He told the two grooms at one go, for the priest who has never participated in a same-wedding was more or less feel a little strange but he has seen the world.

So he kept smiling from beginning to end and didn’t show any difference.

The spring breeze carried the scent of flowers over the mountains and lakes to this solemn and sacred church. The soft and soothing music was like a cold stream lingering in Fu Zhen’s ears.

Outside the arch was a green field and in the center of the field was a pure while angel statue standing in the pool, the brimming water around as it was forming a circle of colorful halo.

Fu Zhen withdrew his gaze, he heard the priest say solemnly in his ear.

“Please exchange the rings between the two couples.”

Yesterday, Fu Zhen was still worried that he might be too excited when he exchange ring today. Worried that as soon as his fingers trembles he would dropped the ring on the ground.

But at this moment Fu Zhen’s heart was extremely calm, after the two little ring bearer put the rings on their hands, Fu Zhen first opened the silver box and saw the silver diamond ring glowed in the light.

Fu Zhen took the ring out and put it on Jiang Hengshu’s left ring finger, the sunlight spilled in from the round window dome like a blessed holy light falling on their heads.

Fu Zhen raised his head and smiled at Jiang Hengshu, his eyebrows arched.

Jiang Hengshu withdrew his hand, then looked down at the diamond ring on his finger and then took Fu Zhen’s hand to put the long prepared diamond ring on Fu Zhen’s finger.

The two rings produced a winding red thread that entwined them tightly for the rest of their lives.

About his own wedding, Fu Zhen had many wonderful assumptions and imaginations before he left the Fu family. At that time, he didn’t think about who his future partner would be but one thing was for sure, Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting would sit nearby and watch him quietly.

However things were not as they should be, at that time Fu Zhen did not expect that when the day really came, Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting was nowhere to found on his wedding day.

Fu Zhen’s gaze flitted across the faces of all the guests. He never thought of inviting Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting to his wedding, and for some reasons the Jiang family strictly controlled today’s wedding.

Outsiders without invitation could not appear at the wedding.

Fu Zhen knew that the two familiar faces he was unconsciously or consciously trying to find would not appear among the guests.

After seeing them again, he still felt a strange feeling in his heart. It was not a loss but a farewell to the past.

Fu Zhen finally dropped his gaze on Jiang Henghu’s body, his blue eyes like the undulating ocean under the sun lurking in the bottom gazing him with full of love.

It was as if the stars and fireworks were all brightly lit up on the beach in the summer evening.

“Now let the two newlywed kiss.”

This sentence was originally supposed to ask the bridegroom to kiss the bride, but now it has been change by the priest to this.

With the warms applause, petals and ribbons flying around Jiang Hengshu stepped forward slightly lowering his head and gave a kiss on Fu Zhen’s lips and quickly separated.

And the wedding was completed, compared to Tang Wanwan’s wedding where the whole nation was watching, Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu’s was too simple.

What Fu Zhen did not know was that Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting still came in the end but did not appear in the place where he could see.

After the wedding they watched Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu left the church, they then walked out from the auditorium. Fu Jianchen was still looking at the direction where Fu Zhen left, in daze.

He remembered that the day of Tang Wanwan’s wedding he personally sent Tang Wanwan to Qin Zhao, he sat down and looked at the whole world immersed in happiness.

Then he had seen Fu Zhen leaving him, but at that time he still had a slight hope that maybe he and Xiao Zhen would still have a chance.

But in the end, it was only just a wishful thinking.

Madam Jiang came over from the side, Fu Jianchen then said to Madam Jiang.

“Many thanks.”

Madam Jiang had someone investigate on what happened to Fu Zhen in the past two years. She also knew that he was kidnapped by the Liu brothers and almost died.

When this happened, Fu Jianchen never thought of stopping them or helping Fu Zhen.

But seeing the grief and love on Fu Jianchen’s face did not seem to be fake, Madam Jiang felt very strange. He asked Fu Jianchen.

“I can see that you love Xiao Zhen very much now, but what about the past two years?”

Fu Jianchen moved his lips faced with Madam Jiang’s question but no words not even a word could be said.

All the explanations were feeble now, if they were wrong there were wrong. He has no chance to correct them, so Fu Jianchen could only shake his head and did not answer.

Madam Jiang no longer asked, it seems that Fu Jianchen doesn’t know that Fu Zhen was pregnant.

If he knows about it, he couldn’t be so calm now. Madam Jiang just nodded and turned to do other things.



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