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Chapter 24

Just when Linda was thinking about these things, Assistant Feng had already walked into Xu Yanwen’s office carrying his afternoon tea.

When Linda came back to her senses and followed Assistant Feng into the office with the documents for Xu Yanwen’s signature, she saw him picking up a chocolate chip cookie and taking a bite.

What about those who said they don’t like sweets?

Linda froze in place as she watched Xu Yanwen finished the chocolate chip cookie, so it was not like he doesn’t eat sweets he just don’t eat what she made!

Xu Yanwen looked up to her, his voice was clear and cold.

“Is something wrong?”

“Yes, there is a document that you need to sign.”

Linda hurriedly returned to her senses and took the document to Xu Yanwen to sign with her face red.

After sweeping a glance at Linda, Xu Yanwen took the documents and read them. All of which were reviewed in the meeting so he took a pen and signed the documents quickly.

Until she walked of office with the signed papers, Linda’s mind was still confused, messy and her face was hot.


In the evening Xu Yanwen came home from work, just as he opened the door and walked into the house he saw Xue Jiayue smilingly and jumped in front of him.

She tilted his head and said.

“I have good news to tell you.”

Smart as Xu Yanwen he guessed what the good news was by just one look at her.

“You found a job?”

Xue Jiayue shook her head slightly and said with a smile.

“Not yet, but soon. The X&AMP Studio asked me for an interview tomorrow, this is also one of my favorite studio.”

A bright smiling face paired with shining and dazzling eyes that looked like stars falling, she was full of confidence and expectations.

Seeing this, Xu Yanwen’s heart was moved. He reached out to rub the top of Xue Jiayue’s hair and said in a warm voice.


Xue Jiayue smiled and looked up, unexpectedly collided with Xu Yanwen’s gaze. Their eyes gaze at each other and both of them were slightly stunned.

A strangely wonderful feeling envelops their surroundings that seems to diffuse an indefinable flavor in the air.

“I, I’ll check the soup on the stove….”

Xue Jiayue said, she immediately turned around and ran towards the kitchen. This fast movement was like she was being chased by something terrible.

Xu Yanwen looked at her back as she left and frowned slightly.

Lying on bed at night, Xue Jiayue’s mood was excited and nervous at the same time. She was tossing and turning, unable to sleep.

Tomorrow she would go to X&AMP Studio for an interview. Xue Jiayue likes the clothes designed by X&AMP very much, the style was novel and trendsetting.

If she could become one of them, it would be a very happy thing.

Seeing that it was almost twelve o’clock, but Xue Jiayue still sleepless. She sighed then got up from the bed and decided to go to the kitchen to heat a glass of milk to drink.

Xue Jiayue just opened her bedroom door and walked out when the study door next to her also opened from the inside and Xu Yanwen came out with a glass of water in his hand.

The black eyes behind the rimless glasses swept a glance at Xue Jiayue who was wearing white silk pajamas.

Xu Yanwen looked like he thought of something and quickly moved his eyes away.

Xue Jiayue didn’t notice Xu Yanwen’s difference, she turned around and walked out towards the kitchen.

As she walked, she asked Xu Yanwen if she wanted to drink milk too.

“I can’t sleep. I got up to heat a glass of milk to drink, do you want it too?”

Xu Yanwen’s slightly hoarse voice came from behind.

“No, I’ll get hot if I drink it.”

Never mind then.

After all she was too lazy to heat another one for him.

Xue Jiayue have an “Oh”, indicating that she understand.

Entering the kitchen, Xue Jiayue opens the refrigerator and takes out the milk. She pours the milk into the cup and put it into the microwave oven to heat it.

When Xue Jiayue suddenly remembers something.

She quickly lowered her head and looked at herself. Her face was completely red, she was not wearing underwear and just walked past Xu Yanwen like this!

More importantly, the original body once wore this silk pajamas to seduced Xu Yanwen but was unfortunately rejected by Xu Yanwen!

Xue Jiayue raised her hand and hold her head. No wonder Xu Yanwen didn’t look right when she saw her just now.

She wasn’t sure why at all at that time but now that she remembered it—it was simply humiliating. She’s going to lose her face.

Embarrassed to continue staying outside and as to not run into Xu Yanwen again, once the milk was heated Xue Jiayue hurriedly took the milk and like a thief she quickly slipped back to her room.


“Jiayou!”1– this could also be translated as fight for its meaning is an extra effort; fig. to cheer sb on (but I think it more appropriate to use the Romanization)


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