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Chapter 27

Xu Yanwen certainly believed in Assistant Feng’s ability to handle the matter after all he was the person he personally promoted.

Otherwise he would not have given him the task of opening the studio.

“The studio needs to be done as soon as possible.”

Xu Yanwen added again.

“Time is a little tight.”

He could not let Xue Jiayue wait too long, lest the girl think east and west for designing hard and staying up late and then cry if she couldn’t get a job.

Assistant Feng immediately said “no problem”, and that he would do it as soon as possible. Making sure to seize up the moment.

That afternoon Xu Yanwen was ready to leave work half an hour early.

He packed up his things, took his car key and mobile phone. He was ready to leave the office when Zhou Chenguang’s call came.

“Brother Xu, let’s get together tonight in Wanshun Pavillion. We lack three people.”

“Not going.”

Xu Yanwen refused without hesitation, seemingly having no interest at all in such things as playing cards and partying. He got up and strode out of the office and went to the elevator.

Zhou Chenguang said on the phone.

“Why not? It’s been a long time since you’ve had a get-together with your buddies.”

“Something’s up.”

Xu Yanwen answer was brief and concise.

“What is it?”

Zhou Chenguang continued.

“I tell you, don’t be so workaholic you’ve been working for 16 hours a day combining you work with rest. Don’t you know that it will result to a sudden death?”

“Watch how you talk.”

Xu Yanwen said in a cold voice.

“Can you say something nice?”

Zhou Chenguang continued to persuade him on the phone.

“Brother just come and get together with the few of us. You can just eat with us and no need to play cards.”

Xu Yanwen still did not want to go and said.

“I want to go home.”

Zhou Chenguang chuckled.

“Brother Xu, is Jiayue’s food that delicious? You haven’t come out to play with us for days in a row. I really want to go to your house to see what Jiayue’s cooking is like.”

Xu Yanwen said in a deep voice.


“Hahaha, then I really need to visit sometime.”

Zhou Chenguang laughed pleased with himself.

Just before he finished what he was saying, he heard Xu Yanwen said.

“… come and try!”

Zhou Chenguang: “…….”

After a few seconds, still not hearing Zhou Chenguang’s answer Xu Yanwen coldly asked again.

“Still coming?”

“I’m not coming, I’m not coming, I’m just kidding, they’re calling me. I’m hanging up!”

As soon as he said this, Zhou Chenguang hung up the phone in panic.

Xu Yanwen glance at the phone and the corner of his mouth curved.

That little brat!

On the other side of the phone, Zhou Chenguang who hung up the phone still had his heart thumping while complaining to Xiao Zhe and Tang Yichuan.

“My heaven, Brother Xu is so scary. He said he’s not coming because he’s going home!”

“So I said that I wanted to go and see how well Jiayue cooked, guess what brother Xu said.”

“What did he say?”

Tang Yichuan asked lazily as he lay on the sofa like he had no bones.

Zhou Chenguang coughed and imitated Xu Yanwen’s voice.

“You come and try!”

“My mom’s WORD, it’s too scary!”

Zhou Chenguang patted his chest and shook his head.

“I wouldn’t dare to go to his apartment anyway!”

Xiao Zhe snickered.

Tang Yichuan lazily glanced at him and the corner of his mouth moved as he spat out the word.


No matter what the situation was on Zhou Chenguang’s side, Xu Yanwen drove straight back home.

Xue Jiayue was sitting in the living room drawing designs when she heard the sound of the door opening. She turned around and smiled when she saw it was Xu Yanwen.

“You’re back early today.”

“There was nothing much to do after the meeting today.”

Xu Yanwen said while changing his shoes at the door, then walked over the see the design she drew which was not as good as the one she drew a few days ago.

She was probably affected by the failed interview.

“You’re still injured, just rest these few days. It will not be too late to draw once you’re healed, no need no need to think about these things in a hurry.”

Xu Yanwen wanted to let her relax a little bit so as to not upset over a failure and affect her mood more.

Xue Jiayue smiled and said.

“I have nothing to do at home, so I just draw to pass the time.”

Xu Yanwen looked at her, obviously what she said was not wrong but there was still sadness in her words.

“I’ll go make dinner and you take a break.”

Xu Yanwen untied his tie and took off his suit then said to Xue Jiayue.

“Can you help me out?”


Xu Yanwen handed her the suit.

“Take it to my room and hang it up for me.”

“Oh okay.”

Xue Jiayue glanced at him and saw that he was calm, it seemed that he was really just asking her for a little help so she couldn’t refuse.

She reached out and take the suit and tie then get up and walked towards Xu Yanwen’s room.

Xu Yanwen’s temperature was still left on the suit with a hint of mint like fresh smell and Xue Jiayue’s palm who was holding the suit felt hot.



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