Chapter 26

Jiang Liangchan began to think that her idea of taking Chen Feng as her attendant was not right?

Originally she just wanted to find a reason to bring him out to meet Hua Shan and pull the line between him and Hua Shan.

She was relieved that Chen Feng would not have any contact with her as long as she did not force him to follow her.

But why does Cheng Feng he seriously put himself to be an attendant?

In the future when he becomes the sun of the heaven must he have the ability to say that he was once an attendant?

Jiang Liangchan who wanted to sneak out looked at the calm back of Chen Feng’s figure who was sitting on the carriage’s driver seat, and was worried.

This morning, after she had breakfast and bade her mother good morning she did not change into men’s clothes. She was wearing a very girlish, silver and red cotton jacket and skirt.

And after, she was planning to go out stealthily.

When wearing a women’s clothing she could sit in the carriage with no worry and uneasiness while if she wear a men’s clothing she could use her legs as she don’t know how to ride a horse.

As result as soon as she sat down, she saw Chen Feng coming in at another door and naturally took the reins from coachman and took over the position.

Then as if to be expected from him he checked everything and also never forgotten to look back and see if she had sat down. After which, he drove straight out of the Jiang House.

Jiang Liangchan who sat on the carriage while carefully arranging the hem of her skirt saw this stopped the movement her hand mid-air, and dumbly staring at him not reacting.

Chen Feng skillfully adjusted the horse’s reins, and turned half of his face sideway as he asked.

“Where does Young Miss want to go today?”

Jiang Liangchan felt confused inside.

Why do you care where I’m going?

Did I invite you to join me?

Did I invite you to join me?!

Cheng Feng looked back when she did not speak, and did not asked any more questions. He pursed his lips slightly then straightened his body to continue to drive the carriage forward.

Jiang Liangchan also held the understanding that he would spontaneously and consciously go back to his stiff attitude.

But the result was that Chen Feng just drove the carriage and not ask or talk, all the way he just slowly driving the carriage forward. Taking a familiar route she had taken in the past few days.

The carriage slowly follow along a bustling roadside and when it passed a tailor’s store, Jiang Liangchan’s eyes lit up and as not caring of anything else she hurriedly shouted.

“Stop, stop.”

Chen Feng stopped the carriage and looked at the tailor’s store, looking a bit stunned.

“You going out of the house was just to come to the tailor’s store?”

Jiang Liangchan jumped off the carriage while holding her skirt, her anger from the journey had not yet dissipated so the looked on her face was still unpleasant.

“Yes, what’s the matter?”

Chen Feng who thought she was meeting up with someone but was contradicted by her otherwise surprisingly did not say anything and just with a solemn voice.

“Then why did Young Miss did not bring maids to let them help you change?”

Jiang Liangchan couldn’t help and give him a quickl glance.

Yes ah!

I didn’t even bring my maid, why are you following me?

You still asked a fart ah?

But it’s not like she’s too big to dared and step on the nose in front of the big boss, so Jiang Liangchan could only say this to herself, as a comfort.

She sneaked out today and didn’t bring anyone with her, so what did she want to do? Just to have some privacy!

The Jiang family naturally would not be short of clothes for the Eldest Miss, but the house purchases clothes once a month, and this month’s clothes have already been purchased.

The next time they would purchase new clothes would be next month, which would be more than ten days left.

Meaning in Jiang Liangchan’s room none of those clothes were new, at least they have been or half a month worn by the original owner.

Others clothes were okay, not to mention that the original Jiang Liangchan had many clothes, so many that there were almost brand new clothes to wear, also she had no problem wearing old clothes.

However it would still be different if she could chose her own liking of clothes.

Jiang Liangchan counted the undergarments she had and there were a total of seven to eight. There were all place in a small box, and were all already worn.

This only means that all undergarments she was wearing now was all worn by the original body.

Jiang Liangchan was not delicate, she would eat what rice was served and wear the clothes that could be worn. If she could not ride a horse when going out then she had no problem walking on foot even with cold wind.

But the undergarments the she found was a bit unacceptable.

Even if it was clean and looks new, as long as she thinks that other were also wearing it close to their body and then she wears it close to her body, it was a bit uncomfortable.

It was also not good to reason to say to her maid servants, so she wanted to quietly go out and buy it on her own.

But who could have thought that Chen Feng would come together with her?



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