Chapter 23

Master Zhang was the teacher that the Jiang house specially invited for Jiang Yunting to learn martial arts.

But unfortunately, although Master Zhang teaches seriously Jiang Yunting learns poorly.

Jiang Liangchan continued.

“I asked Master Zhang, and he said that with Jiang Yunting’s current level is better than a naughty child. Not the mention in the future if he want to go to the battlefield and drive back the enemy, he can’t even beat a guard.”

Jiang Yunting who was barely better than a naughty child became irritated and said with a red face.

“What are you talking about! You don’t know how to practice martial arts, just by watching me doing a horse stance, how can you know if I’m good or bad?”

“Besides, when did you ask Master Zhang, you clearly just twisted my ear and came over here.”

What kind of nonsense were you blabbering with that small mouth of yours.

Jiang Yunting did not dare to say the other sentence afraid of other beating he would get and just said it to himself.

Jiang Yunting had no more face and felt aggrieved, so he could only look at Mother Jiang with his pitiful eyes.

“Mother, please say something and say a fair judgment.”

Mother Jiang looked lovingly at the beads of sweat on the tip of Jiang Yunting’s nose from practicing martial arts and nodded approvingly.

“Chan’er is right, although you are practicing your kung fu, you’re really practicing sloppily.”

Jiang Liangchan happily agreed.

“That’s right.”

Jiang Yunting suffered another pain.

Mother Jiang look at his depressed look, she couldn’t bear and touched his head. She said worriedly.

“Jiang family’s ancestor did produced general, but to your father’s generation there has long been no shadow of military generals. He is a civil servant and not leading army to fight.”

Jiang Yunting grunted in defiance.

“A man is a man of iron steel, it’s like throwing his head and blood on the battlefield.”

Mother Jiang did not enforce her son’s idea and just said worriedly.

“We don’t have soldiers in our family, nor do we have military power. Your marital arts physique must be good among the children in the capital but swords don’t have eyes in the battlefield. If you don’t practice well it will be dangerous for you.”

Jiang Yunting who listened to what his mother said, anxiously jump.

“Mother we all know that danger is always around us, but you cannot use that to say that I am not good with learning. How can you make conclusion if I haven’t went to the battlefield yet? What’s more, I am a man what’s wrong with just playing around at home? Don’t use your worries to imprison me!”

Jiang Liangchan slapped him on the head with forced.

“What are you shouting! Who are shouting at!”

In Jiang Liangchan’s heart her mother has the biggest part and no one could disrespect her.

Jiang Liangchan wanted to hit him again because he yelled at Mother Jiang spiting fire, but Jiang Yunting wronged eyes were red, making Jiang Liangchan a little stunned.

On the second thought, at his age he was actually in a period of rebellion.

Young people of this age, were self-consciousness on what they want to do, as they were clamor in their hearts, eager to be an indomitable hero.

Although they seem to be just young boys in the eyes of adults, this was also the most passionate and precious time of the youth in life.

He was eager to achieve something for himself, but also extremely disgusted with restraints created by his parents, and once shackled the resistance would be very strong.

Jiang Liangchan suddenly had an idea.

She pressed Jiang Yunting on the sandalwood chair and said with a smile.

“Xiao Yunting, if you want to march and fight, you can do it ah. We won’t stop you, but we don’t recognized your current strength, so if you meet the conditions I propose, you can go and we promise not to say anything anymore, ok?”

Jiang Yunting was not convinced.

“Why can’t I go if you don’t approve?”

Jiang Liangchan smiled.

“What, little general Jiang hasn’t even have his general seal yet but you’re afraid of such a little challenge?”

Jiang Yunting warned himself in his heart that this must be a provocation, but–.

He slapped the table.

“What am I afraid of, just say it. If I’m afraid then I am your grandson!”

Though upset, but he actually wanted to know what Jiang Liangchan’s conditions were.

Tut, still a child.

Jiang Liangchan tried to keep her expression serious, lest Jiang Yunting see it and become annoyed again. She smiled and said.

“My conditions is very simple, if you can find and the old master of arrow and become his student I will recognized you as a man and even find a weapon that is hard to find in this world, and respectfully send to you to the battlefield.”

Jiang Yunting didn’t expect the conditions she want was this. He instinctively said.

“You’re deliberately giving me the impossible condition, old master of arrow has long been wandering in the four corners of the world, no one has seen him at all in the past 10 years old. So where can I find him? You’re just looking for trouble.”

He was originally a famous general of his generation. After assisting his ancestor to win back the kingdom, he did not go the court to accept the reward nor did he accept an official position.

Instead he immediately returned to his province and traveled to the north and south of the country. Although he did not have an official position but he had high prestige.

The first twenty years of his retirement, he left stories everywhere. Chivalrous and righteous, not afraid of power, many local officials were unable to fight and dare not mess with him or else they were all picked up by him when passed by.

Later, when the invader came to invade, the generals went wave after wave but couldn’t resist, they were defeated one after another.

At the age of more than 50, he returned to his royal highness and asked to put on his clothes. After a year’s hard struggle, he fought back to the border and returned the peace.

Since then the border has been peaceful but no one has seen his shadow.

The master of old arrow’s fame was far more famous that many people want to worship him as a teacher but he did not accept any of them.

He says that only those he likes would he accept as apprentices.

Once this was said, there were many people who wanted send their sons to him. High officials and dignitaries wanted to send their children to him, as well as martial arts masters and sons of generals who had already become famous all went to seek him.

But until he disappeared, he did not accept a disciple.

Up to now, no one even knows if the old master arrow was still alive. It was said that he suffered a lot of injuries when he went to his second expedition. He has not been seen for more than 10 years and many people have guessed that he was actually dead.

As soon as Jiang Liangchan said this, not to mention Jiang Yinting’s resistance even Mother Jiang was not convinced. Jiang Liangchan then whispered to her mother.

“Although Master Zhang himself is excellent he is afraid of the power and influence our family have. So he does not dare to ask more of this boy, and let him play. If he goes on like this, he will never learn.”

Mother Jiang considered this point and was preparing to let his son be taught by another teacher.

Jiang Liangchan shook her head, it was better to have the old man arrow to teach her brother.

She remembered the plot, the old master arrow did appear this year, and also took a disciple. Later, after Jiang Yunting’s humiliating death, his apprentice took over the general’s seal in the midst of the storm to reclaim the precarious border.

Jiang Yunting’s eyes widened.

“How is that possible?”

Jiang Liangchan smiled.

“If the information is true and he is indeed near the capital. Do you dare to go to him and acknowledge him as a teacher?”

Jiang Yunting was a little nervous but more of excitement.

Old Master Arrow was back, and he maybe very close?

Jiang Yunting made a fist.


Jiang Liangchan pulled him to her and met the worried gaze of Mother Jiang, she smiled and shook her head and reassured her mother.

Going to war over even dying in the battle, this was his established fate.

What they could do was only to make them go to war prepared, stronger and able to defend the kingdom and come back alive.



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