GTKWF 24.2

Translator: Dorkzilla

Editor: Kyoun15


The idol looks angry (2)

Netizens were very excited when they heard that they might invite Meng Xingchen. After all, he was a movie emperor and seldom participated in variety shows.

Meng Xingchen had become famous young and had quickly risen in popularity due to his excellent acting skills and handsome appearance. He had moved to the big screen after getting his movie emperor status and was also currently nominated for his movie {Silent}.

Despite that, he was relatively low-key. He rarely participated in variety shows and had a good reputation in the circle.

Le Xiao quickly sent her message. Looking at her, she was more nervous than Sheng Qiao and started worrying right after: “Will he be asleep?”

Sheng Qiao counted: “No, it’s day time in Finland.”

“How do you know?”

“Finland is UTC+2 and we are UTC+8, six hours ahead.”

Le Xiao looked at her with surprise: “Wow, Qiao Qiao, your geography is so good. I hated geography the most back in school. Time zones are just too weird.”

The netizens were also taken aback. But when they remembered that she had just graduated from junior high, they thought that she might have only been good at geography.

Half an hour later, Le Xiao finally received a reply from Meng Xingchen: It sounds quite interesting.

Le Xiao read it and started shaking Sheng Qiao’s arm with excitement.

“Qiao Qiao! He replied, let’s hurry, I will give you his number and you have to invite him sincerely!”

Sheng Qiao took out her phone again to store the number. After entering all the digits, she realized that the number was already in her contacts under ——


What did it mean?

Sheng Qiao made a shush gesture and dialed the number. After three rings, the phone was picked up and the gentle male voice answered: “Hello.”

Sheng Qiao covered Le Xiao’s mouth with her hand.

“Senior Meng, hello, This is Sheng Qiao.”

“Hello, Sheng Qiao.”

“We are currently shooting an indoor variety show and would like to invite you as a guest. I was wondering if Senior had time?”

“Le Xiao already explained it to me. I happen to be returning to China tomorrow and if there is no trouble, I would like to try your homemade miso noodles and hot pot.”

It was unexpectedly easy and Sheng Qiao was a little surprised: “No trouble at all, it is our honor to welcome you. Then, we will wait for your arrival.”

“Prefect. See you tomorrow.”

After hanging up the phone, Le Xiao’s squeals were finally released.

“I said it! Senior Meng is so nice!” She turned her head and patted Zhong Shen’s. “You don’t have to dance and sing now!”

Sheng Qiao was a little dazed. She was still staring at the word “Moonlight” in her address book and frowned unconsciously. Why had Sheng Qiao saved it like this? Just looking at the call log, they had never contacted each other before, even on WeChat. The meaning of the word moonlight was too ambiguous. Could it be that something had happened between them? Sheng Qiao was really confused by her thoughts.

As she was deep in her thoughts, a shadow was cast over her. When she looked up, Huo Xi was staring at her and said in a whisper only she could hear: “Are you that happy to talk to the actor on the phone?”

He threw the first aid kit he had brought over in her arms: “Take care of the blisters on your hand.”

And then he turned around and left.

Sheng Qiao who had just been scolded: ???

What had happened? Why was her idol angry? Huo Xi did not say one more word to her until everyone went upstairs for the night.

His personality was indifferent and nobody noticed something was wrong. But Sheng Qiao had been his fan for a long time and knew of even the most subtle mood change and expression.

She was not sure why Huo Xi was suddenly angry and wondered for a minute if there was any conflict between him and Meng Xingchen. But after chasing after him for so many years, she had never heard about anything like it.

Sheng Qiao was going crazy. She was tossing around in her bed and could not fall asleep. She wanted to send him a message to ask but was afraid of annoying her idol. As she was still trying to sleep at 1 am, she heard the sound of the door opposite to hers open followed by footsteps going down the stairs.

Sheng Qiao quickly got up, put on a jacket, tousled her hair, opened her door and yawned: “I’m so thirsty.”

She went downstairs. The light of the living room and kitchen were on and a person stood in front of the fridge. When he heard someone walking in, he turned his head but the expression on his face did not change when he saw her.

Sheng Qiao looked “surprised” and strode over in a few steps.

“Oh, Huo Xi, why are you up?”

Huo Xi took a sandwich from the fridge: “I was a little hungry.”

As soon as he said it, Sheng Qiao grabbed his sandwich.

“It’s late, don’t eat cold food.” She looked in the fridge, took two tomatoes and eggs out.

“I am hungry too, I will make egg noodles.”

Before Huo Xi could even answer, she walked to the stove. Huo Xi stood there for a while then followed her.

Sheng Qiao boiled the water, beat and stirred the eggs, diced the tomatoes, once the water was boiling she took out the cooked noodles before passing them in cold water. She then took a bowl out and topped the noodles with eggs and tomatoes.

Huo Xi sat down in front of her, took his chopsticks and mixed them well before starting to eat. Sheng Qiao looked at him with a smile, love and tenderness in her eyes.

The person sitting across from her was the one she had liked for six years. She had watched him debut as a trainee and walk step by step towards today’s glory. It had been six years but her love for him was still the same as in the past, warm and full, and had never faded. He had this charm that made people love him more and more.

She really liked him so much.

Huo Xi suddenly raised his head and met her gaze. She was taken aback and quickly buried her head in her bowl. As she was stuffing her mouth, her ears turned red.

Even if she ate with her idol daily, she would still shy.

Huo Xi looked at her a bit more then went back to eat his noodles. The coldness in his eyes gradually disappeared.

Fortunately, after everyone had gone to bed, the audience had left and almost no one noticed this scene in the live broadcast room.

After eating, Sheng Qiao took the bowls away and washed them and told him to go back to sleep first.

Huo Xi looked at her again and asked: “Are you afraid of the ghosts?”

Sheng Qiao thought about her brand new autographed photo and answered: “Not afraid. I have a talisman.”

After returning to the room, she took the picture out of her purse and put it under her pillow. The feeling of being guarded by her idol came back and she slept better than she had in a long time that night.


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  1. Do I spy a wee bit of jealousy from Jul Xi? Also lmao at Shen Qiao’s talisman. Thanks for updating!

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  2. Pretty sure the talisman is that autograph photo lololol


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  4. Hahahahaha Xi’er is jelly 🤢 don’t worry baby the old Qiao’er likes the other star dude, her white moonlight, but the new one has loved you for 6 years!

    Thanks for the chapter


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