Chapter 127

Fu Zhen’s good mood was ruined after meeting Fu Ting, though he still doesn’t know what happened to Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting.

How come they suddenly fell apart from Tang Wanwan and then came to him saying they regretted everything.

Though no matter whatever happened to the three of them, as long as they no longer appear in front of him these has nothing to do with him.

Fu Zhen was really afraid, he simply has no way to distinguish Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting’s attitude towards him now even if what they said was the truth or false, so it would be simpler to not believe in anything in order not to be hurt again.

The evening sky was dyed a rose like red by the sunset, and the traffic on the street were making loud noises.

Fu Zhen walked across the pedestrian road and came to the supermarket to buy a kilo of mansgosteen, two kilos of grapes and a big bag of snacks. Finally he called to ask Jiang Hengshu what he wanted to eat in the evening.

Because Fu Zhen did not need to worry about the wedding preparations, he continued to stay in the studio all day and was busy together with his colleagues in preparing the next episodes scripts and subplot.

Since if his belly becomes more obvious then it would be harder for him to go out. So while his belly was still not the protruding he could just tell to the other people that he had recently gain weight.

If his belly gets bigger he couldn’t find a more suitable excuse, therefore he should try his best to finish more work in the future and so that his colleague could be more relaxed when that time comes.

At the end of March the sample film for Shazou Chronicle was completed but before that it should be reviewed by relevant departments.

After all once all the procedures were finished the next episode could be officially broadcasted, Fu Zhen estimated that if everything goes smoothly it should be broadcasted in late April which was a little earlier than he first thought.

He was able to finished the work quickly were because of the help of his colleagues and to express his gratitude Fu Zhen invited his colleagues for a meal together at a restaurant on the day the Shazou Chronicle episodes were completed.

But he failed to invite Wang Tong.

After watching the film sample Wang Tong was completely silent, not talking and was just sitting on his chair without even moving.

People in the company knew he was a loyal fan of the Shazou Chronicle, and they could fully understand how he felt now.

When he left one of them patted him on the shoulder, which was a kind of comfort.

Wang Tong has read the script of Shazou Cronicle before and knew what would happen next. At that time he could comfort himself that everything was still redeemable and now that his boss and sister-in-law were so sweet, how could he bear to abuse the heroine?

But he never thought that Fu Zhen was really serious, he was not polite at all to say that he really want to kill the characters.

Wang Tong sighed and shook his head in the empty studio and said.

“If this episode comes out, my sister-in-law will be scolded to death.”

Wang Tong turned on the computer and read the fans forum who were discussing enthusiastically whether who the heroine would stay with Zhu Naiyou or fly away with Huang Lie.

He really wanted to tell these fans that they were too naïve, the director already has the next episode and was mixing it knife with a mouthful of blood, and that was neither staying nor flying away.

With these secrets he has been carrying, Wang Tong watched the fans pf Shzou Chronicle in the forum celebrating the upcoming update and sighed with loneliness and unintelligible sighed.

You laugh until you can after a while you will not be able to laugh.

Wang Tong sat quietly in front of the computer for a long time, and finally really couldn’t hold back anymore he sent a post which only represent the roar in his heart.

[Fu Zhen old thief kill me–]

However the netizens did not understand the grief hidden in his roar and after seeing his post they though he was tortured by the two-year break in Shazou Chronicle as they just left a neat and unified,

[Hahahahahahahahah] in his post.

Wang Tong cannot be blamed for the relentless ridicule of the netizens because that was the nature of human beings.

Wang Tong exhaled loudly and shut down the computer. This knife and mouthful of blood episode, Wang Tong hoped that in the future when his sister-in-law aired it his boss could protect him when the fans send Fu Zhen razor blades.


In the restaurant, Fu Zhen’s colleagues sat around and ordered a table full of dishes. They happily discussed their next work, knowing Fu Zhen’s next plan for the Shazou Chronicle they all shook their heads and said to him.

“Director Fu, your knife is a bit sharp, for this end let’s go slowly.”

And then offered him for a drink.

“Fill it up, all of it.”

Always remembering his pregnancy, Fu Zhen smiled and refused his colleagues.

“I can’t drink.”

On one side a man patted him on the shoulder and said.

“Such a big man, gotta have a drink, just one.”

Fu Zhen waved his hand.

“Really can’t drink.”

As soon as his words fell, his phone on the table rang. The call was from Jiang Hengshu, asking him on the other end of the line.

“Where are you?”

“Out dinner with colleagues.”

Jiang Hengshu gave a hmm.

“Send me the address, I’ll pick you up.”

After Fu Zhen sent the location to Jiang Hengshu, he said to his colleague with an apologetic smile.

“People at home won’t let me drink.”

Colleagues dragged out long syllable1 and smiled heartily, Fu Zhen poured himself a glass of juice and clinked glasses with them.


dragged out long syllable1 – teased/teasing


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