Chapter 11

Going to the gym in six days later was only a temporary decision.

No one knows what would happen during these six days.

Even Tang Tang does not know.

It was close to midnight at the moment, and the screaming outside hasn’t stopped since the internet went down. She don’t know if they were emboldening themselves, or if they were too scared to stop at all.

And since maybe the zombies walked very slowly that they just finally arrived at the tenth floor now. There was a knock on the door, after a while it knock again. They don’t know if it was the same zombie or a passing zombie.

“The door in our room should be of good quality right? Haha, if I can’t even carry it tonight, I’ll lie flat and let it be stepped on.”

No one speaks nor reacted with what Qin Zhang said, as the atmosphere was really dull. They don’t know if whether they were frightened by the sudden end of the word, or the previous discussion about Tang Tang.

Even though Qin Zhao had the intention of making the joke and wanted to liven the atmosphere.

Only the effect of this joke was obviously not strong enough as everyone just looked at him and silently looked away afterwards.

Qin Zhang scratched his head, he know that he does not have the talent of humor so he simply shut up and did not speak any longer.

Tang Tang was sitting on the table, arm resting on the tabletop and hand on her cheek.

It was already early in the morning, but she did not feel like sleeping at all. Not only her, but the others inside the room as well. Even Jiang Zhu who always had a regular schedule was no different.

She was now a bit torn about whether to continue with the apology she just said halfway through.

But what would she say if she wanted to continue? It’s hard to admit that she did what she did because the system urged her to do so, and that because the script she got was written that way?

First of all even if Jiang Zhu believes it or not, the system will definitely not let her go.

Before the system disappeared, it repeatedly warned her to absolutely not let the people of this world know otherwise it would take back her hidden space.

But if she don’t tell the truth the apology seems to have to sincerity at all and it would only sound like she’s doing it on purpose of seeking asylum, so she was guessing Jiang Zhu won’t accept it.

Tang Tang could also feel the dull atmosphere in the room, it’s probably because she’s staying here as an outsider which making them uncomfortable. And also she dumped Jiang Zhu—

Which was quite embarrassing and awkward at the same time.

Now she was but regretful, should she have known, she could have dumped him a little fiercely.

Tang Tang don’t know if the zombies outside the door tomorrow morning would go farther, because if yes, she could rush out with her full equipment’s and could break the road.

As Tang Tang though of this, the direction of her gaze change from Jiang Zhu’s face to the door.

She stared at the door as she wanted to see through what was actually happening outside.

The result of course, was nothing could be seen.

According to the information she got from the system before, the zombies were very sensitive to the smell of the living. Since their eyes has basically lost the ability to see, and the ears have been gradually reduced. Also their ability to move was different depending on the level of the zombie but they don’t seem to run very slowly.

Probably because it already knows no fatigue.

Although not all rooms have food stocks, there should be a few people who think they would rush out tomorrow to find food. But with everyone was facing the situation for the first time, those who wanted go out first have no idea what they would face, so they should be cautious and observed first.

So Tang Tang guessed that tomorrow should be the time with the least people outside.

As soon she thought that, she started to make some plans again.

If she sprayed herself with pungent perfume, then put on a padded version of the raincoat and also wears a hard helmet that was of excellent quality, of course she would also wear her pair of boots, and not to forgot her two half meters of pig killing knives—and then, she could run out quietly.

Hei-hei (mischievous laughter)

She was indeed indescribable vulgar.

The plan six days later was also very good. At that time, it was estimated that Jiang Zhu had already awakened his powers, and the people outside probably ran outside almost as well. It would be no big problem for his power to restrain some of the zombies.

It was estimated that the original plot was set like this.

But she was not the same, she don’t know if she has any powers not to mention….

Tang Tang thought of this and stole a glance at Jiang Zhu, who was sitting next to her on another chair.

What’s more, she has no position to seek his protection with her current relationship with Jiang Zhu.

So, how about she runs tomorrow morning by herself.

She has a tendency of a slag ah.

Jiang Zhu who was thinking about all the places where food could be found in school notice the gaze on his side, so he turned his head slightly.

Followed closely by a frown.

There’s that look again.

Tang Tang’s glance was short and then she moved her eyes away, and continued to stare in the direction of the door.

The girl’s delicate side face was hidden in the warm and soft halo, quiet and beautiful but her eyes were quite dull like she was thinking something but hiding it with a simple gaze.

It was not the first time that Jiang Zhu has seen her show this kind of expression. Sometimes when they eat together face to face, she was obviously eating but she would suddenly became like this. Sometime even when she was walking, she would suddenly daze almost hitting herself into a tree without her noticing.

He once asked her if she was thinking about something out of the blue but she would laugh cheekily and change the subject.

When they had dinner for the last time yesterday, she was in dazed for the longest time. Basically just after picking up the chopsticks the whole person stalled. He called out several times before the meal was almost finished.

Then the next day, this morning they broke up.

Thinking of this, Jiang Zhu’s eyes went cold.

Tang Tang was thinking about how to open up her plan about wanting to run first tomorrow when suddenly her arm was poked by something. She looks back and a note suddenly handed over in front of her.

On the paper was written clearly and distinct letters: My bed is next to you, you go and rest.


Tang Tang was stunned, she knew this hand writing, it was Jiang Zhu’s.

She folded the paper, then looked towards JiangZhu, and pointed at herself and mouthed.


Jiang Zhu was still cold towards her, he did not speak and only nodded slightly.

Tang Tang continued to be surprised and to write back on the paper: Do you care about me?

Jiang Zhu looked at the note and this time he simply ignored her.

Tang Tang pursed her lips, she didn’t quite understand the man’s mind.

Picking up the pen, she quickly wrote again: You don’t really care about me, do you? I didn’t even apologize to you, so why do you care about me?

Tang Tang pen paused for a moment, then looked down again and wrote: You’d better go to rest early yourself.

The awakening of psychic abilities requires energy, Jiang Zhu did not eat or drink for a day now if he did not rest it would be hard for him when he awakened his abilities.

Tang Tang felt that she was thinking quite far ahead and quite cautious, but it’s just that Jiang Zhu’s sudden concern took her by surprise. She originally thought that among these people, he would be the one who wanted to send her to the zombie horde the most.

That’s how the plot was written, after all.

“Get some rest!”

Jiang Zhu didn’t want to discuss the topic of “whether he cares for her” with her. He take her wrist and got up when there was a scream outside the window which was more harsh and creepy than all the screams they have heard.


“Don’t come over here ah—!”

The two looked at each other and immediately ran towards the window in unison.

But it was so dark and dreary outside to see anything.

Tang Tang took out her phone, turned on the flashlight on it and slowly leaned on the window.

For a moment, she was so scared that she almost lose grip on her phone.

“What happened?”

Hearing the sound, the other three also rushed over and five people huddled in front of the window, anxious to ask the situation.

Jang Zhu’s expression was unprecedentedly imposing.

“The zombie are climbing.”


The three men were shocked.

“Really? zombies can climb walls? This is the tenth floor!!!”

Yan Zhen hurriedly raised his phone to take a picture, and sees a ferocious expression on the bottom of the window that has a big tooth mark on his face.

“This, this is a zombie?”

He felt his voice tremble, the meal he ate at night was about to be vomited.

The zombie sight was basically non-existent, so the light from the flashlight does not does not do much to him. But the sudden gathering makes him very excited and climbed up upward quickly. While climbing, it was also knocking and hitting its hands and head on the window.

The window was banged and rattled, they felt that the zombie would break the window in the next second.

And once the window was broken, they were afraid that there would be countless of zombies swarming after they smell them.

Tang Tang was shocked, the next second her action were much faster than her brain.

She raised her hand and pushed the four big boys on her back regardless of whether fall by her sudden movement, followed by her herself and hurriedly retreated.

“What are you doing?”

Yan Zhen said angrily.

Tang Tang looked back and realized that she had inadvertently stepped on the back of Yan Zhen’s hand as she backed up.

Not only that, she pushed four people but only Yan Zhen was pushed to the ground by her and fell in embarrassingly. Seeing that he covered the back of his head with other hand, he probably knocked on the table behind him when he fell.

Tang Tang: “…..”

She really didn’t mean to do it.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry, I seem to have used too much force.”


Yan Zhen suspected that this woman was holding a grudge for what just happened, so now she’s getting back at him!!!

“Do you have perfume in your room?”

Tang Tang eyes saw that the zombie’s face were getting closer to the glass window. She anxiously jumped up and hurriedly ask again.

“Do you think we look like we like perfumes?”

Yan Zhen glared at her as she got up from the ground.

“There’s only Summer Windex, want it?”

Tang Wang didn’t care what brand nor what year it was, as long as there was pungent smell on it.

“I want it, I want it.”

Tan Tang who got the perfume quickly unscrewed the lid and poured it on the windowsill, letting the pungent smell of the perfume out through the crack of the window. Then she unscrewed another bottle and scattered it on the glass.

After doing this, she wiped her sweat.

The nose of the zombie who had been pressed against the window and desperately wanting to come in, moved and then as if stimulated by something it suddenly stopped moving. Then a few minutes later, as if he realized he couldn’t gained something, he moved his slightly stiff hands and feet then continued to climb up.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Finally gone.

Now, the glass should be safe tonight, right?



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