Chapter 8

With his head bowed, he dutifully extended his right hand out to get the chopsticks again.

He almost forgot it again.

His mommy said to eat with his right hand.

If he used his left hand, he would be the only odd one out that gets all the attention.

It was odd enough that he doesn’t have a dad.

He bit his lower lip and strained his right index finger and thumb, barely holding the pair of long chopsticks from the store.

But with his little effort, the heavy chopsticks nearly fell off.

He failed several times as he tried to grab it with force. Ye Xun’s little face suddenly turned white with anxiety.

And the next second, Ye Susu’s palm reached towards him.

Ye Xun’s eyelashes trembles and his little hand shook.

Half a second later, he helplessly closed his eyes and tremblingly sent his small hand, which was holding up the chopsticks to Ye Susu and obediently spread it out next to him.

If he did something wrong, mommy would beat him.

When the right hand does something wrong, hit the right hand.

The store was constantly filled with people coming and going.

Ye Xun’s small face was tightly tensed, forcing himself to hold back the emotion of wanting to cry.

In front of so many uncles and aunts, even if he was being beaten—he should not cry.

He closed his eyes tightly, not daring to open them.

But the footsteps around him gradually walked away, and the pain he was expecting never came.

Instead it was nothing.

Ye Xun froze at once, and only then he opened an eyes carefully.

“Well…. I seem to have forgotten to bring the little chopsticks out for you.”

Ye Susu blushed as smiled sheepishly and apologetically.

The sun was warm outside, and a few speak of light reflected on the tip of her nose when looking at the side of her face, following the leaves outside as they swayed more than once.

Ye Xun was momentarily frozen.

Ye Susu on the other hand, spat out her tongue.

With his small hands, the little one was struggling and clumsily held the long, thick and heavy chopsticks in the store.

She looked around and saw a table not far away with the parents who brought their children’s chopstick.

She then knew that she, a novice breeder, had made another mistake.

“Baby ah, you try to use the spoon ah.”

Ye Susu said, and took a soup spoon and handed it to him.

“Mommy, I, I just used my left hand….”

Ye Xun spoke in daze.

He was so surprise that his mommy didn’t scold him or hit him.

Did she not see him?

“Next time I, I…” must remember not to make mistakes.

He made up his mind secretly.

But before he could finish, he heard Ye Susu chuckled lightly.

“Silly child, as long as you can eat, even with jiojio1 which is considered as a skill, is enough.”

Ye Xun, the little cub was confused.

Ye Susu looked at his cute and silly look and couldn’t help but happily pick up the spoon from the store and scoop up the porridge in the bowl in front him.

Smiling, she put the spoon few centimeters away from her mouth and blew on it.

“Do you want me to feed you?”

She looked at the child at the next table, who had already been stuffed with food by his parent.

These words made Ye Xun immediately sober up, he was busy shaking his head with his red face.

He’s a big boy now.

In kindergarten they all eat by themselves.

Like he was in a hurry to prove he could, he hurriedly took the big spoon and just scooped a bowl of small wanton, opened his mouth wide and stuffed it into his small mouth at once.

Immediately his whole check was bulging, and chewed like a small squirrel. His cheeks were round making him look cuter while he chew but did not make a sound.

Ye Susu wailed inwardly.

The little cub was so cute, that she wanted to meow!

And seeing him eat up energetically, she was relieved.

She then spooned herself and took a sip of the porridge in front of her, and as she tasted the food her eyes immediately lit up as well.

The taste was not bad.

Even after the preserved egg and the lean on the porridge was cooled down, the porridge rice was still smooth, and it seems to melt without even without chewing.

However, after eating four or five bites in a row, Ye Susu picked up the glass of water.

It was a little salty for her.

But still better than the ordinary cat food.

Ye Susu quickened her action as she eat.

Both mother and son stopped talking the entire time, both tacitly focusing on their food.

On her previous lives, most of the time she have was miserable and so a mouthful of food was especially cherished.

While the little boy, rarely goes to a restaurant to eat. He just thought that these were better than what he usually make.

Both were eating one bite at a time and would chew it a dozen times before swallowing.

And Ye Susu who seriously was eating and her attention was on the food, forgot about the catnip behind him.

So naturally she didn’t notice the focused but somewhat cold gaze of the man behind her as it always fell on her and on her baby cub.

And in those black eyes, from time to time there was a deep thought reflected.

When they finished eating, Ye Susu satisfactorily touched her full stomach before she remembered the task of raising her cub.

There was no notification of completing the task on having the cub eat delicious a meal.

She was a little confused.

But when she looked up, and was about to take the little boy away, what she saw made her laugh.

On the little boy’s mouth has white circle from drinking the soy milk.

“Come here, little guy.”

She smiled and stretched out her hand towards him.

While Ye Xun the little cub, stared blankly at her.

The next moment, with his mommy’s unique fragrance and soft fingers, she gently wiped his little face.

“Hold still, ah”

Ye Susu rolled a paper towel, from left to right and wipe the edge of his small mouth carefully.

“Our little Xun bao has turned into a kitten.”

Ye Xun slightly open his mouth, and his little grape black eyes was lost in thought.

The faint fragrance of Ye Susu’s body immediately enveloped him.

His just tightened his little fist and couldn’t help but loosen it up.

[Task to feed the cub—completed!]

[Rewarded Cub Value +1]

Ye Susu’s fingers paused.

When she look down, she saw the little guys face was hanging down, his dull and soft hair was facing her and underneath was his black eyes flashing stupidly with a confused light.

She then burst into laughter.

This child—looks like he was always being reprimanded.

When she thought about it, her tailbone suddenly trembled.


When was the last time she had her head touched by his mother?

He truly cherished the memory.


The author has something to say: the most miserable male lead who was refused for the fist time.

jiojio1– slang word for foot, originally slang way to say your feet is cold


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    Also why did the baby live for 215 or smth years, isn’t this a normal modern world?


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