Chapter 34

Lu Yunchen got out of the car first and blocked Shen Yan, he was tall and uprightly standing in front of Shen Yan.

The street light gave him a long shadow, as he came closer to Shen Yan and whispered.

“I am one of the judge for Xianlu’s audition.”

Shen Yan was stunned for a moment, she hadn’t watched the any audition show of Xianlu before but she was sure there was no Lu Yunchen among the judges, so was this person swindling her?

Looking at Shen Yan’s expression, Lu Yunchen looked faintly pleased.

Frowning slightly, Shen Yan asked rhetorically.

“You’re the judge, so what.”

Lu Yunchen pulled out a smile.

“How about you bribe me?”

Without waiting for Shen Yan to answer, he said again.

“For example, not being a black fan?”

Shen Yan said seriously.

“We black fans have professional ethics.”

Having said that, she continue walking.

Assistant Wu opened the door but Meng Yi’an hasn’t got out of the car as they saw Shen Yan and Lu Yunchen were talking in a relatively low voice so they couldn’t hear what they were talking about at all.

They could only see that two of them had an intimate posture.

Assistant Wu took a look at Meng Yi’an and quickly withdrew his gaze.

Meng Yi’an’s hands were bulging with veins clearly visible but his face was expressionless.

“Go to the hotel.”

Assistant Wu without any delay closed the door and ran into the driver’s seat.

Lu Yunchen also got into the car, seeing his face his agent asked.

“You seem to be very happy?”

Nestled in the seat, Lu Yunchen said.

“Mm, it’s quite fun. She was obviously not as simple as I think, she was just pretending to be calm and clear about everything.”


On the table in front was the information of the candidate who would participate in the Xianlu audition, and of one of them was Shen Yan’s. The information on the table written about this artist stopped at this page.

After a quick glance, Lu Yunchen then continued to look down.

Lu Yunchen’s agent thought about it and said.

“I don’t know what the strength is, but it looks like she has great potential. If there is a good role to play and the agent could give it to her, she can definitely mix well in the entertainment industry.”

On the other hand when Meng Yi’an arrived at the private room, and everyone was full of smiles welcoming him one after another.

There were only two seats left on the whole table, one for the master and the other for his assistant, besides that there were no more space nor vacant seat at the table.

Everyone got up while Director Wu walked directly walked towards Meng Yi’an.

“President Meng thank you very much for coming over to our party ah.”

After sitting down, Meng Yi’an’s assistant, Assistant Wu also wanted to sit down but Meng Yi’an looked at him.

Assistant Wu was also staring at Meng Yi’an at loss of words. Assistant Wu was also still considered a good and competent human being, except for the first few times on the matter of Shen Yan.

Assistant Wu thought really hard and it came dawned to him so he hurriedly said.

“President Meng, I haven’t finished the work you explained to me. I’ll go first.”

Meng Yi’an slightly nodded.

When he went out, Assistant Wu said to himself.

“Did I get the wrong idea, or not?”

Anyway, what Meng Yi’an was doing now was because of Shen Yan, whether it was because he hated Shen Yan or still likes Shen Yan.

After thinking a few more times, Assistant Wu doesn’t want to speculate on Meng Yi’an’s thoughts, so he just sat in the car and played with his phone, waiting for Meng Yi’an to come out.

Shen Yan arrived at the hotel where the party was held, she slowly looked for the private room number 888 and pushed the door open, and walked in.

Looking at the crowd in front of her, Shen Yan checked at the time. There were still more than ten minutes before the agreed gathering time, how come everyone had arrived.

Also there was only one empty seat left on the table and coincidentally it was right next to Meng Yi’an.

Generally many of the people inside the room were thinking of showing up at the end of the dinner but tonight was different, Meng Yi’an was joining them.

So many people, were waiting for Meng Yi’an in advance.

The private room quietened down, all gaze where on Shen Yan.

Now the question was whether to sit directly next to Meng Yi’an or go out. Shen Yan quickly thought for a moment before indifferently say.

“Sorry, I went to the wrong room.”

After saying that she retreated and closed the door of the private room.



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