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Yan Wenjia (1)

Naturally, the news that Jiang Yue had gone to the Yan villa would not be kept a secret from the upper class. Jiang Yue clearly understood that while Gu Xueyi’s punch seemed to have been a small warning, the reality was that he had to bear the wound on his face and did not know how long the humiliation would last.

Jiang Yue was a proud man. In fact, who wasn’t in their circle? And he ended up giving a gag order; Jiang Yue and the Jiang family could not be discussed, and by extension, neither could the Yan family and Gu Xueyi be. Because if someone were to talk about the Yan family, wouldn’t they mention Jiang Yue leaving their villa with a swollen face? If it were to go out, Jiang Yue would not be the only one suffering, but all the bigshots that had close ties with the Jiang family.

The mark on Jiang Yue’s face was bruised and swollen. If people looked at it for a long time, it looked a bit like this dog that had been stung by a bee on the Internet… but they could not mention, let alone laugh at it.

After finishing his work for the day, the wound on his face had healed a little and Jiang Yue returned to the Jiang household.

Jiang Jing was recuperating at home, lying on the bed all day except for when he asked help from the servants during mealtime. If people did not know anything, they might have thought he was dying.

When he heard that Jiang Yue was back, Jiang Jing got out of bed in a hurry, fearing that if his second brother caught him looking like a salted fish1, he would get another beating.

“Second brother, tea, you have some tea…” Jiang Jing brought a teapot out of the kitchen.

When he came face to face with Jiang Yue, he was taken aback: “Second brother, have you also been beaten?”

Jiang Yue: “…”

Jiang Jing was speechless but also secretly relieved; he had not been beaten because he was weak or spineless, it was just that Yan Wenbo’s sister-in-law was too strong!

Jiang Yue knew that Jiang Jing was the kind of person to say unpleasant things and it was most likely how the fight with Yan Wenbo had started. Looking at it this way, everything was Jiang Jing’s fault.

Jiang Yue held the teacup in one hand. It was fucking hot. He put the cup down with a dark face but as he was already bruised so it was not very noticeable.

Jiang Yue coldly asked: “How did she beat you?”

Jiang Jing had originally been embarrassed and had not dared to make any complaint. But now that Jiang Yue had been beaten too, there was nothing left to hide: “She used her belt to whip me.”

Jiang Yue felt strangely relieved in his heart. It must have been much more painful for Jiang Jing. Had she used a belt with him, his face would have ended up all over the floor.

Jiang Jing did not know what was on his second brother’s mind but looking at him, he felt less distressed. Seeing the bruised face, he did not look so imposing anymore and Jiang Jing was less intimidated. The more you looked at it, the more amiable Jiang Yue seemed.

Jiang Yue put his teacup away once more and stood up to kick Jiang Jing: “Don’t stir up any more trouble for the Jiang family. We should not be easy to push around.”

Jiang Jing automatically replaced this sentence with “Don’t provoke Gu Xueyi next time”. He quickly nodded his head, saying he would not dare anymore and safely sent Jiang Yue back to the study.

Otherwise, he felt like he would have to suffer another beating from Jiang Yue.

The upper circle heard the news and Gao Jiaye was one of them. Because Jiang Yue was prideful and had given a gag order rather quickly, all he knew was that Jiang Yue’s complexion was dark and that after visiting the Yan willa, he had left briskly with a box of strawberries…

“The relationship between the Jiang and the Yan families is estranged at best.” Cao Jiaye frowned: “How come this happened?”

Jiang Yue had left with strawberries. Strawberries might not be precious but it definitely was a symbol! A fucking symbol that showed the Jiang family and the Yan family had a harmonious relationship!

Damnit! When Yanchao was here, there was no harmony. Why was it changing now? Cao Jiaye could not find a reason after thinking about it so much.

But he was also aware that big men like Yan Chao and Jiang Yue were not easily understood by people like him. The problem was… how did Gu Xueyi dealt with it? If this Gu Xueyi was really able to coax Jiang Er, was it like Jiang Meng had said and trouble coming their way?

Jiang Meng was currently sitting in the corner, tears were on her face, looking weak and pitiful. She murmured: “Is Jian Rui coming back tomorrow?”

When Cao Jiaye heard her mention this name, he suddenly felt anxious and a little bit terrified. He really was afraid of the Jian family.

If it wasn’t the case, he would not still be childless at this age. Jian Rui could not give birth so he had no children!

When Cao Jiaye had said to Jiang Meng before to go kill the child, it had only been out of anger. If Jiang Meng were to get an abortion, he would most likely be the first to choke her to death.

Cao Jiaye kicked the couch with anger so hard it moved.

He turned around and said in a deep voice: “I can’t take care of this matter. If I do, Jian Rui will notice. What about the water army your team has raised? And all those reporters you are close with? Let them all send the news. Tomorrow… no, before tomorrow, the whole network will know you are pregnant with Yan Chao’s child. This way, you don’t have to worry about Gu Xueyi anymore… if the whole world knows, who cares if she recognizes the child of Yan Chao or not.”

Jiang Meng glanced at Cao Jiaye with a little trepidation but feeling resentful in her heart. It was obviously his child but he insisted on dragging someone else in this matter because it was the only way he could survive.

And now, she had to do it herself…

And once the media and army waters would start to share the news to the whole network, she would have no way out. If one day Yanchao did return alive… she would definitely have a worse end than any of Cao Jiaye’s lovers!

When Cao Jiaye turned his head, he noticed Jiang Meng’s grievances. As he was about to say something, the phone rang. Cao Jiaye picked it up and a low voice came from the other end: “Mr Cao.”

Cao Jiaye was stunned. Even though he knew that the man calling could not see him, his back bowed on his own.

He respectfully said: “Uncle.”

“Jian Rui’s place lands at 8 pm. Go to the airport to pick her up.”

His heart thumped and Jiang Meng panicked.

“Then… what about you?” Cao Jiaye asked.

But the other end had already hung up.

Cao Jiaye wiped the sweat on his face, enduring the anger in his heart. Jiang Meng could not sit still any longer and got up: “I will contact you.”

“Go ahead.”

“Wait.” Cao Jiaye called out to her again: “Director Li called me yesterday and said you had not been to the studio in three days.”

Jiang Meng bit back her anger and said: “Haven’t you been trying to get rid of Gu Xueyi these past few days?”

“You still have to go to the studio. This movie is very important for Dajin Entertainment, we took a gamble and invested in it, stop being so capricious. You didn’t even say anything to Director Li before leaving. Do you still want to act in the future?”

Listening to him, Jiang Meng felt even more irritated but still obediently said: “I know, I will go back.”

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