Chapter 19

Jian Ruixi also began to prepare her to return to Hong Kong, but before leaving she also took with her an imperial green bracelet from Fu Shiyuan.

Of course, she didn’t want it for herself, Jian Ruixi thought that her plan of fighting against her rich mother-in-law was not something she could accomplished with one to two days.

She needed to slowly cultivate their feelings first, she should not offend her rich mother-in-law too early.

What’s more, it was the Old Madam Fu who wiped Jayce poop and urine when it was still a baby, she was also the one who taught the child so well making sure he won’t grow up as just a second generation rich kid leeching off on his parents, though Jayce was just a child yet.

So she should be grateful, and with that thought she plan to prepare a gift for her mother-in-law.

This should at least not give her a cold shoulder as soon as she give the gift to Old Madam Fu.

Anyway she was now the luxurious noblewoman and problem that could be solved with money were not problems anymore.

Jian Ruixi prepared a seven figure budget and wanted to give Old Madam Fu a good pat on the back, but Madam Fu who has been married into the wealthy family for many years still couldn’t pinpoint her mother-in-law’s preferences.

It was a little embarrassing of course, and knowing Old Madam even if she gift her expensive things it won’t enter in her eyes.

And in order to please Old Madam Fu she should not just gift her an expensive gift but it should be also be the right one for her.

With that thought she drew her last and ultimate card. Recently she and Fu Shiyuan had gotten along very well, they even had a hot pot and watched a play while drinking tea together. He was her confidant.

Who was Old Madam Fu’s son? Who would best understand her? All Jian Ruixi needed was some advice from Fu Shiyuan.

And as expected President Fu helped her, he was even more considerate than she thought. He handed her a jewelry box directly.

“It was sold on an auction. It was originally a birthday present, go and take it.”

Jian Ruixi wanted to say some polite words, but when she opened the box and she saw the fineness and the elegance of the bracelet she immediately shut up.

People in the circle also played with jadeite and other expensive jewelries, and she also had done her homework, so even if she wasn’t proficient in it, she could see that it was the best.

Remembering what Fu Shiyuan said about how he obtained through auction, she estimated that it should cost at least 80 million yuan.

In fact at first she valued it as 100 million yuan but since her imagination was limited by poverty, she thought it was bit exaggerated so nevertheless she should be a little conservative that why she come with 80 million yuan.

There were really was no more decent gift than this.

Jian Ruix was moved, if you could get a bargain then sell yourself well1 so she directly thanked him.

“Then I’ll borrow this flowers and offer them to Buddha. I’ll give you something in return next time ah.”

“When did you become an outsider?”

Fu Shiyuan paid no attention to what she said and just smiled.

“You are my wife, these things are also obviously yours.”

Listening to Fu Shiyuan’s words it seems to mean “what’s mine is also yours” but Jian Ruixi couldn’t understand it like this.

The more rich people were the less they would lose money, even though the Fu family was known in people’s mind as filthy rich, “rich people were labeled as stupid with money’ and they were no exception.

Madam Fu has been married to the Fu family for only a few years but she already has hundreds of millions of real estate under her name and these fixed assets were still increasing in value every year and the shares she had was worth hundreds of millions.

Not to mention Madam Fu’s pocket money was also very generous, in addition her wealthy father-in-law would also occasionally give her a sky-high red envelope.

And her rich mother-in-law has given away hundreds of million worth of pigeon eggs as well—as long as she doesn’t snatch her grandson away, Old Madam Fu was actually generous to her daughter-in-law.

In short the Fu family was definitely the best among the wealthy families. The gift she received from her in-laws couldn’t even be compared to the heroine.

After all, the Xu family was full of children and grandchildren, and even though Xi Mucheng was the eldest grandson of the eldest house which and was more favored but it still could not compared to the Fu generation which only had a single heir, making them more precious.

But what Madam Fu owned was just a drop in the bucket compared with President Fu’s personal property.

Jian Ruixi believes that if one day if she could think of divorce, with the Fu family’s generosity and Fu Shiyuan’s generosity maybe they could also give her billions of alimony so she could leave the Fu family in style.

However it would an absolutely wishful thinking to divide the common property with President Fu.

“A big Famliy is like a deep sea” was not an empty words, how much she could get all depends on President Fu’s mood. That was why Jian Ruixi has to hug the thighs of her wealthy husband as soon as she crossed over.

However President Fu has been very good towards her, he even gives her enough face as his wife in private, so on what ground should she demand divorced?

Nevertheless Jian Ruixi felt she already reap the benefits. She nodded and said.

“Good, what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is still mine.”

If Fu Shiyuan often surfed the internet he would know that these were the “famous words” of the netizens but unfortunately he was not.

So hearing his wife’s amazing words he was momentarily stunned but a moment later, he shake his head half helpless and half spoiled. Sighing he said.

“You ah….”


if you could get a bargain then sell yourself well1– if you could get something expensive or precious for something cheap then you could humble yourself and just received it


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