Chapter 21

During the afternoon tea time, Linda brought out a mousse cake she made at home to share, which was the result of her learning at home for many days and scrapping many ingredients.

When her best friend Chen Xiaomei ate the mousse cake she made, Chen Xiaomei praised her for making it so delicious that it was better than the ones sold in dessert stores.

And her colleagues in the office couldn’t also stop praising Linda’s mousse cake and complimented her on her handiness.

“Linda, your hands are so skillful, this mousse cake is so delicious.”

“How did you make this? It’s so delicious!”

“If you open a store, I’m sure the business would be good!”

“And then putting on an advertisement on top of X-Yin, it’s guaranteed to become a sought-after internet sensation.”

Linda smiled modestly.

“I just do it casually, it is not as good as you say. But if you like to eat, I will make something else to bring next time.”

“Linda, what else can you do?”

“Strawberry pudding, Butterscotch cookies, durian..”

“Wow Linda, you’re awesome. You can make so many delicious food, really awesome!”

The more she listens to the compliment of her colleagues, the more she feels that she was really competent and very popular with her colleagues.

Although what she just said earlier were the flavors she couldn’t do for the time being but once she goes home, she would surely learn them and could cook them well soon.

When the time comes, she could bring them to her colleagues to eat and would still praise her as usual.

Linda was so happy that she took the rest of the small box of mousse cake and made another cup of coffee and knocked on Xu Yanwen’s office door.

Xu Yanwen who just finished a video conference closed his computer and said.

“Please come in.”

Linda reached out and twisted the door handle, walked in with the coffee and mousse cake. She smiled and said in a soft voice.

“President Xu, you’ve work hard, have a cup of afternoon coffee.”

The eyes behind the rimless glasses flashed a cold light. Xu Yanwen leaned back on the chair behind him and said faintly.

“I seem to remember that I did not order an afternoon coffee.”

She didn’t expect Xu Yanwen to say that, Linda’s face that was plastered with smile stiffened. There was a paused before reorganizing her thoughts.

“I see that you are working too hard, and didn’t have time to relax, so I want  you to drink some afternoon coffee with dessert and relax a little, after all body is the most important.”

Xu Yanwen faintly said “Oh.” Gazing lightly at her not saying to put it on the table nor did he say he don’t want to eat it.

Linda was looking at him, inwardly giving birth to the idea that they must have hope and hurriedly added.

“I made the Mousse cake myself. You can’t buy it on any bakeshop outside, everyone said it tasted good. Give it a try President Xu.”

The corner of Xu Yanwen’s mouth turned down and in the midst of Linda’s expectant and delighted gaze, he unceremoniously refused.

“Sorry, I don’t like desserts.”

Linda’s hand holding the coffee and the mousse cake froze and almost spilled the coffee in his desk.

Retracting his eyes on Linda, Xu Yanwen raised his wrist to check the time, then stood up and said.

“Excuse me, I have to go out soon, so I won’t drink the coffee.”

The Linda who was rejected: “….”

Xu Yanwen picked up his phone and car keys that were on his desk and walked around it to go outside.

Linda naturally could no longer stay in the president’s office, and could only follow behind Xu Yanwen walking out of the office while holding the coffee and the mousse cake.

A colleague who saw Linda going to the president’s office earlier and now seeing her bringing back the coffee and mousse cake in their original form instantly understood what was going on.

When the colleagues saw that, she immediately picked her phone and chatted in their office’s group chat.

[Hahaha, the new secretary from our department really thought that she was as beautiful as a fairy. He went to President Xu every time she could a chance. But who is President Xu? Is she someone who can just hook up with him?]

Immediately, someone asked.

[What’s going on? What’s going on? Tell us!]

[Hahahaha laughing to death. What’s the identity of President Xu? How can President Xu appreciate the dessert she made!]

[Yeah, yeah, she’s funny!]

[President Xu is an alumni from a university. In that university she has a professor uncle, so she entered the company through this relationship. How can this affect her relationship with President Xu?]

[2333, uncle not father, and her family conditions are just average!]

[You did not see the dress she was wearing, the price is not cheap oh!]

[She just used the Alipay to buy it, just to fill her ego!]

[How did you know?]

[I saw it accidentally!]

Inside the group chat a lot of the chatter all mocked Linda for what she had done.


Xue Jiayue who was staying at home for a few days to draw design saw that the result was not that bad, but that was because no one commented on it. She just drew according to her own ideas and do not know if it was in line with today’s fashion.

Thinking that when Xu Yanwen came back she could just asked him to take a look and give her some advice.

When making dinner, Xue Jiayue thought she was the only one eating, so the dinner was made very simple. Only a bowl of egg fried rice with seaweed soup.

When the meal was served, and as Xue Jiayue was just setting down preparing to eat, Xu Yanwen came home.

Xue Jiayue didn’t expect him to come back at this time, so she had to put down her chopsticks and asked.

“Have you eaten dinner yet?”

Xu Yanwen changed his shoes at the door and walked over. He saw the fried rice with eggs in front of her, the golden eggs were wrapped in white rice grains sprinkled a handful of green scallions on it.

It really smelled delicious, his adam’s apple rolled up and down involuntarily and said.

“Not yet.”

Knowing that the big president hasn’t eaten yet, Xue Jiayue couldn’t just ignore him and not seeing him in a few days after receiving the big pocket money she should still make another egg fried rice for him to pay back the living expenses.

But her food was not for free, there must be an exchange!



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