.

“President Meng.”

Having said that she slightly leaned over.

“The magazine that President Meng was on before…..”

Before she could finished her sentence, Meng Yi’an interrupted indifferently.

“Girls should be more reserved.”

After saying that Meng Yi’an glanced at Shen Yan whose head was down and was not looking at him after noticing Meng Yi’an’ gaze.

The female number one’s face was immediately dyed with red but she was too embarrassed to change back with Shen Yan again.

It was not easy to seduced Meng Yi’an, but there were always those people who thinks that they were special. They think that they could seduced Meng Yi’an and never expected that Meng Yi’an would never even let women get too close to him.

After staying in the dinner party for a few more minutes, Shen Yan saw that no one was talking to her so she just simple got up and went out.

While leaving Shen Yan remembered her previous life, she could see herself in front of the female role number one. Seeing that he was the diamond king, she wanted to be back together with him which was wrong even if she was once his girlfriend.

Meng Yi’an also got up and nodded slightly.

“You guys continue, I have work to do so I’ll go back first.”

Director Wu also hurriedly stood up and glared at the female number one, then accompanied Meng Yi’an out.

Going out of the hotel, Shen Yan wanted to rest but only after walking a few minutes Meng Yi’an called her.

Meng Yi’an said with a sullen face.

“Shen Yan, stop right here!”



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