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Chapter 18

The next day at lunchtime in the school cafeteria, Xu Zhaixing received a text message from Xu Yan saying that Father Xu had indeed called to consult him on real estate matter, and he had sent the collated report to Father Xu as instructed.

After a few days Father Xu did not mention this again, but every afternoon he was always on time for dinner and no longer had a sad face but instead was full of spirit and vigor.

Xu Zhaixing could obviously see through the reason why but did not bother asking her father as she was also very busy recently. Everyday her classmates were all busy with their idols, novels and others, she was the only who would look forward on what was on the financial magazine.

Finally, it was time for school to end on Friday.

Xu Zhaixing was so happy that she almost flew up running wildly all the way home. She adjusted her expression when she was at the door of their house, suppressing her face that was full of joy and replace it with the surprise for a drama that was about to happen.

He pushed the door and went straight to Father Xu who was watching TV on the sofa.

“Oh my god, dad! Guess what I saw when I accompanied my classmates to buy magazine today!”

Father Xu didn’t even look back and said.

“Which little handsome guys on the cover?”

“Am that kind of shallow person!”

She handed over the financial magazine, and her expression was spot on.

“Look at this, this company Zhenlin, isn’t it the project that second uncle ask you to invest in? It says here that it’s bankrupt! The partners absconded with donations and the headline is on the cover!”

Father Xu looked shocked and immediately picked up the magazine, and looked through it. Xu Zhaixing looked at the side and sighed.

“A good company, how can it go bankrupt just like that. Even second uncle swore that investing in it can make a lot of money.”

Father Xu looked more and more sullen as he read the content of the magazine, it could be seen how big this matter now. Thinking of Xu Zhiwen’s various performance were, Father Xu slammed his hand on the coffee table indignantly.

“Malicious intentions!”

Xu Zhaixing pretended to be afraid.

“Yes, yes, it seems that I guessed correctly before! Luckily, we didn’t invest the money on him otherwise we would be the ones who went bankrupt!”

Father Xu’s expression change several times and finally let out a long sigh.

During the meal, Mother Xu also knew about it and as usual she first scolded Father Xu then praised Xu Zhaixing for her intelligence and wisdom and finally said to Father Xu.

“You still have to thank Xu Yan! If it weren’t for Xu Yan’s reliability, you would have been cheated out of this money!”

Father Xu nodded gravely, and thought of something then sighed.

“Xu Yan this child is good. I called him two days ago to consult about real estate, this kid without saying a word to me just send a data of real estate for the past five years which solve my urgent problem ah!”

Mother Xu was surprise.

“Is that so? Eh I say, what are you doing prying into the real estate industry for nothing?”

Father Xu glanced at Xu Zhaixing smiling.

“It’s my daughter who gave me inspiration, there is no need to hang on a tree.”

Xu Zhaixing took the opportunity to ask.

“Dad, have you found any investment projects?”

Father Xu now also does not see her as a child, he was still very sure of his daughter’s growth and wisdom. He pondered.

“I’ve been in contact with something, and during this time I’ve also talked with my friends who supply building materials, they were also optimistic about this prospects. The main thing is that they don’t know much about real estate and dare not start blindlessly.”

Xu Zhaixing said.

“I heard my classmate say that the north side of the city where the amusement park is located, was being repaired.”

Father Xu was stunned.

“The north side of the city? That is quite remote ah, even if the amusement park is repaired will people go there?”

“It could be remote now, but we cannot say that in the future. With the amusement park, many people will be interested and with that interest, business will stimulate and soon settle, gradually it will form into a commercial area.”

The Northern part of the City was planned to be developed as urban area by the S city few years later. Both the land and the house prices soared overnight, she didn’t how many people got rich because of this reasons.

Father Xu has been studying this booming industry for a long time now, and he has carefully read the information sent by Xu Yan many times. Now with a little bit of information from Xu Zhaixing, he could obviously understand what it means.

But investing in rea estate was not just a sum of money, and if he release a large amount that would be equivalent on putting Star Media in, so he was a little hesitant.

Xu Zhaixing continued.

“It’s quite a deserted area over there, and the land should be quite cheap right? It is also easy to get land from the government, after all there are fewer people bidding for it. That kind of place that has been included in the planning areas has no risk but it’s expensive. You may not be able to compete with those old real estate companies.”

That’s true.

Father Xu was not in the mood to continue eating. As soon as his chopsticks were put away, he went back to his study to think about it.

Mother Xu disapprovingly scolded Xu Zhaixing.

“You’re not that good with you studies, but now you’re blindly thinking about this matter for adults. If I don’t know, I’ll think you were Shen Wansan1 in your previous life!”

“It’s hard to say whether I was Shen Wanshan in my last life but if you have given birth to me a few years earlier, our family should be the richest in the S City now.”

Although Father Xu never finished his studies, he was honest and he was not as cunning as other businessmen but his victory lies on his determination. He would never procrastinate in making his decision!

This was the reason he was once able to make Star Media.

After a period of investigation and study, after a lot of careful consideration he immediately made a decision to invest in northern part of the city.

So Star Media’s transition to real estate investment began.

At first, when the companies in the same industry heard about it, they all ridiculed and mocked Father Xu because he was driven to desperation by the two years continuous deficits and impact of new media. Giving up the main business to engage in unrelated industry.

Even after all of these, they would understood if he really want to engage in real estate but they actually invest in the northern part of the city. That piece of land where birds don’t poop and chicken don’t lay eggs. They would invest on the place and let the ghost live ah?

Father Xu heard their mocks every now and then but just laughed it off. Only, occasionally at the business cocktail party their former competitors led by Song Media would ridicule them face to face.

Since Star Media dropped its bid for the Winter Games, Song Media’s only threat was gone and got the project without a hitch.

As a result, the industry all said that the Song family finally defeated the Star Media who had dominated the circle for many years and became the leader of the new generation. The Star Media looked like a defeated general, and the previously small cats and dogs relying on them also dared to step on their feet.

However Father Xu was still the same, he was still a cheerful and honest man that they felt like they’re just punching a cotton which was not satisfying.

They didn’t know if he was really stupid and couldn’t understand anything or if he just didn’t give a damn.

But one thing was certain, whatever he decided we would see through it even if the sky falls.

And all these rumors of mockery and ridicule, Father Xu never mentioned it at home.

But Xu Zhaixing still felt it.

Because Song Yannan spread rumors of her family’s bankruptcy in school every day.

It could be that Song Yannan heard her father at home talking about this. The rumors fist begin with Xu Zhaixing’s father was competing with the bidding for the winter game but her family’s company voluntarily gave up the bidding.

When it later reached Xu Zhaixing ears, it was her family that went bankrupt.

After Cheng You angrily told these rumors to Xu Zhaixing, she still couldn’t help but be impressed by the rumors and worriedly sized her up from head to toe and asked carefully.

“Zhaixing, how come you haven’t worn your favorite brand of sneaker lately?”

Can’t afford to wear it?

Xu Zhaixing kicked her chair with the tip of the shoe.

“Look at this sister’s shoes, although they are not famous now they will be the treasure over every major store in the future.”

When Cheng You notice that she was embarrassed to admit it, she sighed and just wanted to comfort her when Xu Zhaixing handed over a paper she been drawing.

“Does it look good?”

Cheng You looked down and found a sketch of a skirt on the paper. She didn’t know how to draw, let alone designing clothes but evaluated it from the visual.

“Very Good! You draw this ah?”

Xu Zhaixing smiled with satisfaction.

“Yes, I’m going to take it to a competition.”

“What competition?”

“Paris Fashion Design Competition.”

Cheng You was confused.

“What kind of competition is that? How come I’ve never heard of it? You also know fashion design?”

Xu Zhaixing squinted at her.

“You think I have collected Barbie dolls for nothing? Okay, okay, give it here. I’m not done with the drawing, the preliminary registration will be close this weekend, I have to hurry.”

The Paris Fashion Design Competition was held once every three years and has very highly prestigious. The jury members were all famous designers or professors from major art universities from all over the world who have won awards and were very influential in the fashion industry.

Each winner would have a direct cooperation with the Paris organizers to jointly launch the fashion brand of the champion designer. It could be said to be a leap for high-en fashion people’s reputation.

Xu Zhaixing had participated in the competition after graduating from college with her own work and successfully passed the preliminary round. However the final round required the designer to produce their drawings and put it on a model. And let the judges visually review and score it through a runaway show.

One of the clothes designed by Xu Zhaixing was luxurious.

She was poor that she couldn’t even afford to hire a model not to mention making the dress, so she regretfully withdraw from the competition.

After graduation, although she had been working in a bridal store, doing makeup for brides and working on wedding dress design, she never lost her dream. In the following years, she had been improving her design, striving for perfection and trying to save money for another bottle.

Now this year, and around this time was the competition, she had ample of time and money to spare, so she wanted to give it another try.

Cheng You listened to her and nodded knowingly as she clenched her fist.

“Then when the time comes, you give me the link and I will mobilize the whole family to vote for you!”

After school, the two walked out of the building hand in hand while laughing and joking at the same time when they ran into Song Yanna and her group.

The school was so big that they could barely ran into each other but Xu Zhaixing seems to always meet her every time. Xu Zhaixing pulled Cheng You and went to the other end.

But they were still able to hear an insulting sneer and taunt from the group behind.

Cheng You even felt that those words sounded harsh and wanted to turn around and hit people but when she looked at Xu Zhaixing who had an indifferent looked, she simply couldn’t accept it.

“Zhaixing how come you’re not angry ah? They are really too much!”

Xu Zhaixing said a profound manner.

“Tolerate her, let her, avoid her, let her, bear her, ignore her. After a few more years, you will see.”

Cheng You: “……..”

Is your family really bankrupt? Tell me the truth!!


Shen Wansan1– Shen Wansan was a businessman during the beginning of Ming Dynasty


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