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Chapter 17

After knowing that Cen Feng has a blog, Xu Zhaixing felt that all her thoughts and likes has been put aside, just like he used to check her blog every day and talk with her friends.

From time to time she would take her phone and log in to check Cen Feng’s blog.

Of course Cen Feng haven’t given her pleasant surprise her.

As usual there was no updates, no replies—there was no interaction at all, as if his account was abandoned a long time ago.

She also didn’t dare to comment more, she restrained herself from posting only once a day but nevertheless for a period of time the ‘picking up the stars from the sky for you’ was the only user who leave many messages for him.

Xu Zhaixing was suddenly laden with grief thinking that if Cen Feng logged in one day and saw so many comments from the same person, would he think she was a foolish and violent harasser?

But she still couldn’t help but leave a message every day, wanting him to know that he was not alone and there were people who cared for him.

In this time in high school, students in junior and lower grade were all fan of playing QQ space1 and even advance player would post on their blogs.

Students and classmates would often play this together all day and night, Chen You wanted to ‘invite’ Xu Zhaixing but the latter would not tell Chen You her account ID.

No way!

Xu Zhaixing thought to herself, if she would give Chen You her account ID they would found out about Cen Feng’s blog since blog history could be seen by others, besides the owner.

If that happened, what would she do?! Well it was not like she doesn’t want to let them know about Cen Feng but just in case they saw her sentimental and silly comments there she would lose face ah!

She needs to cover her little secret thoroughly!

Since Cheng You couldn’t inquire about her account, she turned and change the topic.

“Do you know what Zhou Mingyu’s blog is called?”

Xu Zhaixing cooperated with her gossipy little desk mate and asked.

“What’s the name?”

“Permit to engage in plucking stars!”2


This person still was not giving up!

Chen You sighed and looked at her a few times.

“I suddenly don’t hate him very much now, although he has bad grades and bad personality but he’s quite affectionate.”

After saying that, she then thought of something and her gossiping look was so vivid as she said in a lowered voice.

“You know, Song Yannan would go to Zhou Mingyu’s comment section on the blog every day and message him! Like today’s cold, wear thick clothes ah or always be happy ah… it’s too cringe! It gives me goose bumps!”

Xu Zhaixing: “……..”

Didn’t dare to speak.

Wasn’t it the same messages she left for Cen Feng.

Fortunately she didn’t tell her account ID!

Xu Zhaixing turned her pen.

“Song Yannan likes Zhou Mingyu ah?”

Cheng You looked at her incredulously.

“You just know ah! Don’t you know how many sad and heartbroken poems and essays Song Yannan wrote on her blog during the time Zhou Mingyu was chasing you? This morning we met her at the stairway when we went to kiosk and she was glaring at you!”

“….didn’t notice.”

Cheng You grieved and lamented.

“I see that you have nothing in your head but Cen Feng! Now I see why you have been good tempered recently to let Song Yannan and her group of little sisters bad-mouthing you not because you just don’t want to trouble her but you simply did not know!”

Xu Zhaixing thought about it, if her old self hear about this, she would go and find Song Yannan and tear her mouth.

But now that she has been reborn, she could no longer be bother with this group of children.

So she lazily said.

“Whatever she says, it’s not like she’s losing a piece of meat.”

Cheng You hated an iron for not becoming steel3.

“You’ve change Zhaixing! You were not like this before! You used to be brave!”

Xu Zhaixing: “……..”

How the heck does this have anything to do with bravery?

In Xu Zhaixing’s memory, her high school years was already very faint, today if not for Cheng You talking about Song Yannan she could not recall there was such a person.

While thinking of this, she notice Song Yannan looking at her.

It doesn’t matter if she didn’t know before, but now that she knows there was no way to ignore it when you encounter it again.

Song Yannan was really glaring at her!

Cheng You also notice Song Yannan’s eyes, she rushed forward to poke Xu Zhaixing’s waist.

Song Yanna was walking with her little sister group. She was the school flower, her family was also rich, and was surrounded by the second generation rich kids.

Although they all wear school uniforms, but the school bag and shoes and watches they wear shows the difference from others.

They were all glaring at Xu Zhaixing, and look at her as their common enemy.

One of the little sisters deliberately exclaimed.

“I really don’t know how boys has some bad taste and eye sight, leaving the real golden attractive princess for a fake one.”

Another one immediately picked up the cue and seconded.

“Don’t insult the princess, but which princess still wears a white washed worn sneakers?”

Xu Zhaixing: “……..”

You can look down on me, but how can you look down on my limited edition sneakers?

Do you know that in ten years, this pair of shoes is worth a house with a sea view!

After mocking Xu Zhaixing, this group of sister turned to hold Song Yannan.

“Nan Nan, your bag looks good, it is the new LV right? It’s not even available in China yet.”

Song Yannan smiled coyly.

“My father brought this back for me from France, this is a limited edition in the whole word. General public cannot buy this.”

Gasp of admiration in the surrounding could be heard.

Cheng You was furious and was glaring at them when Xu Zhaixing turned her head back with her hand and said as if nothing happened.

“What’s there to see, my mother said that children carrying luxurious goods would lose their lives.”

Cheng You: “Pfft..”

Song Yannan: “??”

Until they walked of the school gate, Cheng You kept laughing while holding her arms. After having a good laugh she straightened her waist as she asked.

“Zhaixing, when did your mouth become so poisonous?”

Xu Zhaixing smiled faintly, hiding the merits she gained while chasing her star.


Back home, Father Xu has not returned from work yet, Xu Zhaixing asked Aunt Liu if her father had called and told her he would not come back for dinner tonight.

Xu Zhaixing held the rice bowl and pondered, Father Xu has worked overtime for several days in a row now.

Is there something wrong with the company?

When she finished her homework in the evening, she was lying on her bed browsing on Cen Feng’s blog only to hear the sound of Father Xu opening the door downstairs.

After entering the house, he directly went to the study room and started to work again.

Xu Zhaixing thought about it and went downstairs to heat up a glass of milk and bring it into the study.

Father Xu was sitting in front of the computer with his glasses on, his expression showed some seriousness and when he saw his daughter coming in with a milk, his expression softened a bit.

“Still awake?”

Xu Zhaixing walked over.

“Just finished my homework, dad how come you haven’t been back for dinner lately?”

Father Xu pounded his shoulder, took the milk and drank two sips.

“The company has a lot of things to do, father is busy with this period but after this dad will come home to eat with you.”

Xu Zhaixing looked at his computer desktop, then casually picked up the file next to him and flipped through it and found that it was bidding document. After staring at the document for a long time, she remembered that Winter Games was held in S city at this time.

For such large sports event, advertising was very important but she remembered that it was another company that got the whole advertising project of the winter games later.

Xu Zhaixing asked.

“Dad, you’ve been bidding for the Winter Game recently, huh?”

Only then did Father Xu see her flipping through the documents and hurriedly picked them up.

“Don’t disturb dad, dad is working. Go back to your room and play.”

Xu Zhaixing lifted her butt and sat down on the desk.

“I’m not sleepy yet, so tell me about it.”

Father Xu was dumbfounded.

“You child inquiring about these, to do what? Just get your study right, hurry back.”

Xu Zhaixing held her chin and said with a smile.

“It’s too easy to study, I can’t use all my energy. Last time you praised me for being smart, you seem to be troubled about this, I can help you with some ideas.”

Father Xu looked at her a few times, remembering her previous series of ‘heroic’ events, plus his wife have been telling him that Zhaixing was all grown up, all mature and that Zhaixing could understand things better like an adult making his heart actually really shaken a few times.

He pondered for a while, before briefly saying.

“It’s the bidding for Winter Games, but several new companies are very strong especially the Song Media. I don’t know which relative is an official in the Ministry of Public but I think it’s very difficult to win this time.”

Song Media? Song Yannan’s Company?

After all, they still have to take care of their own family.

Xu Zhaixing wiggled his little feet and pretended to be mature.

“I say dad, this is to penetrate into a bull’s horn4, right? Knowing that there are people above you, knowing that you can’t take them down, what are you struggling with? It’s better to give up and do something else as soon as possible.”

Father Xu sighed.

“If you don’t fight for it, you’ll never be reconcile. Star have been in S City for so many years and our reputation and contacts are all there, maybe there’s still a chance to fight for it.”

What he didn’t tell Xu Zhaixing was that the company had been no income for a long time and hadn’t gotten a big project in a long time. This was the most likely an opportunity at the moment, that’s why he was so insistent.

Xu Zhaixing looked at him for a moment, sat up straight and slowly said.

“Dad, people have served their old age, and so does the company. Star is too old and no longer dominant in the fast-growing media industry.”

She sighed.

“Our classmates are all playing in their blogs and have QQ in hand, no matter what the new is, it spreads fastest.”

She looked at Father Xu seriously, and asked.

“Do you know what a blog is? What is its advertising operation and how influential and extensive QQ is?”

Fathe Xu looked at her incredulously.

He certainly understands it all.

But he did not expect that his daughter, who he remembered as young and inexperienced had grown up so quickly in his neglect.

Xu Zhaixing’s tone was calm.

“Everything is developing whether it’s you or Star, you have to look forward. Star’s achievement has no advantage now to speak off, you have to find another way out.”

Father Xu was unconsciously led by her and subconsciously asked.

“Then where do you think way out is?”

Xu Zhaixing was waiting for him to ask this, she happily jumped down from the desk, inch her father away. She then open the computer web page to search for news about real estate.

This was the time when real estate was thriving and developing rapidly.

Xu Zhaixing then slammed her hands on the table and said.

“My classmate’s father made a lot of money investing in real estate, and today he bought her a global limited edition LV bag! Dad, I want one too! I want a LV bag too! Buy the global limited edition! Is two enough? Mm it should be enough, thank you daddy. Daddy is so nice!”

Father Xu: “…….”

Just now I was just praising you for your maturity and understanding, but now you’re coming with me?

Real estate can compete with the today’s time….

Xu Zhaixing yawned.

“If you can’t decide, you can ask brother Xu Yan ah. He had studied and was up to new trends now, even more he is starting business in B city. You can try to listen to his advice. I’m going to bed.”

Father Xu, whose head have never been injected with new trends was now thinking of other ways to follow the trend, as his eyes falling on the rows of real estate news on the web page. He waved his hand perfunctorily.

“Go now.”

Xu Zhaixing who threw the hook successfully went back contented.

After returning to her room, she sent a message to Xu Yan asking him to help compile a report on real estate trends and data growth over the past five years and sent it to Father Xu when he call him for consult.

Xu Yan replied with a question mark.

The meaning was clear.

What the heck are you up to again?

[Xu Zhaixing: Harm. In fact, everything is for that global limited edition LV bag.]

Xu Yan: “……”


QQ space1– game application center provides the latest and hottest web games and applications, collecting a wealth of activities and gift packages

“Permit to engage in plucking stars!”2– it could as permit to engage Zhaixing (Zhaixing mean pluck the stars)

iron for not becoming steel3– to feel resentful towards sb for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement

to penetrate into a bull’s horn4– fig. to waste time on an insoluble or insignificant problem


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