The Entertainment Circle is Mine Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

Pleading with Xu Yan, Xu Zhaixing said.

“Brother you go again. You go in person and show your sincerity, you tell him that as long as he is willing to sign in Cheng Xing we can help me pay the liquidated damages. He can ask for anything.”

When she finished saying this, Xu Yan was silent for a while before he said.

“Are you talking a signing an artist or doing charity?”

Xu Zhaixing was about to cry as her voice choked when she said.

“Please brother just take it as a money I borrowed from you. The liquidated damages and the term he offered just convert it into equivalent cash and when I graduate and work for the company I will pay you back, I beg you.”

Someone on the other end of the line was shouting at General Manager Xu, Xu Yan responded and sighed feeling the head ache coming.

“Okay, I’ll go there myself after I’m done today, okay?”

Xi Zhaixing eyes glowed.

“Thank you brother, brother you are the best!”

After hanging up the phone Xu Zhaixing sat alone again for a long time behind the basketball court. She took her phone and looked at the latest post from six months ago.

She clicked on the comment section, she typed and then deletes some words, typed and deleted and type again until the afternoon class bell rang, that’s when she finally able to send a comment.

[Be like a kitten and eat on time~!]

Too much well wishes were extravagant, she now only hopes he could eat on time and take care of himself.

With such result she got from Xu Yan, Xu Zhaixing was depressed all afternoon and didn’t listen to class.

After school, she began to wait for Xu Yan’s call and during meal Mother Xu noticed her anxious appearance and asked her if her buttock were sore.

She has been waiting impatiently though Xu Yan didn’t mean to delay. As soon as we done with his work for this day he immediately drove off.

Unfortunately he met the evening rush and got stuck in the traffic for a while, when he arrived at the destination the night market was already flouring and bustling.

Although it was winter, there were many people walking in the night market. The whole street was noisy and lively, at a glance he saw a young man standing at the corner playing the guitar.

With just one glance, Xu Yan couldn’t help but sigh. No wonder his little cousin was so persistent and devoted, the young man’s temperament was really outstanding.

In such a noisy and mundane world full of fireworks only the place where he stands was not like any other human world.

Xu Yan felt that he did not even have to do anything, with such temperament what was need was for him to go and stand on stage and there would be countless fans for him defiantly waving the flag shouting his name.

The indifference and not taking him seriously was now replaced by strong interest.

When he walked across the sidewalk to Cen Feng, Cen Feng was already singing.

Xu Yan did not disturb him and waited for him to finish singing the song before pulling out two hundred yuan on the guitar case in front of him.

Cen Feng did not speak, he just lowered his eyes and slightly nodded his head, as gesture of thanks.

He then plucked the guitar string with his fingers and started to sing the next song.

Xu Yan said with a smile.

“Your voice is very good, and your singing is very good also.”

He saw the young man in front of him frown inscrutably.

Xu Yan knew that in front of such person, pedantic selling will instead pull down good impression so he said directly.

“My assistant came to see you, and you refused him.”

The young man finally looked up straight into him with his thick eyelashes that covered his eyelids seemingly making a thick shadow.

Xu Yan finally knew where that distinct aura came from in him.

His eyes were empty like a mountain covered with volcanic ash. It was just disireless and lifeless, only has sense of misanthropy.

Amazing enough, how could a young man at his age could have such a temperament.

With a friendly smile, Xu Yan took out his business card and handed it over.

“Hello, my name is Xu Yan the General Manager of Chen Xing Entertainment. Both my company and I appreciate you, don’t rush to refuse and listen to my terms I give first.”

He said with sincerity, and anyone who was interested in developing in this circle would never refuse.

But Cen Feng was not in his expectation.

He didn’t received the card and his expression didn’t change either, but his indifferent resistance was stronger and his voice was as cold as ice.

“Not signing.”

With these words he leaned over, picked up the guitar case and put the guitar in the case then turned around and walked away.

Xu Yan felt his head ache, thinking of his little cousin’s pleadings he lifted a step and followed.

“We are willing to help you pay for the liquidated damages on your contract between Zhongtian and you. You can also add any request you have on your contract. Chen Xing’s is sincere in signing you. I hope you can seriously consider it.”

The young man’s footsteps halted, he then looked back.

Xu Yan was delighted but when he heard him say with his expressionless face.

“Don’t come to me again.”

Seeing undisguised disgust and resistance was visible in his voice.

Xu Yan knew there was no chance.

He stood in place for a while, sighed a long breath then turned around and walked back when the phone in his pocket vibrated.

He picked it up and saw it was Xu Zhaixing, she really couldn’t wait and call first to ask.

Xu Yan feeling helpless connected the call.


The other end couldn’t wait and immediately ask.

“What’s up brother? Did you go to him? What did he say? Did he say yes?”

Xu Yan looked at the back of Cen Feng walking away and said.


He sounded helpless and lamented.

“He just said phrases to me in the whole conversation, “not signing” and “don’t come again”.”

Xi Zhixing was silent for a moment, and her voice muffled as she said.

“Did you tell him all the requests I said?”

Xu Yan replied as he walked.

“I did. But he was very firm and rejected me unceremoniously.”

He paused and regretted a little.

“Your insight is good, but it’s a pity that Zhongtian stole it first.”

Xu Zhaixing was speechless and felt her heart stop as she was losing her mind.

Why? Since you are not happy there, why not change the place?

Did he not believe in the sincerity of the new company, or did Zhongtian have some reason for him to insist on staying.

Xu Yan waited for a long time but he did not hear her speak, so he said to comfort her.

“People have their own will and we cannot force them to come. Maybe it’s because Chen Xing has just been founded, it had no influence. You just need a few years for it to be known and sign him again.”

Xu Zhaixing still did not say anything.

Xu Yan said again.

“Since you called, I’ll update you about the company’s recent situation. Will you listen to it?”

It was long a time before he heard her breathlessly say.


Xu Yan smiled and started to tell her about the TV variety shows mentioned in her plan but since Chen Xing was a new company and the general manager was just a freshly graduate student.

Most of the people in the circle don’t like them or rather doesn’t favor them and it would take some time for them to win their favor.

As for the artist she mentioned, besides to Cen Feng others have basically signed after receiving the olive branch thrown by the company and were now recently negotiating a contract with great hope of signing them.

Although Xu Zhaixing was not just a high school student who has not reached adulthood but in the eyes of Xu Yan, he was treating her as a mature partner and telling him the details and recent happenings in the company.

Finally, probably to amuse her, he said with a hint of laughter in his voice.

“There’s another thing, where did you find such treasure form the pig feeder on your list? He’s so interesting.”

Xu Zhaixing laughed.

“What happened to him?”

Xu Yan said.

“He told the assistant I sent there that he didn’t want to make a debut, he just wanted to feed pigs.”

Xu Zhaixing almost died from laughter.

“Did you let the assistant tell him that he can still feed pigs even after his debut and later let tens of millions of fans watch his live broadcast feeding the pigs. Brother you must get this person, his commercial value is great.”

That young man was the founder of live broadcast industry a few years later and would become the first generation, many stars that were not popular became popular through this.

At first, it was because he was chasing after the runaway pigs making him popular overnight but the result was lasting.

Later, a live broadcast of him not only raising pigs but also doing other various things with the pig. After making money, he directly bought a pig farm.

Though, mainly the reason it become a big hit was because that same young man who was chasing the pig and founded the live broadcasting was handsome.

Later he also came out with a short film called “Those Years I Chased the Pig” was the third most played on YouTube.

Xu Yan smiled and answered, Xu Zhaixing said some of her ideas for some of the issues Xu Yan just talk about.

They have talked for close an hour before hanging up.

Making the mood less dull.

She sat on the bed for a while and then took her phone, she the logged into her blog and clicked on Cen Feng’s home page to have a look.

There was nothing, everything was the same as before. Her comment was the only one lying at the bottom.

Xu Zhaixing thought about it and continued to leave comments.

[It’s dark, time to go to bed, don’t stay up late, good night~]

Don’t stay up late, eat on time, rest well and be healthy.

That was all she wanted for him.


[⬅️ Toc ➡️]

TL: many of you may have notice that ML name is different in every chapter, that is because of our EDITOR ( ✌(‘ω’)✌), so there was spelled as Cheng Feng but it should be Cen Feng, raw is 岑风 which the Romanization is Cen Feng meaning 岑 Cen for small hill and 风 Feng for wind; news; style; custom; manner. AND so is MC’ name it should be Xu Zhaixing and not Zhixing, (come on Editor-sama!!!) Everything will be change in due time after the mass release ♡〜٩( ˃́▿˂̀ )۶〜♡


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