Chapter 21

According to Lisa’s report, during the period when Madam Fu left the city, her popularity made a qualitative leap. The noblewomen and ladies in the city seem to suddenly realize her importance.

Lisa was busy answering all kinds of invitation cards and greeting while Madam Fu was gone.

“I’ve been too popular recently, ah.. it’s a sweet burden to be loved.”

Jian Ruixi sighed.

In fact it was not just Lisa, she had also already felt a wave of enthusiasm from her friends in the circle. One of her friends was celebrating her birthday today, and the other was having a theme party, they were all asking her to go back to Hong Kong.

However most of the people who would wanted to have a chat with Madam Fu and wanted to be friend her were of comparable family back grounds and who were same age with her but were not courteous to her before.

Jian Ruixi’s words also indirectly affirmed Lisa’s recent ‘hard work’.

Though Lisa was happy that her work was being recognized, but as of the moment she was more surprise and uncomfortable than happy.

The Madam was not just a little lively but too lively, she was mentally prepared before she saw the Madam, as she could see some changes on her posts but she still couldn’t accept a humorous, lovely and even narcissistic boss.

But as a wage earner, she should be the one trying to keep up with her boss rather than having her accommodate her in turn.

Lisa tried very hard to match her boss’s humor.

“It seems that after a trip to the capital, madam’s charm has soared.”

After laughing, Lisa asked casually.

“By the way, there will be a party at Amy’s home in the evening, since the Madam is back in Hong Kong today, are you interested in attending?”

Amy was the daughter-in-law of a Hong Kong Jewelry tycoon, she was similar age to Madam Fu both have studied in England and they have more in common.

And because they were in good terms and was best friends, Lisa thought that Madam Fu would give her best friend a face.

Right now it was only three or four hours before the party so if the Madam was interested she had to hurry up and get ready.

However unexpectedly, Jian Ruixi shook her head.

“I’ve already apologized to Amy. I haven’t visited my parents since I came back so I won’t go the party this evening.”

Then there is no need to prepare in a hurry.

Lisa breathed a sigh of relief subconsciously, and when she realized what else Madam Fu has said, she suddenly asked in one breathed.

“You mean to say you want to visit the Old Madam?”

If Madam Fu was talking about her parents, she wouldn’t be using the words “visit.”

Jian Ruixi looked at her elite secretary who had been calm the whole conversation but was now had a surprise look, who look liked she was too scared to the old residence of the Fu family. So Jian Ruixi helplessly laughed.

“No need to be anxious, first send me home to rest, go back. I’ll have dinner together with Mom and Dad.”

Lisa looked back at her boss, although she was still radiating she had just finished a long hour travel in the airplane but still needed to meet with her parents, so should she have a good rest first right?

She nodded and said


What Lisa didn’t know was that Jian Ruixi was just bold, she was not just saving her energy to meet her in-laws but to was ready to rob them—oh no, it should not be rob but persuade.

She was ready to persuade her mother-in-law to let her take care of Jayce over for two days. And Jian Ruixi knows that this should be a very challenging battle.

When Jian Ruixi returned home, she need to rest and for her visit in the mansion. She slept an hour and then set off in high spirit.

She did not deliberately notify the old mansion in advance because she felt that her face was not that big yet, and if her wealthy father-in-law and mother-in-law had arrangement, would they still stay at home specifically for her?

It’s better to be a low little profile. Jian Ruixi got up before she called Old Madam Fu.

“Mom…..yes, I just came back this afternoon… are you home alone this evening? I’m going over to accompany you for dinner……”

Perhaps because Madam Fu has never been too attentive before, so when she just returned from the capital she immediately intended to visit her in-law making her look like some caring daughter-inn-law model, Old Madam Fu was also rarely pleasant so she told Jian Ruixi to drive slowly and pay attention to safety on the road.

Jian Ruixi of course responded appropriately like a good daughter-in-law. In her memory this was the first that Madam Fu’s mother-in-law showed affection.

So after hanging up the phone Jian Ruixi also showed a surprised expression on her face. The wealthy mother-in-law doesn’t seemed to be that unkind, maybe the  few years of flattery has bared fruit.

Flatter and her new plan of ripping off her mother-in-law was all both tiring.

After the phone call, Jian Ruixi did not do much and just went directly the Fu residence before the rush hour.


When the phone call was made, Old Madam Fu was actually out shopping. Knowing her daughter-in-law was coming for dinner, she didn’t go home early. Instead she let Jian Ruixi wait for her for half an hour at home.

But Jian Ruixi wasn’t idle either, as soon as she came in the housekeeper told her.

“Old Master Fu won’t be home for dinner tonight and Old Madam Fu was still outside. The Young Master is practicing with his teacher. Since Madam is tired why not go to the bedroom to rest first?”

Madam Fu doesn’t have an exclusive room in the old mansion, but since she married her now husband, Fu Shiyuan’s room was also hers’.

Madam Fu used to use live in his room during the month of her pregnancy, so she was also quite familiar.

But contrary to the housekeeper’s expectation, Jian Ruixi smiled and asked.

“Is Jayce practicing piano, where is it? I’ll go over to see? Maybe I can even coach him.”

Madam Fu majored in piano when she was in college. After her debut Jian Ruixi was forced to work hard on learning the piano in order to have at least a talent she could use.

She may not be proficient enough but it should be enough to teach a child—this was what Jian Ruixi thought so when she went to the piano room together with the housekeeper, she was full of confidence.

Now, outside the glass door she was listening to the housekeeper introducing who the teacher was and the titles of the song the piano teacher was teaching her child, Jian Ruixi was shocked in silence.

She wouldn’t dare to show her little skills here at all.

As one of the top young pianist in China, he was not busy with all kinds of world performance as everyone else, but has the leisure to come to her home to be the family music teacher of her child.

Jian Ruixi has know understanding of how wayward and capricious rich people was.

After the housekeeper finished the introduction, he smiled reservedly and said.

“Madam in order not the interrupt the young master’s practice please don’t knock and just go in.”

If she was an ordinary person she may have left by now but her brain circuit was different from that of ordinary people. He was her son, what should she be ashamed of?

She not only entered, she was holding her head high but she also confidently opened the door under the housekeeper’s gaze.

She also moved a chair and sat down behind the child as she happily admire the child’s smooth piano music and even applauded superbly at the end of the song, saying.

“My baby played so well!”

“Mommy teacher Evan is still here.”

Jayce’s face was slightly red as she looked as his piano teacher who had been teaching him piano for two years.

He thinks he was not a child who needs encouragement to practice piano in front of his teacher, nor was he need her mommy to coax him, so he was more or less a little embarrassed.

Jian Ruixi did not expect her son would be so funny and cuter in person. He small but at the same time big eyes were coquettishly blushing.

Don’t be too cute!

Jian Ruixi could not help but look at the child more, if there were no outsiders she would have kneaded the steamed looking stuffed buns of her son’s face.

However in front of her son’s teacher she still wanted to maintain the beautiful image of Madam Fu. She nodded while smiling.

“Ok, let’s listen to what teacher Evan will say.”



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