Chapter 25

She already felt very unwell.

But as the gust of cold wind blew, Jian Liangchan sobered up a lot.

Was it because her relationship with the boss has become less tight recently that she become so lax? And dared to make this kind of treacherous act.

Jiang Liangchan asked composedly and dignifiedly.

“Cheng Feng what are you doing here?”

Chen Feng naturally replied.

“Today I have just been promoted to be your attendant. It is getting dark, so I have come to pick you up and return to your room.”

As he said this, he actually reached over to help her get off the carriage.

Jiang Liangchan was so scared that she almost lost her footing.

Chen Feng hang his hand in the air for quite a while and looked puzzlingly at her.

Jiang Liangchan took a deep breath and tried to smoothly take his hand to support her, she then took small steps to move down her body before going down the carriage.

Shen then slowly lifted her lotus root arm and gently place it on Chen Feng’ arm. She pointed out her toes and gracefully like a ballet dancer, move gently as she stepped on the ground steadily and elegantly.

Good, steady, steady.

That’s how it was played on TV no one could see she was panicking earlier.

I am so awesome me!!

With this wave of performance, Jiang Liangchan is stable again.

She gave herself a big thumbs up in her mind.

While Chen Feng gave her a subtle look.

Usually Jiang Liangchan was so arrogant making the people around her kneel on the ground. When she stepped out of the carriage someone must immediately help her get off. She would then arrogantly order them around.

She has the vitality of a young noblewoman.

However this time, he feels like he was holding an old woman in her eighties, who walked very slowly.

He don’t know what kind of trouble she had created again.

Chen Feng asked coldly.

“It’s so late, where have you been?”

Jiang Liangchan did not suspect nor doubt why Chen Feng asked her.

“I went to see the two children that we saved today, after all they suffered a lot of injuries during the day. I heard that injured people are prone to have fever at night, I just want to make sure and went to have a look.”

“They’re pretty good, no fever or aggravation and still able to play. It seems that there is nothing wrong with the body and you do not need to worry.”

Jiang Liangchan thought about it told him.

After all, it was the two of them who saved those two, so he must be also worried about it.

The corner of Chen Feng’s mouth were slightly raised, looking like a smile but it was actually more like a cold smile.

“What do I have to worry about, Young Miss you can rest assured.”

Jiang Liangchan always felt that he had a strange tone when he said this.

She glance back but his expression was not so detailed in the darkness she could only see the corner of his mouth was curved upwards.

Seeing this, she thought he was smiling. Just because Chen Feng would turn black in the future doesn’t mean he wasn’t a good person first. He was still the good young man.

Because of these thinking, Jiang Liangchan was very embarrassed with her initial thinking about Chen Feng, so she give him a sincere smile.

When Cheng saw it, he also smiled sincerely back at her. Both the master and the servant met happily and the atmosphere was very friendly and harmonious.

But in darkness, Chen Feng was actually sneering blatantly.

Especially when looking at the lively back of Jiang Liangchan after smiling big like that. As if letting go of some worry, she lively run back to her room.

After initially beating him half to death and dragging him back to her mansion, Jiang Liangchan only asked people to give him some medicine that would not leave some scars so as to not affect her appreciation of his beauty.

And that night, he was injured they didn’t give him some food to eat but she, Jiang Liangchan came instead.

After coming to his room, she did not asked a word about his injury nor did she asked a word if he had eaten or was he in pain. She just hold his chin and unsuspecting measured his face, and as if very satisfied she pushed him to the bed.

She pressed right onto his wound, making it burst open dripping with blood.

What did Jiang Liangchan say at that time?


“Oops, the clothes and mattress are now dyed red, but look at this, your face smudge with scarlet red really look good looking ah, after all scarlet is a test for beauty. You really are a beauty ah.. I am really lucky, I’ll asked people to make more red clothes for you.”

That day Chen Feng’s injury was worsen several time making her leave him first.

Eventually no one came to remember to bring him dinner, no one came to see him worrying about his injuries if it was worsen or if he would get fever at night.

Ha Ha.

Chen Feng looked Jian Liangchang’s happy back, and the coldness on the corner of his mouth became more and more obvious.

It seems that her concern this time were real.

She didn’t even eat dinner and just ran to see people.

Worrying about people having a fever at night.

Seeing that they were okay with their injuries, she was too happy and couldn’t help but share her joy to her attendants.

Even smiling like a bloomed flower.

She was probably scared of other seeing her true colors, and wanting to be better in front of them so that she would be more likable, so she was also pretending in the inn, right?

She was really unskilled in showing how dignified and prudent she was—she just carried it way too far.

So when she came back and got out of the carriage she looked like an old pervert lady.


It was so obvious.


TL: I smell jealousy here, the smell is so strong!! (╯✧∇✧)


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