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Chapter 25

The door was slammed shut, once Xue Jiayue was inside she leaned back against the door and patted her thumping chest.

How could she be so guilty and flustered?

After taking a deep breathed, Xue Jiayue eased her emotions and walked to the bedside with the glass of milk then sat down.

She took a big sip of milk before feeling much better.

Outside, she could hear some footsteps. It seems that Xu Yanwen went to the kitchen, hearing this Xue Jiayue was secretly relieved.

Fortunately she was wise and knows to run back first to her room, otherwise it would be too embarrassing for two people to bump into each other looking like this.

After drinking her milk, Xue Jiayue washes again and lies back on the bed. She doesn’t know if it was because the milk she drink was just too hot but she was feeling hot and her face has been flushed with a ting of red.

She tossed and turn on the bed for a long time before she fell asleep.

The next morning, Xue Jiayue woke up early, washed up and put on some light makeup. She then prepared the catalogue designs and then went to the X&AMP Studio for the interview.

Xue Jiayue arrived at the X&AMP Studio at exactly ten o’clock as what the interview was agreed upon yesterday.

“Hello, I’m here for an interview.”

She explained the reason for her visit to the staff at the front desk.

The staff took a look at her and asked her to register on the visitor form and then called the HR Head Department to ask if she was free.

With the permission of the HR Head Department, she led Xue Jiayue to the HR department for an interview.

The head of the HR department was a woman in her forties, dressed in black business clothes. With the corner of her mouth down like a poker face and her face looking somewhat serious.

She casually flipped through the catalogue designs Xue Jiayue brought to the interview then put it aside.

She ask expressionlessly.

“How many years of work experience do you have?”

Sitting in front of her, Xue Jiayue felt a lot of pressure invisibly against her serious and non-smiling face.

“I didn’t have a job before.”

Xue Jiayue was talking about the original body, which indeed hadn’t worked since graduating from college.

“But I really love designing………”

“We don’t want people with no work experience in our studio!”

The head of HR Head Department said without slightest mercy.



Xue Jiayue did not expect that she would encounter such situation on her first interview. She did not ask about her designs and did not care if her design were good or not, nor asked whether she had the ability.

But was completely denied instead because of one sentence that she had no work experience.

Until she walked out of the X&AMP Studio, Xue Jiayue was still thinking about what the HR Head Department has said to her.

She was not suitable.

The design she drew was very general, she was not a design material at all. X&AMP Studio couldn’t hire someone like her.

Xue Jiayue was very sad. She was full of confidence in applying for X&AMP Studio but reality was different, people simply refused to even give her the opportunity and just denied her.

Xue Jiayue who was badly hit was walking on the road in daze, when suddenly there was a sharp horn sounded from behind her making her jump.

She hurriedly dodge but the middle-aged woman next to her pushed her. She couldn’t stand firmly on her high-heeled shoes and twisted herself.

Everything happened very quickly, all she notice was she fell on the ground and her knees were heavily knocked on the rough ground.

“It hurts!”

A stabbing pain came from Xue Jiayue’s knee making her eyes turned red and tears couldn’t stop falling down.

The middle aged woman who was next to her was afraid that she would fall on her pushed her on the other side.

She said in an irritable tone.

“You bumped yourself and fell down because you were careless, don’t try to blame me!”

After saying that, she immediately walked away.

Xue Jiayue bear the pain and get up from the ground. A large piece of skin was rubbed off from her knee and a bright red blood oozing out making it more painful and hot.

Fortunately a kind-hearted person who was passing by saw her went up to Xue Jiayue and asked her with concern.

“Girl, what’s wrong with you? Do you need help?”

“I accidentally fell.”

Xue Jiayue said with red eyes.

“Let me help you sit.”

The older woman said kindly.

“Thank you.”

Xue Jiayue was very grateful.

The aunt was so nice, she sat with Xue Jiayue for a long time and didn’t leave her until she felt better.


Xue Jiayue took a taxi back home and just found the medicine box to apply medicine to the injured knee, but Xu Yanwen came back at this time.

Xu Yanwen saw Xue Jiayue sitting on the sofa as soon as he entered. Her right leg was raised on the armrest of the sofa, and her knee was red and swollen there was even thorn skin in the middle.

It looked like a serious injury from a distance.

“How did you get hurt?”

Xu Yanwen walked over quickly and saw that she was indeed badly injured. His gaze showed pain and pity.

Xue Jiayue’s looked really sad and her eyes were slightly red.

“I fell on the way back from the interview.”

Xu Yanwen took a look at her expression and guessed that she must have not pass the interview. She was did not just failed the interview but got injured.

Her aggrieved look made people even more heartbroken and distressed.

“I’ll help you apply medicine.”

Xu Yanwen opened his mouth and reached out to take the cotton swabs and iodine.

Xue Jiayue looked at him and said.

“Thank you.”

Xu Yanwwen’s voice was gentle.

“There will be a little of pain, you bear it.”

Xue Jiayue gave an “hmmm” sound.

Upon closer looked he was shocked to see the wound on Xue Jiayue’s white leg. Holding the cotton swab in his hand he gently applied the medicine as if she was a fragile doll, afraid of breaking her.

But even though it was painful, Xue Jiayue just frowned and endured the pain. But once the medicine was absorb she hissed in pain and in panic grabbed Xu Yanwen’s wrist.

Xu Yanwen hand that was applying the medicine paused and he looked up to her. His wrist was grabbed tightly by a white and slender fingers.

The palm that tightly grabbing the wrist was like telling him that she has no intention of letting go.


The author has something to say: the intimacy of two people ~~sprinkle flowers~~


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