Chapter 32

Shen Yan paused and said.

“When is it convenient for us to change the case, or you give me an address I can send it.”

The man on the other end of the phone gave a hmm, his voice was cold with a nasal sound like and then simply spat out the word.


After saying the address, Shen Yan simply dragged the suitcase directly to the security room downstairs and waited. While waiting she was thinking about the future.

Shen Yan waited for more than half an hour when a low profile black nanny car pulled up at the entrance of the neighborhood.

The man who got out of the car was a middle aged man with gold-rimmed glasses, he was slightly stunned when he saw Shen Yan. Before changing the suitcases with her, he gave Shen Yan an autograph with letters.

“Thank you.”

Shen Yan subconsciously took the autograph and then loosen her grip. The autograph slowly fell to the ground.

Lu Yunchen’s words were written warmly and smoothly, each stroke has was without sharpness but there was a kind of majestic momentum.

The man opposite obviously didn’t expect that Shen Yan would react like this, he was thinking that Shen Yan would be excited.

He bent down to help Shen Yan picked up the autograph and give it back to her, but she heard her say.

“I don’t want that, I’m a black fan.”

Having said that Shen Yan dragged her suitcase and headed back.

Lu Yunchen.

How can I get the wrong suitcase and it was Lu Yunchen’s suitcase!

Lu Yunchen was the heroine’s male god, the entertainment industry’s top celebrity. The heroine entered the entertainment circle because of him, she wanted to capture his heart.

Which later make the male lead jealous of him and wanted him to retire from the entertainment circle but Lu Yunchen was actually the son of the Lu family.

Besides Lu Yunchen was not interested in the heroine, and wasn’t move by her.

Shen Yan dragged her suitcase as slowly when she came back.

Lu Yuchen’s agent twitched the corners of his mouth then laughed out loud. He picked up the autographed on the ground and went back to the nanny’s car.

“Yunchen, she doesn’t want your autograph she said she was your black fan hahahahahahahahahaha”

Since Lu Yunchen become the top male celebrity this was the first time the agent was confronted like that.

Nestled in the car seat, Lu Yunchen opened the window and looked out only to see Shen Yan dragging her suitcase.

He picked up the business card with one hand and looked at it. He slowly spoke.

“Shen Yan?”

Lu Yunchen agent was excited.

“Especially beautiful.”

“Why is she my black a fan?”

“I forgot to ask hahahaha.”

After Lu Yunchen’s agent finished speaking he said.

“By the way the production team wanted you to be a judge for the audition casting since you are the no.1 male god Xianxia, what do you think?”

With a hum, Lu Yunchen lay down comfortable in the car seat and prepared to sleep.

“Wake me when we get to the set.”

In his previous life, Lu Yunchen’s agent also wanted to ask Lu Yunchen whether he would accept the offer of being a judge on a Xianxia series.

But at that time Lu Yunchen had been sleeping in the car since he came out of the airport, and his agent never had the chance to ask him, so his agent simply refused the crew.

However this time, since Lu Yunchen and Shen Yan took the wrong case his agent was able to inform him before sleeping.

After thinking about it, Lu Yunchen said.

“Your schedule is a bit packed, why don’t I help you refuse one show.  It’s easier to be a judge than to make a movie especially a Xianxia series.”

Lu Yunchen didn’t say anything and fell asleep, while Lu Yunchen’s agent went straight to reject someone else invitation to be the first male lead in a TV series.

When Shen Yan returned home she immediately threw the clothes inside the suitcase into the washing machine and sat on the sofa with one hand on her chin.

She continued to think about her future and while thinking deeply about it, Shen Yan suddenly laugh out loud.

She was reborn and had such an opportunity, so why let herself lived tiringly. She feels that in her last life, she was only like that because she liked Meng Yi’an.

She doesn’t have to like Meng Yi’an in her life this time.

Having figured that out, Shen Yan got up and went to the kitchen and made herself a dinner.

Once for Meng Yi’an, Shen Yan practiced her cooking skills, but now her cooking skills were only for herself.

After working for quite a long time, Shen Yan took a shower and went to bed.

Early the next morning, Zhou Ruo asked Shen Yan to go the entertainment company. So the next day Shen Yan got up early and change her clothes, she then went directly to her agency without putting any makeup.



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