Chapter 126

But about this thought of spending their life time together, Jiang Hengshu had already assured him before they even talked about wedding.

Madam Jiang nodded.

“…. In that case, it doesn’t really take much time. Wait until I find a master to count what good days you have in April.”

Madam Jiang was not a superstitious person but in this kind of things she was extra cautious. She believes that it was necessary to find a master to come, and choose the auspicious date just to be sure.

After talking about the wedding, Madam Jiang took Fu Zhen’s hand and the smile on her face became more and more amiable. She asked Fu Zhen gently.

“How do you feel these two days? Hengshu said that you have been throwing up for several days.”

Fu Zhen shyly lowered his head and replied.

“It’s already much better.”

Madam Jiang smiled and said to Fu Zhen.

“The cook at home is much better than Hengshu’s dishes, why don’t you stay at home for a few days?”

Fu Zhen shook his head,

“No. he’s food were good.”

Madam Jiang covered her mouth and laugh lightly. She understood that these young people wanted to live in a world where there were just that two of them, so she did not force them to move to the Jiang mansion.

March came quietly in everyone’s expectation. As soon as Fu Zhen was pregnant for three months, Jiang Hengshu took him to the hospital for comprehensive emanation.

The life inside his stomach was normal and there was no genetic disease or deformity.

Fu Zhen finally settle the worries in his heart, and his appetite was much better. Every day Jiang Hengshu changed his diet and supplement him with all kinds of nutrition.

Compared when Jiang Hengshu first saw him on the bus in December last year, Fu Zhen now has more meat on his body, and his face was much smoother than before.

After confirming that there was nothing wrong with the baby in his stomach, Fu Zhen put all oh his attention into working on Shazou Chronicle.

He didn’t need to worry about the wedding either, what he need to was to wait for the arrival of April.

Although the wedding between Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen was not held in a grandeur way, it was the marriage of the Jiang family of Hexi after all.

And Jiang Hengshu was the only successor of the Jiang family. Even if socialite and other well known families didn’t receive the invitation, everyone paid close attention to the wedding.

It was said that the heir of the Jiang family seems to have married a man. They don’t know what President Jiang and Madam Jiang think about it, but they finally agreed.

Fu Zhen’s wedding was scheduled on April 9, it was a little rushed but Jiang Hengshu says it was all in time.

Though the master calculate another good day for them, and that would be in June. But their wedding couldn’t wait until June.

“Jiang Hengshu and Xiao Zhen…”

Fu Ting came to find Fu Jianchen and said to him.

“Is going to get married.”

“I know.”

Fu Jianchen said slowly, of course he knew. He watched the two of the walked into the Civil Affair Bureau together and out together.

“Their wedding is on April 9th.”

Fu Ting continued.

Fu Jianchen let out a sound, his face was covered with fatigue. He tilted his head to look at the huge glass chandelier but did not say a word.

He once prepared a grand wedding for Tang Wanwan, and made sure it was grand even though she was not even his blood. Now, his child was getting married but it has nothing to do with him.

He once took Tang Wanwan along the red carpet and handed her hand to Qin Zhao in everyone’s well wishes, witnessing the happiest moment in her life.

And now, his real baby was also getting married but he couldn’t even look at it anymore.

This was his retribution, Fu Jianchen has long understood so he could only suffer in silence.


The day after the Arbor Day, Fu Zhen went out to buy some fruits, and didn’t expect to meet Fu Ting on the road as soon as he left.

Fu Zhen hesitated for a moment, then pretended not see anything and continued to walk forward.

But to his surprise, Fu Ting called him out.

“Xiao Zhen.”

Fu Zhen stopped but did not turned around, his eyes were looking at the cars passing by the street not far away. Fu Ting walked over and stopped Fu Zhen, he said.

“I know you are getting married, I have prepared a gift for you.”

“I don’t need it.” Fu Zhen replied.

Fu Ting was silent for a while and spoke.

“I know you can’t forgive us, I just want to make your life a little better.”

Fu Zhen sighed and looked at Fu Ting.

“If you really want me to be happy for my own good, then don’t even appear in front of me again.”

Fu Ting was stunned.

Fu Zhen lowered his eyes and swallowed all the hurtful words in his mouth. They used to love him, but they choose Tang Wanwan after she appeared in their lives.

No one could guarantee that this situation would not happen again. Fu Zhen shook his head and gently smiled.

“I don’t need you anymore.”

Fu Ting suddenly raised his head and looked at Fu Zhen in front of him, hoping to see the slightest nostalgia in Fu Zhen’s expression but he didn’t.

There was no hate nor love in Fu Zhen’s eyes, he really wanted to treat them as strangers.

He remembered that not long after Fu Zhen was driven out of the Fu family he had seen him on an open road and what he said to Fu Zhen at that time was.

“If you dare to appear in front of Tang Wanwn again, you won’t be needing the rest of your leg.”

At that time Fu Zhen stared at him with a pair of big empty eyes, then turned and ran away.

The moon was staring cold over the night sky, lighting Fu Zhen’s back which gradually disappeared in his line of sight. Fu Ting only felt as if knife had been sliced out of his heart.

At that time, Fu Ting did not understand where this pain came from, but now he understands everything, but was also too late for everything.

“I won’t come and see you again.”

Fu Ting assured Fu Zhen.

“Thank you.”

Fu Zhen said this and turned around to leave.

Once again, Fu Ting watched Fu Zhen’s figure disappear from his sight, his brother who said thank you after he assured him of not seeing him again.

This was too ironic, but this result was entirely his fault.


TL: aw.., I’m in verge of crying while translating this… I hated Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting for not able to resist the system but still at the end of the day they were still manipulated that was a fact..


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  2. yeah, it’s truly sad for the Fu’s. They didn’t intend to hurt their baby, but the just did it unfortunately. forced! this is the worst system story ever..

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  4. I wonder if they will ever know what really happened to them. It’s so sad. Thank you for your great translation ❤

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    If only the system could make an appearance and give an honest testimony. Or make an obvious display of its existence? Or maybe jiang hengshou would get into an accident that either fu jianchen or fu ting be the ones rescuing him??
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  9. Ugh it hurts reading this. I really hope this somehow gets resolved otherwise I’m going to be really disappointed. This one plot point is killing me.

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  10. I hope this could still be ammended huhu They truly love Fu Zhen.

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  11. This hurts:((((((((((((( I hope a miracle happens and everything is well again…
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