Chapter 7


Ye Susu almost leaned forward, leaning the tip of her nose towards the man and sniffed deeply.

But was brought back to her senses by his abrupt words.

Her twinkling eyes which were nearly lost in intoxication sobered up and shook her head lightly.

“Not oh…..”

The original body was left nothing.

“Miss look again clearly. We just saw this card drop on the floor.”

Next to him, an affable voice suddenly emerged.

Ye Susu shifted her gaze, with difficulty. She clearly saw the superb and good smelling man also turned his head and looked at the short man with brown jacket, who had a kind smile.

“I’ve heard that the card could not only be used to spend money in many stores but also as savings card. Just enter the initial password on the back of the card and you can withdraw money for shopping.”

The jacketed man chattered self-effacingly.

Seeing her looked over, he smiled at her and nodded.

Ye Susu was confused by what she heard.

The jacketed man then looked around and lowered his voice, and in a godlike manner he said again.

“This is a gold card, it could recharge up to half million.”

He spoke extremely fast, especially with accent when he said the numbers.

When he finished, he looked sideways at the tall man beside him. And then looked amiably at the little boy in front of him, who was not even tall as his waist.

This is the future prince, right?

As handsome as the boss!

“You should get the card quickly and don’t drop it again.”

Liu Zhen gathered down his jacket coat, smiling sincerely showing his teeth.

En, I was the one who accompany the boss to make sure that the prince mother will receive the card, she should be, this is according to the reports!

But while he was confident, Ye Susu shook her head.

She was resisting herself the urge to lunge at the good smelling man and tried to take a step back.

“You got the wrong person.”

Liu Zhen’s enthusiasm suddenly stuck on his face.

“Thank you, but I did not drop that card.”

Ye Susu was very sure at what she said.

After she finished telling this, she looked down and confirmed it with Ye Xun, the cub also shook his head indicating that this was not the card he got back from the kindergarten either.


According to investigation Liu Zhen just got today, she was ready show her face and go to the hotel to serve a 40 and 50 years old president, as to get some resources and money.

That’s why he hurriedly put some money on the card and accompanied his boss to rush over her place, wanting to give her this money to solve the urgent need of money.

“Um, congee with small wantons and a cup of soy milk please, I’ll pay through alipay.”

Ye Susu turned her head and just opened her phone then poke a few times with difficulty and gave the payment QR code to the clerk to scan.

Liu Zhen was stunned.

But Ye Susu has already taken Ye Xun, the cub and went to the only empty table.

Liu Zhen’s hearing was good, he woke up from his stupefied expression when he heard footsteps getting further away from them and even heard what she said to the child

Ye Susu leaned over and whispered softly to the child who was behind her.

“Xun bao, when you can earn money in the future don’t put in on one card ah.”

“People are really stupid ah, they have money but they don’t change their passwords.”

“Hey but since they meet an elegant and noble breed like us they were not deceived.”

Ye Susu even added.

The Liu Zhen with the jacket: “!?”

He looked awkwardly to his side—to the cold and indifferent man.

In order to meet his son for the first time today, and give him money secretly. He spent an entire hour meeting with child experts and repeatedly changed 30 sets of casual clothes to leave an approachable image for his son.

I know this is stupid giving so much money—really stupid me!

“Ahem, boss, the investigation report doesn’t seem to match the reality.”

The child’s mother has moral bottom line, and doesn’t bent because of money ah.

The plan to create a helpful image in front of his son, while funding the child’s mother and stopping her from selling her body to get money seems to have utterly failed.

Liu Zhen looked at the boss and stopped his gaze midair, the boss’s hand was still extended mid-air and the corner of his mouth was twitching.

In the next second the card that was worth half million was thrown to Liu Zhen.


Liu Zhen looked back again at the tall and indifferent man who had a solemn look, who narrowed his eyes slightly.

With a sullen and cold face, he turned around and paced behind Ye Susu’s mother and son, following behind.

With his left hand he unzipped the windbreaker, rolled up the cuffs of his black shirt and soon sat down at the table for four that had just been vacated directly behind Ye Susu and the little boy.

Liu Zhen immediately reacted and quickly followed.

The boss still wanted to see his son.

Liu Zhen gritted his teeth and say beside the boss, who did not say a word after being rejected.

Making sure he was not blocking the view of his boss child.

The dining hall was not quiet as the waiters walked around from time to time.

But the distance between the tables was very close, there was barely one space for a person to walk through the gap. They could even hear the next table talking as long as it was not deliberately whispering.

It was the peak hours, all kinds of meat was stirred fried has a strong and mixed scent that was not pleasant to smell.

But Ye Susu never the less still inhaling the smell as her slender fingers almost thorn the tissues on the table.

The human catnip that she managed to stay away from with so much self-control was sitting behind her again.

This is not meowxcitng1at all!

“Here’s your meal.”

The waiter brought the plates in time.

Only then did Ye Susu breathes a sigh of relief.



Just eat, eat.

She forced herself to divert her attention and drew a pair for chopsticks from the table and handed them to Ye Xun, her cub.

“You’re hungry, aren’t you? Eat while it’s hot.”

She had followed few predecessor who liked to eat hot food that humans like to eat. Though human were not like cats, whose tongue could only eat warm food.

The little boy said “En” and took the long chopsticks with his left hand as he clumsily clamped them in his hand.

But halfway through the action, as if thinking something of wrong, he quickly and helplessly let go of the chopstick.

As he hastily put down his left hand, he also quickly look at Ye Susu with his wet black eyes with some uneasiness.

“Huh, wait a minute.”

Ye Susu as expected spoke out to call out a halt.

The little boy trembled at once, and a trace of frustration flashed across his little pink face.


meowxicitng1– exciting


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  2. I don’t get it, where did this father come from? Why didn’t he show up in the original timeline? Why did the author made the MC physically attracted to him? This is a pretty ridiculous way to introduce the ML, doesn’t give me a good impression of him at all.


  3. thanks! ohh we get to meet the father pretty early, huh!


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