Chapter 20

Jian Ruxi didn’t expect that Fu Shiyuan would smile with her little comment, which make her heart stopped beating. She looked like she was filming an idol drama just like in her previous life.

It was her first time to take a female lead role, of course the production was not that good. The male lead role in the drama was just a little fresh meat, it was literally a love drama for idols who wanted to transition in acting.

And just like any other idol drama, the cast consisted of just handsome men and beautiful women and since the director didn’t pick them through their acting skills so they filmed the drama with relax and cheerful atmosphere.

At that time she had a fluffy and doting scene with the male lead, the screenwriter explained to the actor that he need to portray an expression of a helpless but must also contain a gentle and doting expression so as to express a heart beating atmosphere.

Jian Ruixi who was listening to the side thought that it as was unscientific to show a helpless but gentle and doting expression since no one had really done that, and wasn’t that making the fresh meat twitched and making other people die from cringe ah? (well if foes was ever possible)

Later when the shooting the scene began the fresh meat really did not meet the screenwriter’s standards as he only remember how to smile evilly and handsomely but since he did smile well the director passed it that way.

From this it could be seen that the screenwriter was indeed blinded with nonsense.

Jian Ruixi once thought that it was impossible for someone to show such complex and layered emotions with just a smile—until she meet Fu Shiyuan.

With Fu Shiyan’s smiling slightly but contained complex emotions only then did Jian Ruixi know what it mean to be both and was possible.

As if tasting the sweetness and saltiness at the same time, she also felt like she was that heroine who has her heart thump as if being revive alive and had no resistance.

Realizing this Jian Ruixi quickly slipped away as if her feet was poured with greased.

She who thinks that she had been through a thousand sails like an imperial sister was teased twice by the same man, and she couldn’t even return twice not even once which make her a loser.

As she also could not do anything about it, she know herself that she could easily retaliate with tooth for a tooth but then what?

Jian Ruixi knows her temper, she could accept to have a superficial husband and wife relationship with President Fu even if he demands something more from her.

But what she couldn’t accept the man she likes to give her a green hat and she believed that Fu Shiyuan was no less proud than her.

Now she was just fooling around, she was afraid that she’ll break her legs if she wanted to find a fresh meat just like what she originally planned.

More importantly her danger period has not yet passed, she couldn’t just sleep comfortably.

With all these thoughts jumping from one idea to another, Jian Ruixi returned quickly to reality, she conceded and hold the box while running away pretending that she had to pack her bags, fortunately Fu Shiyuan did not follow her.

The two of them stayed together until Jian Ruixi boarded her flight back to Hong Kong.

The flight went smoothly and finally took off, landing at 3:00 p.m. Lisa came to the airport early in the morning and waited eagerly.

Since she understood that she was not irreplaceable on her boss’s side, she regained her enthusiasm for her work.

Today, she was finally looking forward to her boss’s return to Hong Kong. Lisa was excited and was also a little nervous.

When Jian Ruixi walked out of the hall she immediately gave her a hug and expressed how much she missed her.

“Madam has finally come back, I fell that the past few days when you are away seems as long as a few months.”

Jian Ruixi patted her back and said some words.

“I’m not used of Lisa not being around me either, but I just thought that since you have been with me for so many years and yet you haven’t had a good holiday, also I want to take the opportunity to let you relax for a few days that’s why I decided to go alone.”

Lisa was relieved to hear her say that, and it seemed that she had no intention of changing her. She then was separated from Jian Ruixi and called her bodyguard to come and pick up her luggage.

After she went back hovering behind Jian Ruixi as they leave the airport.

“Is Madam still used living in the capital? It think you really like it there, I saw you are always updating with your circle of friends and with President Fu! Seven years of marriage can still be so sweet making the people so envious of you.”

In order to stage Jian Ruixi ‘changes’, these days everything she does was posted for her circle of her friends to see like; eating outside, watching movies,  shopping and video chatting her son was also included on those photos.

And looking at Lisa’s reaction it seems that her efforts were working. Jian Ruixi was not modest and smiled at her.

“Ethan and I really have a good relationship. We not only found a suitable way to get along with each other but also reached new consensus on children’s education.”


Lisa was genuinely surprised now, she and Jian Ruixi had the same goal—both wanted to a job until retirement, but hearing what Jian Ruixi said—

As her assistant Lisa feels that she was really lucky to say that even if her service requires 24 hours assistance it was in fact not a hard work and since her boss needed to rest also that was minus the time of her assistance.

Not to mention that her boss has less trouble, making it easy for her to deal with any problem. Also she spends most of her time hanging out, eating, drinking and attending all kinds of upper class parties and dinners.

There were not much of technical content but the salary was not low, from the initial salary of 1 million to now, Lisa has been paid with an annual salary of 2 million which was doubles in seven years.

In the future she could raise her pay based in her length of service. There were no more relaxed and decent job than what she had right now.

Lisa wanted to Madam Fu’s personal assistant for a long time, of course she also hopes that the boss’s position would last forever and that Madam Fu’s position would not be shaken.

At the beginning, Lisa would also persuade her husband to get closer to the young master. After all President Fu was not the kind of maverick man on the internet.

She heard that President was brought by his grandmother when he was a child, it seems that the tradition of the family was ‘separation’.

However President Fu was not likely to let Old Madam Fu dictate his marriage, in this case what does Madam Fu care if she disobeys her mother-in-law a little? If she get the Young Master on her side, she would be invincible.

Unfortunately, it was pity that Lisa could see clearly that Madam Fu doesn’t like to disobey Old Madam Fu, and Lisa who doesn’t want to make her employer unhappy could only shut up.

Over time, her enterprising spirit has been worn away by years of comfortable life and she has become muddle along and self-satisfied.

Now that Jian Ruixi has come to her senses, Lisa also seems to have recovered her youthful ambition as she carefully helped Jian Ruixi into the car while she was still inquiring about the details.

Jian Ruixi was also patient, she thinks that Lisa was very considerate. She hasn’t made a big mistake with Madam Fu for many years and it was a hassle for her to change her assistant suddenly.

So she had to rely on Lisa to let the other party know about her changes, and talked to Lisa about her son.

Lisa nodded repeatedly, according to Madam Fu it was President Fu’s idea and by the recent events of him appearing together with his wife often, what Madam Fu said must be true.

President Fu seems to be the person who loves to spoil his lover, as he readily accompany his wife to a tea with theater and even ate hotpot together—before she saw the photos she suspected that President was not the President Fu she knew.

It could be seen that these days, Madam Fu and Master Fu’s feeling really soared ah.

With that in mind, Lisa looked back at Madam Fu and exclaimed.

“Has Madam changed products recently? Your complexion is getting prettier, your skin is so white but at the same time has a tinge of red, your eyebrows looks like they were flying. You only not look young and energetic but also more dazzling and charming than usual.”


Jian Ruixi touched her face with joy, she herself did not pay too much attention but it does not prevent her from learning from the ‘opinions’ of others.

Lisa nodded, thinking that it was because of the nourishment of love and harmonious life with President Fu that she no longer feel sensitive and inferior, making her more dazzling as people could not take their eyes off her.

She even think that with Madam Fu right now, there was no way President Fu could resist such charm right?

Hearing Lisa’s compliments Jian Ruixi narcissism was activated for a moment, but also did not forget her real business.

“Right Lisa, how is the nutritionist I asked you? Although I’m better looking but I can’t forget the body management ah.”

Lisa smiled and said that she had already found someone who was worked with famous celebrity before. She also never forget to compliment Madam Fu again.

“Madam’s body is perfect, you still wanted to lose weight?”

Jian Ruixi said modestly.

“After all, this is a woman’s life’s work.”

In fact, after she crossed over because she did not need to be on camera, she ‘eat and drink’ to her hearts content. Result was she could not wear some of her clothes, and also her belly has begun to sag.

When she discovered this fact yesterday, Jian Ruixi was devastated she only ate a little more than on her previous life, and compared to ordinary people she was still restrained how did she have end up being fat?

However she soon realized that ordinary people have to go to work that’s why they need to eat more to gain more energy. She on the other hand was different, if she only eats but doesn’t work wouldn’t she get fat?

With this realization, Jian Ruixi commented to herself.

It was really hard losing weight in a day!



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