IHFDATN – Chapter 14.2

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Chapter 14.2

Director Zhang had Assistant Liu call Jiang Mian was also for another purpose, and that was to know the exact relationship between her and Qin Jingrun. In this way, he could make a better decision, however neither Jiang Mian nor Qin Jingrun would say anything.

To say that they have a couple relationship was hardly to believe.

Qin Jingrun has no romantic relationship for so many years now. Many of the female stars and actresses wanted to have a scandal with him and create gossip but they were all put an end by him. And even if Qin Jingrun really had a romantic relationship with Jiang Mian and was concealed from the outside, it would still be revealed internally and could not be concealed forever.

On the other hand Jiang Mian did not know what theories were running on Director Zhang’e brain. After hanging up the phone, she was thinking about Guan Xin’s feelings when she received the news and couldn’t help herself ate an extra bowl of rice on a happy mood.

Jiang Mian looked at the class schedule and her last class was about animal imitation1. Jiang Mian was planning to take a leave of absence.

The teacher of the animal imitation class was very popular in school, but he was famous for his strictness too. Everyone in his class should always be present, and if anyone was absent he would write down the name of the student on his small notebook and next time the student was present he would punished that student.

The original owner was once punished by him to imitate a mantis making the original owner very angry and almost flung the door wanting to walked out. While the teacher was very calm and just said to her.

“Get out of my class, and this semester you would not be required to attend this class anymore.”

If the original owner failed his class, she would not be able to compete with Guan Xin, so she had to stop and swallow her anger.

Since then, she and the professor had been on each other’s throat.

The professor’s surname was Jiang, he was called Jiang Xunian who had separate office in the school. Jiang Mian knocked on the door of his office.

“Come in.”

“Teacher Jiang.”

Jiang Mian walked in and presented her leave of absence note.

She did not expect that this Professor Jiang to be so young, she thought it was an old man in his 40’s or 50’s.

Jiang Xunian was not in school some time ago and the animal imitation class was temporarily taught by other teacher. So Jiang Mian was meeting this professor for the first time.

He was wearing glasses, and was in a light blue shirt. He had a sword like eyebrows and has a good temperament. And by just his simple action of looking at the note Jiang Mian had given to him, he could already pass as a model with full packaging and could debut immediately.

As expected of a professor from a film academy, even teacher could look like this. No wonder even if Jiang Xunian was very strict, students still love to take his class.

Jiang Xunian looked at the note then raised his eyes to looked at Jiang Mian, surprised flashed in his eyes.

He certainly knew Jiang Mian, as the party has done all kinds of things in his class which made him have a deep impression on her.

He didn’t expect that within a period of time that they did not see each other, the other party seems to have changed.

If it was before, how could she talked to him politely? She would have been breathed fire at him like an angry dragon.

Jiang Xunian’s eyebrows furrowed imperceptibly, he crossed his hands on the table and looked at Jiang Mian in the eyes.

“Today’s animal imitation class is the first discussion I will have after coming back. You taking a leave of absence it’s not because I came back, right?”

Jiang Mian: ?

“Student Jiang Mian, what you learn in the animal imitation class will help you a lot in the your acting career, if you want to enter the acting circle in the future, it’s better not to be willful.”

“Teacher Jiang I really have something to do.”

Jiang Mian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“I’m going to audition for a play.”

“Audition for a play?”

There was nothing to hide, so Jiang Mian explained.

“Yesterday Director Zhang came to the school for casting, I went to audition. Today they informed me to have re-test.”

“Director Zhang Zhixin?”

Jiang Mian nodded.

“Congratulations, it’s a good opportunity. Take advantage of it.”

Jiang Xunian did not asked any more questions and approved her leave of absence.

Jiang Mian stepped out of the office, walked a few steps but turned back and looked at Jiang Xunian’s office again.

She remembered.

The plot on the original book was too long, and the introduction of Jiang Xunian in the book has always been called Professor Jiang and he came out on the plot a little later, resulting for her to not remember him earlier.

Jiang Xunian was one of the important supporting male in the book. His family has relations with the military, he had a powerful background but choses to teach at the film academy as he only had interest in films.

Later, he met the heroine in a party who was in a difficult situation. Looking at the heroine and thinking that since she was considered as his student Jiang Xunian help the heroine from a dire situation.

From then on, he got acquainted with the heroine one after another and provided all kinds of protection for the heroine. And every the original owner would look for trouble on the heroine she would be always confronted by Jiang Xunian, and unlike the other male supporting character though he always protected the heroine he actually has no too much entanglement with her.

And this was because the author of the book estimated that it was for the sake of reuniting the male lead and the female lead, and not for her to get entangled with the other men too much. Finally Jiang Xunian was given a sad ending by the author with the sentence of “he had an accident and died on the spot.”

Jiang Mian:”…….”

Remembering this, Jiang Mian thought if possible she would like to remind Professor Jiang to stay away from the heroine.

Arriving at the Jun Lai Hotel by taxi, Jiang Mian entered the hotel lobby and found Guan Xin had already arrived and Assistant Liu was also there.

Jiang Mian smiled.

Seeing Jiang Mian, Guan Xin’s expression change slightly. Her eyes flashed with disgust but soon returned to normal, however her hand was hanging at her side were clenched tightly.

Last night she met Director Zhang alone and even dressed up as the director Zhang’s first love. As that man assured her that by doing this, the heroine on the play would be her.

And last night after she acted on one of the scene, Director Zhang’s eyes on her were very complicated. She knew that at that moment, Director Zhang already regarded her as his first love which indicates she portrayed the heroine well.

After leaving, she was already 100% sure in her mind but she didn’t expect to receive a call from Assistant Liu the next day asking her to go for another retest with Jiang Mian.

Jiang Mian repeatedly said that she would no longer entangled with Gu Qiwen, but if that was the case why was she robbing her with this play again?!

So in the end, she did not want to give up on Gu Xiwen at all, she just deliberately wanting to fight against her and humiliate her.

Since this was the case, this time must beat Jiang Mian’s face hard!

Assistant Liu take the two ladies into one of the conference room in the hotel.

Inside the conference room, in addition to Director Zhang there was also a young man sitting beside the director, and the two were talking.

Seeing the man, Guan Xin’s eyes flashed with surprise, and a hint of hidden emotion, not expecting him to come in person.

Jiang Mian notice the changes in her expression, noticing this she raised her eyebrow and sized up the man carefully.

He was about thirty years old, good looking, a typical domineering president type but Jiang Mian has a super tycoon father, this man was not really enough for her to see.

Director Zhang had someone take out two copies of A4 paper and give them to the two.

“This is the scene of you’re retest, I’ll give you three minutes to prepare. Which one of you will come first?”

“I think it should be her.”

The man suddenly spoke up, reaching out and pointing to Guan Xin.

“Director Zhang, although I do not know about directing, but at least this play is my investment. I also read the script, just by the appearance alone, this lady seems to be more in line with the persona in the script.”

“President Shen is right, but appearance is just a plus. It really depends on the actor’s interpretation of the role itself.”

Director Zhang looked at Jiang Mian in the eyes.

“But since, President Shen wanted Guan Xin, then she can go first.”


Guan Xin nodded her head and said softly towards President Shen.

“Thank you President Shen.”

Everyone has a preconceived idea, as long as she could play the scene stunningly enough, Jiang Mian would not be able to lift her head.

And she has that confidence.

Jiang Mian looked at the so called President Shen, a moment later she lowered her long eyelashes down and covered up the killing intent in her eyes.

President Shen—Shen Shiqing, it turns out that he had appeared around this time.

The book has always revealed that there were people behind Guan Xin to help her, and only at the later part of the plot did Shen Shiqing revealed himself. The male lead and him had to compete for the female lead, and the two fought very ferociously.

This man was the villain in the book. He was cruel and ruthless, and whoever makes the female lead unhappy or bullies her, he would get revenge and clear the way for her.

After the original owner’s last dad had his last meal2, the man finally found the opportunity to find someone to break the two legs of the original owner.

Description on the original book:

Jiang Mian’s head was covered with a black cloth. The sky was raining heavily, and the rain drops coldly fell on her as she was dragged by her hair and the debris cut her once smooth skin, her body was hurting all over. However this was just the beginning, she could not see anything and could only hear a man’s laughter and then a pain came from her leg one after another.

Her mouth was gagged with a smelly rag as she curled up in pain, but could not make any sound.

‘Dad, I’m in pain you guys come and help me…….’


Jiang Mian raised her eyes and looked at Shen Shiqing who seemed to have sense something and looked towards Jiang Mian.

Guan Xin confidently said to the director.

“Director Zhang, I’m ready.”

“Let’s begin.”


Jiang Mian’s eyes rose slowly and said with a smile.

“Miss Guan, when did I agree to let you try the scene first?”


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animal imitation1– raw was 动物模拟 that means imitation to simulate to imitate analog (device, as opposed to digital)

last dad had his last meal2– after he died


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