Chapter 10

But not waiting for Jiang Zhu could make more moves, the boy with tiger face patted Yan Zhen on the shoulder.

The boy suddenly get very serious.

“Yan Zhen, although what you said is very reasonable but don’t forget that she bought the two big bags of food and drink on this table.”

The tiger face held out another finger and pointed to the two bags still on the table.

“I can’t imagine what it’s like out there right now, and nor do I know how dangerous it is, but you’re asking me to something like ‘kill people to cross the border’ right now, I can’t do it.


Yan Zhen frowned and opened his mouth wanting to convince him again.

But then the naïve boy also spoke up.

“I think Qin Zhang is right, aren’t we discussing the topic of unity now? Why is there suddenly an in-fighting?”

There was a disagreement making the whole room silent again.

Tang Tang also do not know what to do now, if they were worried about the food, then she…..

No way!

The hidden space must not be exposed, otherwise her situation would be more dangerous.

So now the only way was for her to be more conscious and take the initiative to leave the dormitory..?

And then what?

Kill out a crowd of zombies?

That would be also okay, just in case she bought a lot of knives before and also prepared a lot of thickened and long raincoats, and hard material helmets.

“First let’s start with the four of us.”

Just when Tang Tang decided that it was either that or simply rush out, Jiang Zhu who has not been taking a stand, spoke up.

He straightened up and moved half a step towards Tang Tang, with this move he was blocking her behind him in silence.

Jiang Zhu’s hand rested on the table and tapped in gently again.

“Are the four of us certain that we will not betray each other?”

The three of them looked at each other, then nodded affirmatively.

“Absolutely no betrayal.”

“That’s good.”

Jiang Zhu nodded his head.

“Then she…..”

Yan Zhen wanted to ask about Tang Tang.

“We will discuss the escape route later, we can guess how dangerous it is out there. Even the four of us may not be able to safely escape, with or without her it actually does not matter, right?”

That’s what he said, but everyone could tell that Jiang Zhu was not going to leave Tang Tang.

Yan Zhen’s expression immediately became weird.

“You wouldn’t still like…..”

“This is a discussion about escaping and saving our lives, please don’t talk about irrelevant things.”

Jiang Zhu seems to be bored with this topic, and his eyes suddenly cold down.

“Well, well, we’re all on the same boat now. We’re all teammates, don’t you always have problem with her? Jiang Zhu didn’t say anything, did he?”

Qin Zhang patted Yan Zhen on the shoulder again.

“Mmmmmmm, the five of us need to stick together now!”

The naïve boy also said.

Yan Zhen struggled for a moment, and sighed.

“Okay, okay, I know I’m wrong.”

Although he seemed to be very firm in his thoughts before, but in fact he was not rather relieved.

Tang Tang on the other hand, was a little slow on realizing the situation.

She was ready to put on the raincoat, helmet and pick up the knife to break out of the bloody road, but she could stay?

….this always feels a little awkward.

“Don’t take what Yan Zhen said, he has brain problems. Don’t worry, now that you are our teammates he won’t try to bully you! Even if Jiang Zhu agrees, I will not agree as a teammate!”

Qin Zhang smiled brightly at Tang Tang and lightly punched Yan Zhen, livening up the atmosphere.

He was quite fond of this girl, she was very quiet despite encountering this kind of situation and was not afraid. She was calm, which rare for any kind of situation, making him think that sometimes rumors were not always true.

Although he don’t know how far they would go as a five-person, but one step was still considered a step.

After that, the formal discussion began.

First they determine the direction of escape.

“Our dormitory is at the far corner, the closest is the school fence but because the fence is too high, we certainly could not cross over. So we can only pick the field inside the school as the next route.”

While saying that, Jiang Zhu crossed out the sign representing the fence on the sketch he drew.

“Then there is the school building, the cafeteria, the supermarket, the library, the gymnasium the playground…. Of these places, the cafeteria and the supermarket have the food we need now, but since we can think of it, there must be others who will think of these too. So the competition of these two places will be great.”


“The next best thing is the library. The library is one of the best route, but it will be dark because the power is gone out. And the library will be more crowded with bookshelves arrange inside, and once a zombie comes in we will be in dangerous situation.”


The library was crossed out again.

After that the school building was also crossed out because of the ventilation on all sides and the many open doors. The playground was open wide and has no place to hide was likewise crossed out.

Finally, the remaining place that were not crossed out were the gymnasium, cafeteria and supermarket still.

“So the location of our escape route is between these three?”

Qin Zhang looked at the sketch and asked.

“En, the tie is not immediate.”

Jiang Zhu answered.

“So when do we go out? We don’t have a lot of things to eat, our instant noodles plus the food bought by Tang Tang, it should only be enough to sustain five days if we eat three meal a day, but we could make that 6 days for us.”

Qin Zhang worriedly said.

“Then we will go on out on the 6th day.”

Jiang Zhu said.


Several people were surprised.

“We’re going out so late, huh? But if we go out so late, the cafeteria and supermarket are probably emptied, right?”

“We only have one chance to go out and it’s basically impossible to come back. Are we planning to carry all this food along with us?”

Jiang Zhu shook his head, as he continued.

“It won’t work, we have to avoid the zombies on the way, carrying these things will only be a burden.”

He has a point, but if they really do what he says, it was a desperate attempt to fight to the death.

What a tragic feeling.

“And when we go out in a few days, we can just get away from other people who don’t have any food stock and avoid the danger of killing each other.”

Jiang Zhu added.

“Alas, that’s the only way to go. So if that happens, do we still go to the cafeteria and supermarket? Since we don’t have food.”

Yan Zhen asked at this point.

“Go, the supermarket has a warehouse.”

Jiang Zhu said.

Tang Tang was stunned.

Afterwards she ruthlessly opened her mouth.

“The lock on the warehouse has been changed. It’s was change to electric locks, now the first door can’t be open. I just saw it when I went shopping earlier.”

Everyone: “……..”

What a coincidence, huh??!

The atmosphere was full of despair for a moment.

Then Jiang Zhu made a final decision.

“Let’s go the gym in six days.”

“I’ve seen the gym door, and it wasn’t installed with electric locks.”

“So what are we going to eat on the sixth day?”

Jiang Zhu said then pause.

“If it’s empty, we’ll go out to find food during the day and then hide at night.”



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  2. Thank you for the hard work


  3. amberrosewishes Avatar

    I have a question…why didn’t she buy gun instead of knife? Like using gun is much safer since you can fight long distance…I mean knife is also good but please do tell me she also bought at least one gun right? Like sure it be suspicious but who care about that when it the apocalypse!


    1. Probably not allowed to buy firearms. Just google only ethnic minorities, security, police and hunting group are allowed.


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