The Entertainment Circle is Mine Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

When she went to bed at night, Mother Xu recalled her daughter’s performance over and over again. She couldn’t help poking Father Xu ho was reading the newspaper.

“Do you feel that Zhixing is different now?”

Father Xu absent-mindedly answered.

“How is she different, as a matter of fact she was very good.”

Mother Xu pondered.

“I have not seen her brain loaded with so many ideas before ah? Mm, she seems to have grown up all of a sudden, have you noticed? Sometimes she talks and acts like a little adult.”

Father Xu put the newspaper aside.

“Isn’t that good? It saves you from worrying every day. My daughter is just like me, smart and excellent.”

Mother Xu pinched him.

“Look, look, what’s the use of reading so much! You still don’t know anything! Today if it weren’t for your daughter, you wouldn’t know how far you’ve been led by the nose by your second brother! You always say let it be, you think it would be over if you just let it be!”

In the end, mothers were always attentive and perceptive with changes of their child. Mother Xu immediately notices Xu Zhixing’s changes, her heart was not prepared but she was still happy at the moment and finally made up her mind.

“Starting next week, I will double my daughter’s allowance!”

Xu Zhixing who knew nothing about all of this, slept peacefully. The next day she happily went to school with her school bag on her back.

At the end of morning study, the school held a flag raising ceremony and a regular Monday briefing.

When the sleepy Xu Zhixing heard the head teacher spitefully informed the named of several truants.

“The most notorious student, Zhou Mingyu! For skipping school for a week, a major demerit! I hope these students will reflect on what they should and should not do as high school students!”

Xu Zhixing’s drowsiness were gone, she hurriedly pulled Cheng You who was next to her.

“Why did Zhou Mingyu skip for so long ah!”

Cheng You who was also sleepy, sleepily replied.

“Didn’t I told you he skips classes every day to go to another schools and find Cen Feng.”

Xu Zhixing was anxious.

“Why is he still looking for him? I thought it would be over in a day or two!”

Cheng You weakly said.

“Didn’t he say that he would never stop until he found him ah. But hey he has the spirit, how good it is to use in study.”

Xu Zhixing was simply convinced.

That person is sick? Isn’t he?

She remembered that because she was good at her study, Zhou Mingyu change his bad habits and began to concentrate on his study more.

Although the second year of high school was divided with arts and science, he wass still able to pass his desired studies and on the final college entrance examination Zhou Mingyu was even admitted to a 211 university1.

But the way things were going, he won’t be able to get into 211.

Once she was able to do it all over again, Xi Zhixing only wanted those who were hurt to live a better life, but she does not want that those who had a good life would fall.

After thinking about it, Xu Zhixing decided to talk to Zhou Mingyu.

After school at noon, she declined Cheng You’s invitation to go the cafeteria and went straight to Zhou Mingyu’s classroom.

When she arrived, she saw the poor student at the bottom of the grade, sitting in the last row and playing with his friends.

Xu Zhixing stood at the door and shouted.

“Zhou Mingyu! Come out!”

Zhou Mingyu looked up and when he saw that it was her, his eyes lit up and then darkened instantly. His face also change as he looked annoyed, it was if to say to her.

I used to love you but now I can’t afford it!

Xu Zhixing was exasperated by the boy’s childish actions. She walked straight over and asked him.

“What are you doing skipping classes?”

His packed of rouges friends immediately started to jeer, and Zhou Mingyu was so proud as he looked at her with his nostrils wide.

“What’s your business?”

Young boys of this age are really too rebellious.

Xu Zhixing was starting to have a headache. She took a deep breath and said.

“What do you really want to do? Did I not tell you clearly enough? You will only harm yourself if you continue like this.”

Zhou Minggyu clenched his teeth tightly as if he had been wronged and suffered a great grievances, he said fiercely.

“You said it very clearly! You just said it too clearly! So I’m going to find that person, I’m going to find him and see where am I inferior to him!”

Xu Zhixing wanted to laugh and hit someone.

“Who? Cen Feng?”

Zhou Mingyu lifted his chin and did not speak.

Xu Zhixing sighed.

“I’m not with him, I’ll never be with him in this life.”

Zhou Mingyi froze for a moment, like he didn’t understand what she was saying, but his head slowly lowered and his widened his nostrils deflated.

Xu Zhixing looked at him in the eyes.

“I won’t be with him, and I won’t be with you either. Because I just want to study hard and get into good university, do you understand?”

Zhou Mingyu was still frozen.

Xu Zhixing thought.

This child is good looking but how is his brain not good.

She patted his arm and said again.

“That’s all I have to say, think about it. Fifteen years old is not young anymore, don’t do wrong things in the heat of the moment, or it will be too late to regret it.”

After saying that, she turned around and left.

Until she walked out of the classroom door, Zhou Mingyu only to react by scratching his head, looking around at this rogue friends and mumbled.

“She speaks like my mother oh.”

His rogue friends: “…….”

So what the hell are doing chasing her for half of the semester? Why don’t you go back to chase your mother instead?

After admonishing Zhou Mingyu, Xu Zhixing went to the cafeteria to eat. While carrying her plate to find a seat she hears Cheng You and a group of girls screaming from a far.

“Really? Did Zhouzhou reply to you? Gosh, I’m so jealous of you.”

Xu Zhixing went to them and sat down.

“What are you girls talking about?”

When Cheng You saw her coming over, she told her with an excited looked on her face.

“Xu Zhixing! Lin Lizhou replied to Tongtong!”

Xu Zhixing put a piece of roast pork in her mouth and said.

“Lin Lizhou? Who is that?”

The girls around her suddenly looked her with one-eyebrow-raised look.

Cheng You replied.

“Xu Zhixing, you do not even know Lin Lizhou ah? The little prince of love songs ah! He is super hot okay!”

Xu Zhixing was stunned for a moment before she remembered that there was such a person, but she remembered that when was in college, this person had scandal about taking drugs.

Following after that investigation, they found it wasn’t true but his career was gone.

He was still popular now.

But how can they interact with their fan since INS is not yet popular in the country yet, where do stars interact with their fans ah?

Once this question was asked, the surrounding girls even looked at her with meaningful gaze. Cheng You replied once again.

“Don’t you even have a Weibo? Zhouzhou updated his blog last night, Tongtong commented on it and then he replied.”

Oh yeah, how did I forget about the Weibo.

Weibo was the predecessor of INS at this time, the star would take picture and sent it to their Weibo with captions, as everyone could comment and all.

Xu Zhixing lost in her thought while eating suddenly froze.

Does Cen Feng also have a Weibo?!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh finally there is a place I can blow rainbow farts to brother ! !


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211 university1– Project 211 (Chinese211工程; pinyin: 211 gōngchéng) is a project of National Key Universities and colleges initiated in 1995 by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, with the intent of raising the research standards of high-level universities and cultivating strategies for socio-economic …


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