The Entertainment Circle is Mine Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

Xu Zhixing gave up her meal and excitedly took out her phone and was thinking of downloading the APP, but suddenly reacted that there was no APP yet.

Only the web browser and the slowly rotating 3G.

She could only patiently tap open the web page first, find the official website of Zhongtian and then registered an account.

The ID she used in her last life was called ‘picking up the stars from the sky for you’, which she continued to use at this time. She couldn’t wait to search for Cen Feng’s after registering successfully.

One search and there it was.

The name of the blog was “Cen Feng” and the avatar was also his picture. She zoom it and saw that it was a picture of him dancing in the practice room wearing a black undershirt with a hat.

He had a tall, thin but strong body, beautiful arms, and sharp jaws with bead of sweat on them.

He was looking at the ground, his collarbones caged in shadow, snaking all the way down his back undershirt as the whole person appears to be full of tension and desire.

Xu Zhixing almost had nosebleed on the spot.

What’s going on?! When was this picture taken? How come she has never seen it before?!

My brother should still be underage at this time!

This is stimulating!

Cen Feng later on his debut took a gentle persona and was very conservative in his dress. On the contrary, Yin Chang who was the leader and C-position took the cool persona and from time to time would show an abdominal muscle to send benefits.

Previously at that time, a group of fans jokingly asked Cen Feng if he was wearing all the clothes of his teammates on himself.

The difference was too big and contrast.

After the S-star debut, the previous blogs were all written off and when Xu Zhixing went to follow Cen Feng there was already only Weibo and INS.

These are exclusive photos!

Download them and save them!

Xu Zhixing held the phone for the whole five minutes before she was relieved, and looked around furtively.

Good, no one found out!

Her baby was still hers alone for now!

After sending some flowery comments she hurriedly click on the home page of her idol’s blog.

The latest blog post was more than half a year old, the title was “Eating Dinner.” And the content of the blog post was only a photo of a few small cats on the edge of the flower bed eating cat food in a bowl.

It should be around afternoon as the dusk slowly envelops and the light turned hazy. The flowerbed greenery was in full bloom and the sunset rays were passing through the gaps of the branches and leaves reflecting the thin shadow on the ground.

Further on, there were also some photos and records of his regular training. The earliest one he posted was two years ago, were he took a picture of the practice building and wrote, “New Beginning.”

There were very few comments below, only some passers-by passing by and left a sentence or two.

Two years ago, when he first signed up as a trainee, he came alone to a strange city with apprehension but with hope, believing that the future would be better.

Xu Zhixing at first was still obsessed with these photos, but when she saw them, she only felt sadness.

Such a sweet and enthusiastic teenager that had vision and expectation for the future and even had the heart to feed stray cats in the evening night. What did he go through to become cold and withdrawn person she saw not long ago in just two years?

She could not wait to give birth to a pair of wings right now and fly to B city to save that person from that purgatory.

Xu Zhixing couldn’t eat anymore, she also refused Chen You’s invitation to go back to class with them.

She ran alone back to the basketball court and took out her phone to call Xu Yan.

Xu Yan was busy as the new company was newly established and running, so after a full three minutes before someone picked her call up.

Just by hearing the background voices and noise, she could really determine how busy he was.

“Zhixing, what is it?”

Xu Zhixing was afraid of delaying him so she hurriedly asked.

“Brother, did you go ask Cen Feng? The name that I crossed out with a read pen on the last page of the planning book, did you go to him? Did he promise to sign in Chen Xing?”

Xu Yan instructed two sentenced with his assistant before walking a little further away with his phone, his voice was now clear.

“I sent someone to go, he does not want to.”

Xu Zhixing was stunned.

“Sent someone? You didn’t go ah?”

Xu Yan laughed.

“I don’t have time so I asked my assistant to go.”

Xu Zhixing said anxiously.

“That… that what did he said ah? Why didn’t he agree to sign ah? Is it the contract he has a problem with ah?”

After a pause on the other end of the line, Xu Yan’s tone was inquisitive.

“You know this Cen Feng well? You’re so concerned about him.”

“I’m not… don’t want the company to lose such a good seedling. Did your Assistant tell you that he is not super handsome and sings super well?”

Xu Yan smiled, he doesn’t know if she had recognized her perfunctory attitude but he did not break it down to her.

“Cen Feng is a good seedling but his attitude is very repulsive. The assistant came back to tell me that after he explained the situation the other party returned to him with two words “not signing”. No matter how much he persuaded him, no other words came out to his mouth.”

Although Xu Zhixing has long expected this situation, but when she read Cen Feng’s blog, and learned more directly about his changes over the past two years she couldn’t wait for a moment.


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