GTKWF 25.2

Translator: Dorkzilla

Editor: Kyoun15


Don’t be greedy (2)

After a while, Le Xiao shouted from below: “Qiao Qiao, your lawyer is here!”

Sheng Qiao rushed downstairs.

Qiao Yu was wearing a suit and standing tall at the door, looking around. He looked good in formal clothes and his aura was strong at a glance.

Netizens who were watching the broadcast asked:

[Who is this beautiful brother?]

[The temptation of the uniform, comrades! This suit looks absolutely amazing!]

[Sheng Qiao’s lawyer looks so handsome!]

[Have you never heard about him? His name is Qiao Yu, he is like a celebrity in the legal world.]

[He has never lost a case! Sheng Qiao’s lawsuit is settled.]

[Qiao Yu is so expensive, Sheng Qiao must have ruined herself to hire him.]

[I want to give money to Qiaoqiao.]

Sheng Qiao had not seen Qiao Yu in a while and was very happy to see him and almost called him “brother” out loud. Quao Yu looked at the cameras around and was a little uncomfortable. He took the documents from his briefcase: “I need you to sign here and here.”

Sheng Qiao did not even look at it and signed her name twice. Qiao Yu collected back the file and said: “Then I will go first.”

“Wait.” Sheng Qiao poured him a cup of hot water. “Did you eat before coming? Are you hungry?”

Qiao Yu: “It’s alright, I can eat when I get home.”

Sheng Qiao turned around and took three freshly made rice balls from the steamer in the kitchen. After packing them, she handed them to him: “Eat on the road. Don’t drive too fast, you came here so quickly, are you racing again?”

Qiao Yu stared at her and she realized she had said too much. She quickly changed the subject: “By the way, we need your help with a task.”

After she told her about Huo Xi’s mission, Qiao Yu agreed immediately and greeted Huo Xi when he saw him.

“We meet again.”

Huo Xi nodded and smiled then glanced at Sheng Qiao next to him. If he remembered correctly, the first time he had seen her was in his residence was with Qiao Yu.

Sheng Qiao did not pay attention to Huo Xi’s probing eyes and helped her idol complete the task. She then sent Qiao Yu out and instructed: “Drive carefully.”

Qiao Yu loved racing and she would often scold him for this in the past.

He waved his hand to indicate he knew, got into his car and left. Sheng Qiao looked at the car disappear before turning back to the house.

The experienced eyes of netizens quickly found some clues.

[I feel like there is something between Sheng Qiao and that lawyer.]

[Their tone was too intimate.]

[Could it be that they are dating?]

[Qiao Yu graduated from the University of London, is an elite in the legal world and has a good family background. How can he like her?]

[He has eyes, doesn’t he?]

[It feels like it’s just Sheng Qiao’s wishful thinking.]

[What do you know?]

[Isn’t the important thing the fact that Sheng Qiao had a new show to record?]

[I thought {Challenge around the world} had stopped.]

[I think this is the last season. The previous one was very confusing and the guests did not stick around.]

[The production used to toy around with their guests too much, nobody is willing to go anymore.]

[Her agency must be planning on killing her.]

[ooooooooooooooooooh hurry and terminate the contract!]

Once again, the barrage was very noisy and Fang Bai arrived soon. He collected Sheng Qiao’s bag and when he went back downstairs, Le Xiao was wearing an apron and holding a kitchen knife. She stood in front of the kitchen and said to him with an angry expression: “Qiaoqiao just came back from the hospital. Take good care of her and don’t let the show bully her!”

Fang Bai: ???

Mom, the first love of the nation just threatened me with a kitchen knife.

Sheng Qiao said a few words to her and glanced at Huo Xi.

“Then, I’m leaving.”

He nodded: “Safe journey.”

She walked to the door and changed her shoes, still looking at him secretly. After staying together for a few days, she was reluctant to leave. Oh, Qiao Qiao, why have you become so greedy?

She could not be greedy for her idol, she just couldn’t.

She retracted her gaze, stood up and clapped her hands before smiling at Fang Bai: “Let’s go!”

After getting in the car, Sheng Qiao searched for {Challenge around the world} on her phone. It was a variety show about competition and challenge and the ratings of the first season had actually been very good. The program team had used high risk challenges to attract many viewers.

But soon, the high risk selling point had been boycotted by the fans of the guests. No one had wanted to see their idols participate in such a dangerous show. After all, some accidents had been unavoidable.

So the program had reduced the danger of the tasks but had started to toss the guests around for fun. It was common to have no food nor sleep and while nobody understood which idiot had planned this show, nobody wanted to see the shining stars being tortured on TV.

The third season had been exhausting and not only nobody was willing to go, the audience was visually tired. If the first few seasons had invited small flowers and second tier actors, this season could only afford internet celebrities.

After half an hour, the car arrived at the airport. Sheng Qiao put on her mask before getting out and Fang Bai followed her with her bag. She was still looking at her phone when she heard excited shouts: “Qiaoqiao!”

Sheng Qiao looked up and saw seven or eight girls standing in the waiting hall with a banner. When they saw her, they gathered around with enthusiasm.

Sheng Qiao looked at the photo of herself and the shining silver letters that said “Fighting, Qiaoqiao” and was stunned.

Did she have fans?

Did she have fans sending her off?



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