Chapter 24

In the afternoon, Jiang Liangchan went out of her house.

She don’t know what happened to those two Little Young Master  and servants they rescued today and was a little worried.

So she hurriedly went outside but just forget one thing. In the morning she was wearing a men’s clothing to go out, however in order to see her mother she needed to change back to her women’s clothing.

So when she decided to go out again in the afternoon, she forgot to change back and she was already at the inn still wearing her long faded green dress draped with a long cloak of the same color.

She pushed the door open and reacted only when she saw the dazed looked on the young servant’s face.

“I am…..”

She just wanted to explain and tried to turn her back to the door but the little little Young Master  who was concentrating on what he was doing on the table looked back at the sound and saw her.

When he saw her standing at the doorway, the beautiful face immediately burst with joy and a little shyness that looks like he was mistaken on what he see.

The little Little Young Master put down the things in his hands and ran to her happily. He smiled coyly with his face tilted up.


Aiya! This little Little Young Master has a good eye.

Men’s and women’s clothing seamlessly no difference at all, her disguise was easily seen by him.

No, Jiang Liangchan suddenly remembered, this Little Young Master just called her ‘sister’ even when she was wearing men’s clothing.

Looks like she won’t have to wear men’s clothing in the future, what was the point she was still easily seen.

The man was obviously very happy to see her visiting them and happily tugged her by the corner of her sleeve, pulling her towards the room.

Jiang Liangchan followed in and found lot of thick papers on the table. It varied from small too big and was cut into thousands of strange shapes.

The Little Young Master took her and stood in front of the table that has the shapely cut papers.

Jiang Liangchan picked up a piece, it was seemingly cut without any intention of what shape it would come out but the edge were neat and looking closely it was carefully cut.

She could not help but think of the Lego in her previous life. Could it be that this Little Young Master was a master craftsman?

She smiled and asked.

“Did you make all of this? Did you brought me her to let me see this?”

The young man was embarrassed and pursed his lips, but his small chin was unconsciously up. He obviously could not suppress the small pride within.


Jiang Liangchan notice during the day that this little Young Master does not talk much. She didn’t know whether because he doesn’t know much of their language or he doesn’t just like to talk.

However although he talk less, his little servant talks a lot. He looked round and small but flexible like a round autumn small copper beans.

From the time he opened the door for Jiang Liangchan to this moment, this little copper bean said a lot of words from, “sister you sit”, “sister you drink tea” to “sister you look better like this than this morning”.

He also never forgot to compliment her more like, “sister you are like the round bright moon in the sky”, “sister you are like the sun flower blooming on the grassland after heavy rain”.

One compliment after another, if Jiang Liangchan did not interrupt him he could go on and on.

Jiang Liangchan do not know how such little kid know so much adjective. And when the little young master told him.

“Xiu’er sit down.”

Jiang Liangchan stifled a laugh and called out.

“Little brother, what’s your name?”

The little copper bean immediately answered.

“My name is Xiu’er and my young master’s name is Duan Rong.”

Jiang Liangchan finally did not hold back and laughed out loud.

Winter days were shorter, and after staying not too long the sky was already a little dark.

Jiang Liangchan saw that the two people were recovering well and the soldiers were doing their job so she was relieved.

After bidding farewell to the reluctant Duan Rong she got into the carriage and rushed home to Jiang’s house.

When she arrived at the Jiang’s house in a hurry it was already completely dark.

The winter night was still quite cold, Jiang Liangchan shrunken her neck down stepping from the carriage when she saw a person seems to be standing near the gate.

When the person took a few steps forward, the outline of his face was illuminated by the hazy light of the lantern at the gate and only then did she see the person, it was Chen Feng.

Jiang Liangchan couldn’t tell why but she feels guilty, just like a primary school student who came home late and was caught on the spot by the parents guarding the door.

Especially if the expression was not smiling just like what his face was showing now he was like simply telling her ‘you still know how to come back ah’.



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