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Chapter 23

Walking to the dining room, Xue Jiayue raised her eyes and was surprised to see milk, eggs, sandwiches and apples on the dining table.

This was the breakfast Yu Yanwen prepared for her?

Xia Jiayue walked over in surprise and saw a note left on the table.

Reaching out to pick up the note, Xu Yanwen’s strong and powerful handwriting was reflected in her eyes.

[Have a good breakfast. Xu Yanwen.]

Glancing at the breakfast on the table and then at the note left by Xu Yanwen, Xue Jiayue couldn’t help but smile.

“After cooking you so many meals, you finally have some conscience for preparing breakfast for me!”

Xue Jiayue said as she pulled out the chair and sat down. She picked up the sandwich and took a bite, the creamy sandwich goes well with the beef and dried fruit stuff in it.

It was sweet, moist and delicious at the same time, it also had the fragrance of dried fruit making it very tasty.

“It taste really good, thank you for the breakfast.”

After eating the sandwich and drinking the milk, Xue Jiayue takes out her mobile phone and sent a WeChat message to Xu Yanwen.

She also take a photo of her eating up and send it to Xu Yanwen.

In the meeting room, Xu Yanwen was having a meeting and the marketing director who was standing on the center was passionately talking about this month’s sales performance.

And right at this time Xu Yanwen’s mobile phone place on the conference table buzzed.

The short sound caught Xu Yanwen’s attention and the eyes behind the rimless glasses swept over and saw the WeChat alert pop up on the phone screen at a glance.

It seems that Xue Jiayue sent a message.

Xu Yanwen put down the pen in his hand, reached out and picked up his phone. He lowered his head and slid open the screen of the mobile phone then open his WeChat, and saw Xue Jiayue’s messages.

[Xue Jiayue: all eaten up, very delicious, thank you for the breakfast. Empty plate picture.jpg]

Xu Yanwen then slid his fingers and typed.

[Get up earlier in the future, do not stay up so late.]

Soon Xue Jiayue replied to him, with a picture of a cartoon character girl who as nodding her head to him mouthing the “yes”.

Xu Yanwen’s fingers slipped on the picture as the corner of his mouth curved up into a smile.

In the meeting room, many people saw this scene.

In particular the marketing director standing on the center saw it most clearly and was shocked.

My heavens, President Xu actually smiled!

Seeing this, he thinks that he must have done a good job in his report on the marketing planning. With this thought he promised himself to persistently make an effort on the next quarter and strive to create better results.

As the secretary, Linda was sitting next to Xu Yanwen not far away saw the whole process very clearly.

Xu Yanwen has been on his WeChat.

Obviously he used to hate people playing with their phone during meetings but he’s making an exception now.

Linda who was staring at Xu Yanwen side profile was tightening her pen gradually and a dense sourness welled up in her heart.

I wonder who sent him the message that made so joyful?


In a fine afternoon at home, Xue Jiaye who drew her designs till late at night has now a headache so she decided to take a break and go out shopping she could also as well get some inspiration.

Xia Jiayue went to the fashionable sky street lined with all kinds of dazzling stores. She strolled all the way through and saw one of the interesting stores line up.

Later when was tired of walking, Xue Jiayue saw a dessert shop with artistic decoration at the end of the street. When she walked in, there were not many people in the shop only two or three people sat in the shop drinking coffee and eating desserts.

Soothing soft music was playing in the shop and there were all kinds of desserts inside the glass cabinet such as mango melaleuca1, durian melaleuca2, xylose3, chocolate cookies4, macaroons5 and other treats. It all looked delicious.

Xue Jiayue ordered a caramel macchiato and macaroon, she then went to sit by the window and through the polished window she could see the cars coming and going on the street.

A cup of caramel macchiato, plus the taste of her favorite dessert not to mention the soothing and lovely music would make one’s afternoon very pleasant and relaxing.

Xue Jiayue took out her phone to take a picture and upload it to her circle of friends. As her finger tapped into her WeChat she saw Xu Yanwen’s reply to her earlier.

[In a meeting.]

To be honest it was really hard for Xu Yanwen to manage and run such a big company. She has seen Xu Yanwen working overtime in his study several times at night and many people were counting on him as the big boss. The pressure on him was really great.

Perhaps on a whim, Xue Jiayue sent a WeChat message to Xu Yanwen.

[Would you like to have an afternoon tea? I’m at a dessert store, the dessert here are really delicious. Work hard, and eat some desserts. You need to have a good rest to have a good mood!]

Xu Yanwen was working on the document in his office when he received Xue Jiayue’s WeChat message. He thought about it a little and replied to her saying.


[So what do you want to eat?]

[You decide.]

Xue Jiayue replied.


The shop was a good place and the desserts were also delicious. Xue Jiayue ordered a caramel latte and bought a box of chocolate chip cookies, a box of mango malaleuca then asked the waiter if they also send take outs.

The waiter said yes, Xue Jiayue then sent the desserts and drinks to Xu Yanwen’s company.

The takeout delivered to the company in less than half an hour. The front desk staff asked the delivery boy to register and then called Xu Yanwen’s office to ask whether to send it up.

Xu Yanwen said on the phone that he asked Assistant Feng to go down and get it.

Assistant Feng quickly came down from the upstairs and took the take out to Xu Yanwen’s office. On his way back to Xu Yanwen’s office he happened to meet Linda who coincidentally would be going to Xu Yanwen’s office to sign some documents.

“Is this Assistant Feng’s afternoon tea? So Assistant Feng likes chocolate chips and mango malaleuca?”

Linda probe with a smile.

Assistant Feng shook his head and said.

“It’s not mine.”

Linda blinked and thought to herself that Assistant Feng bought the desserts for someone in the Secretariat?

But he seems to have a girlfriend right?

Without waiting for Linda to guess what happened, she heard Assistant Feng say directly.

“This is what Madam Xu bought for President Xu.”

Madam Xu?

When Linda heard this, she takes another look at the afternoon tea in Assistant Feng’s hand. chocolate cookies and mango melaleuca desserts were all sweet.

But he personally heard President Xu said that he doesn’t like sweet foods. Then this could only mean one thing, the rumors were true that Madam Fu and President Fu’s relations was bad.


mango malaleuca
durian malaleuca
choclate cookies


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