Chapter 33

At Zhou Ruo’s office.

“I have already signed up for your audition in Xianxia. You really know how to choose your work ah.”

After a paused she said.

“The male lead seems to be Lu Yunchen but there is no official announcement yet but as long as Lu Yunchen is in this drama, it will definitely be popular.”

“Lu Yunchen?”

Shen Yan was surprised, the male lean in her previous life was not Lu Yunchen.

Could it be that the original male lead who didn’t take the role was Lu Yunchen?

Xianlu was very popular at that time, and it could be said that it was a hit TV series. The male lead was a newcomer and the female lead was a famous female celebrity.

Although some other roles were cast out, but there was some small roles that made some traffic through their supporting roles.

At that time it was said that the new male lead was the son of the director of Xianlu. It was said that the director wanted to promote him.

But later someone from the crew said that he was able to act as the male lead was only because the original male lead refused the offer so the director temporarily found a substitute.

So the male lead that they failed to negotiate is Lu Yunchen?

Soon Shen Yan asked.

“Did Lu Yunchen sign a contract with Xianlu?”

“Did not sign the contract yet I think, because it was rumored that Lu Yunchen will be the male lead but I don’t know the rest.”

That may be the same as in her previous life, Lu Yunchen would still not act on this drama. So Shen Yan does not have to cooperate with Lu Yunchen.

Besides it was not sure if Shen Yan could participate in the drama, so she did not think too much about it.

Shen Yan breathed a sigh of relief before she said.

“When will the audition casting start?”

“Audition casting starts in ten days, using a broadcast. I think this will be used halfway through the show which would use to increase the popularity. So we need to work on this, even if we don’t get the main role, it’s still okay if you could get the supporting role.”

Xianlu was based on a novel which many supporting characters that has many fans. So Shen Yan could still gain some fans as long as she stars in one of them.

“Had we known this, we wouldn’t have let Zheng Rou know.”

Shen Yan did not answer, she believed more in her strength.

Life Together would start filming before Xialu auditions stars, that’s why Zheng Ruo said that the two schedule would not conflict.

Also even if the Life Together started filming already, Xianlu has once a week audition draft and the audition was only held in the capital and so was the shooting for Life Together.

Now for Zhou Ruo, Shen Yan was good seedling so she personally followed Shen Yan to the press conference of Life Together.

Plus Director Wu has a good reputation in the circle so she wanted to extend her network with him, so if there would be auditions in the future she could get the news right away.

Because it was a modern drama, it has easier and has more comfortable style of clothing.

After finishing the styling, Shen Yan was waiting for the press conference to start. While waiting, Shen Yan was thinking of all her parts, if added together she could be killed within a week.

After all, this TV series was all about the three couples, how could she have many screen time as a supporting character?

Soon the press conference was started, Shen Yan followed in the back and would do whatever others did.

During the question session, Shen Yan was simply seating on one of the seats and no reporters asked her any questions.

Several of those present at the audition that day looked at Shen Yan for a moment as they all thought that the audition experience they has was more—legendary.

After the press conference, Shen Yan went directly to the set. Although she had only one scene today, she wanted to see how other people acted in the set.

“Tonight we will have a dinner with the Life Together crew. You can probably get the table with the director and the main cast, I still have things to do over there so I won’t accompany you. Also let’s wait for Chen Fei to air before you get an assistant.”

“Let’s talk about it later, and finding an assistant can wait when we meet the right one.”

Shooting a star studded TV series was different from the web series, director Wu was sterner and would yell at people when they act incorrectly.

Several female artist in the entertainment industry with high reputation in the entertainment circle were all yelled by director Wu.

Soon it was time for Shen Yan to act, the scene was one of the male lead playing as Shen Yan’s brother. The two said hello and began to act.

The good thing was that the two people have good acting skills so the scene was over immediately. After the scene was finished Shen Yan went back to the hotel and waited for the evening crew dinner.

This time Shen Yan was still in a two people room, but it was in a five-star hotel room now.

In the same room with Shen Yan was also a newcomer named Chen Yu.

As soon as Shen Yan returned to the room, she excitedly pulled Shen Yan’s sleeve.

“Lu Yunchen is also in this area, filming ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Shen Yan: “…..”

“And there are fans visiting today, let’s go visit too. We can mix in with the fans and visit together.”

Chen Yu said, pacing in place.

“I need to change my clothes.”

When Chen Yu was looking for clothes, she also takes out Lu Yunchen’s picture and her present from her suitcase. She doesn’t look like she’s coming to shoot a film but more like she’s coming to pursue star.

“You entered the entertainment industry for Lu Yunchen?”

“Yes ah, I know many actress who entered the entertainment industry for Lu Yunchen.”

After thinking for a while, Shen Yan said.

“I don’t follow stars, I won’t go with you.”

At the same time, Chen Yu was busy preparing the gifts and pictures she wanted to give to Lu Yunchen forgot some of her things after hearing what Shen Yan said as she rushed her way to Lu Yunchen’s place.

Shen Yan as a fake black fan was a bit tempted to change room.

Chen Yu who went to visit the Lu Yunchen has not returned yet, she was probably still waiting there or was with other fans talking about how to catch up with the star.

Shen Yan received a phone call from Zhou Ruo, reminding her about the dinner party. After talking Shen Yan simply changes her clothes and goes out for the dinner party.

By this time, it was already somewhat dark and the streetlight outside were lit up in a row.

The gathering place was not far from the hotel, so Shen Yan simply walked there slowly as she quite disliked the gathering.

A nanny car passed by Shen Yan followed by another luxurious limousine.

Lu Yunchen’s agent who was originally talking to Lu Yucnhen’s fan saw Shen Yan. He hurriedly said to Lu Yunchen.

“Yunchen you’re black fan!”

At the call, Lu Yunchen who was reading the script looked outside as he said.

“Stop the car.”

At the same time, on Meng Yi’an car he said in a cold voice.

“Stop the car.”



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