Chapter 15

Ruan Tian footsteps slightly paused then tilted his head as he was pondering for a few seconds, he then turned his head back to Guo Feng and said with certainty.

“I will not change my mind, good bye.”

He said while raising his hand and swinging it towards Guo Feng.

Guo Feng viciously stared at the slender glittering white hand like jade and could not help but roll the knot in his throat, he gulped.

He smiled grimly and thought that changing Ruan Tian’s mind was not up to Ruan Tian himself. When the tie of his rope was cut off then he would naturally get down on his knees and beg Guo Feng and when that time comes, it would be his time to smile.

As he fantasized, he called his right-hand man and asked him to investigate Ruan Tian’s situation he also instructed him to make sure to put all his efforts to suppress Ruan Tian so that he would have no way to mix in the entertainment industry.

“It’s enough to suppress and no need to hurt people”

Guo Feng also specially reminded.

When a beauty like Ruan Tian was injured it would be such a waste.

Ruan Tian did not know Gue Feng’s covetousness and attempts, of course even if he knew he would not take it seriously.

At the front desk, Yang Li was still anxiously waiting, every few seconds she would still few glances towards the elevator worried about Ruan Tian that he would be wronged and then yield to Guo Feng for his interest.

As soon as she saw Ruan Ti come out of the elevator she waved excitedly at him.

Ruan Tian walked over to her and said in a depressed mood.

“Sister I can’t sign with Light and Shine Entertainment.”

“It’s okay, all roads lead to Rome1. You’re so good looking you can definitely shine.”

On the contrary Yang Li was very happy instead, knowing that Ruan Tian didn’t give in Guo Feng the succubus.

She then said.

“Although I am just a receptionist, I know all routines of the entertainment industry very well. I know who is popular, who is fading out and who is going through what way. I have clear idea in my mind if you want to trust me, I’m willing to help you.”

“Wouldn’t be too much trouble for you?”

“It’s no trouble.”

Yang Li said.

“It may not be successful yet, but I am confident in your charm.”

Yang Li said.

“What do I have to do?”

Yang Li asked.

“Do you have Weibo?”


“Well no need to apply yet. Let me add your contact information.”

The two people then added each other as friends, Yang Li then told Ruan Tian to wait for her good news and said that she would contact him through QQ.

Ruan Tuan walked out of the building as his stomach rumbles with hunger, he then rubbed his abdomen. It was just about lunch time but taxi were all full, so Ruan Tian decided to picked a quiet place in the building.

He sat down and took out the snack and desserts in his backpack and began to eat.

For him no matter important other things was, that was not as important as filling his stomach.

As long as there was enough to eat and fill his stomach there was nothing that couldn’t be fixed.

While eating the snacks, he was also editing the pictures he had took earlier. One was a photo of him before going out, and the other was a screenshot of the game he played at Guo Feng’s office.

Ruan Tian captioned.

[The first time I encountered subterfuge, not fun, but also cause me to lose a sure win. When can I win the camera ah? It’s ugly to take photo with mobile phone, as shown in the picture.]

After posting he put aside his phone and continued to eat snacks as if nothing had happened. People passing by would always look at him with amazed and envious eyes.

After Ruan Tian posted his photos with captions, it was followed soon with piles of several comments.

[Subterfuge? Who dares to give such conditions? Mr. Qin is about to arrive on the scene carrying a 40-meter-long sword!]

[Paying the game for the camera is worthy of Ruan Xiaotian’s ambition.]

[This is still ugly?! My father2 Ruan Tian will you tell us fellow women to leave a way to live? Kneel and begs!]

[Kneel to stay alive +1]

[Kneel to stay alive +2]

[I’ll show a clear way, change the avatar to your own picture and the opponent will certainly not be willing blow you up but if you leave a three this immortal can’t save you.]

[Ruan Xiaotian can still be chartered? I’ll pay 5m.]

[I’ll give you 100m.]

[I’ll give you 200m.]



Ruan Tian held his chin and thought.

“He was worth five million? How is that possible?”

Just then he received a new message alert, he clicked on it and saw that the message was from Qin Li, the message was.

[I offer one billion.]


all roads lead to Rome1– use different means to obtain the same result (idiom)

My father2– its like showing repect


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