Chapter 16

No one could compared to Qin Li when it comes to spending the money. And Ruan Tian who saw the message was stunned while staring at his fingers thinking how many zero does one billion had.

How about I sell myself?

With this thinking Ruan Tian knew that with this money he could give his kitten the milk powder they needed but could also raise them into beautiful kittens.

Ruan Tian seriously thought about the feasibility of his proposal but before he could came out with the results, his phone rang.

The phone call was made by Qin Li.

As soon as the call got connected Qin Li immediately asked.

“I’m at the Light and Shine Entertainment, where are you?”

Ruan Tian held the phone as his eyes quickly surveyed around.

“I don’t see you.”

“Tell me where you are?”

Qin Li asked briefly and concisely.


Ruan Tian then told Qin Li his location in detail.

After Qin Li listened clearly, he hung up the phone directly without speaking again.

Ruan Tian put his phone aside and began to quickly hide the evidence of the sweets and snack he had eaten.

Qin Li doesn’t allow him to eat these snacks that were said to be bad for the body, because if Qin Li saw him eating so much of this food he would certainly not give him sweets again.

The leftover food bags were put away in the trash and the uneaten food was put back in the backpack and the food crumbs on his clothes were patted off.

Qin Li paused and then approached Ruan Tian who was wiping the crumbs of potato chips that were on the corner of his mouth.

He was wearing a black shirt with wrist cufflinks reflecting the dazzling light of his sword like eyebrows and sharp eyes like sheathed sword.

“Stealing potato chips?”

Qin Li asked.

Ruan Tian dodged Qin Li’s gaze as he stumble on his unconvincing lie.

“Only …….ate just a little.”

Just in time a car pulled over, Qin Li then naturally went to pick up Ruan Tian’s backpack.

“Get in first.”

Ruan Tian clung to his backpack and didn’t let go saying nervously.

“I can carry it myself.”

Qin Li did not force him and just pull open the back seat door for Ruan Tian waiting for him to sit in and then followed after.

“Go back to Ruan Tian’s house.”

Qin Li instructed the driver.

As soon as Ruan Tian entered the car, he began to peek curiously observing where Qin Li place the sweets he bought. When feeling greedy, his pupils would open slightly like a little suckling cat who was attracted by delicious food.

“Where is my sweets?”

Ruan Tian looked around asked again.

“I can smell it, where did you put it?”

“You really have a sharp nose, it’s in the trunk. I’ll give it to you when we get home.”

Ruan Tian nodded his head like a chicken pecking rice as his eyes were shining brightly.

Ruan Tian’s community where his house was located has been built for more than 20 years. The building’s appearance was not as grand as other buildings, but it has everything.

Hospitals, schools and transportation nearby, were can’t be more but convenient.

The driver drove the car into the community and together with Qin Li, he moved the sweets from the trunk into the elevator.

Ruan Tian’s nose were slightly flaring as he smell the sweets. He circled around several boxes of sweets as if impatient to pounce on.

The sweets treat were moved into the house, but Qin Li did not allow Ruan Tian to eat them yet.

“I’ll ask the question and I will only give this to you if you answer correctly.”

Ruan Tian bared his teeth, but could not resist Qin Li’s stubbornness so he could only say quickly.

“Then you ask quickly.”

Qin Li sat Ruan Tian on the sofa and put the pillow behind his back.

“Why do you suddenly remember to look for job?”

“Doesn’t everyone have to find a job? My mom still thinks I need to have a job.”

Ruan Tian said evasively.

Qin Li’s pupil’s stared deep into Ruan Tian’s eyes and did not speak.

Ruan Tian spread out his palm.

“My donut.”

Qin Li took out the donuts that was delicately wrapped in a cardbox.

“I’ll give you another chance.”

He also deliberately put the donuts under Ruan Tian’s nose to let him smell it first.

Ruan Tian couldn’t resist the huge temptation of donuts and said with a sad face.

“Because I want to give kittens…. Baby money for milk powder. It’s said that milk powder is very expensive.”

“You don’t think I can afford to buy formula?”

Qin Li’s expression was awful that was hard to explain with words.

Ruan Tian slightly froze.

“You are willing to pay for the milk powder?”

“Ruan Xiaotian, I said I was willing to raise you and our children.”

Qin Li said solemnly.


Ruan Tian said dully.

“I thought you didn’t even want to pay for the milk powder.”


Qin Li handed the donut to the expectant Ruan Tian, who was looking forward to it. He couldn’t think of the outcome if he did gave Ruan Tian the donuts so he has to give up.

Ruan Tian took the donut box, and quickly unwrapped the box, inside was a beautiful and delicious donuts. He was half-drooling as he expectantly and carefully bit it.

Qin Li continued.

“And the subterfuge thing, give me a clear explanation.”

“I didn’t do it, it wasn’t fun so I refused.”

Ruan Tian answered while chewing the donut making his words vague.

Qin Li frowned his face was hard and said unhappily.

“Who is it?”

Ruan Tian did not hide and told everything from the beginning.

“His name is Guo Feng, Yang Li called him Mr. Guo. When I went in he was still playing games, I had nothing to do so I also played games, but he made me lose my game. I could have won the camera! Then he said that the hidden rules in the industry are very common he also said that if I promise him he will make me a lot of money but I don’t want a lot of money besides hidden rules are no fun so I didn’t agree then he said I will regret it, hmp I won’t regret.”

“Who is Yang Li?”

“Oh, she’s the receptionist of Light and Shine entertainment, a very nice young lady she even reminded me not let Guo Feng bully me.”

When Qin Li understood the cause and effect, he gave Ruan Tian all the desserts he brought for him. And the latter who was so focused on eating sweets didn’t have time to care about what Qin Li were doing.

Qin Li grimaced and expressionlessly took out his phone.

He walked straight to the balcony to make sure Ruan Tin would not hear what he would going to say and only then his expression turn cold as he dialed his secretary’s number.

He was quickly connected to the secretary.

“President Qin.”

“Check the Light and Shine Entertainment’s Guo Feng for me. Find everything you can find out, in addition I will sort out the financial statements and annual business plan of light and shine entertainment in recent two years, put that information on my desk.”

Qin Lin said without any pause and fluctuation in his tone.

Even if Ruan Tian didn’t agree to the general manager of light and shine entertainment, he was still angry at the guts and courage to tempt Ruan Tian.


The author has something to say:

Ruan Xiaotian: I found a way to get rich ~(╮▽≦)/~ when I run of money I’ll sell myself it’s worth a billion! Qin Li Qin Li, can this one billion be converted into cash? I just want to lay and sleep~~~~~~



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