Chapter 20

The voice that spoke was delicate and soft with self-deprecation making Xu Yanwen’s eyes jumped as he listened. His dark eyes was intently staring at her, looking at her very sad and aggrieved face. She obviously did nothing wrong.

Xu Yanwen hurriedly walked back to the table and apologized for the jokes made by the few brats.

“Don’t listen to their nonsense, those few stinky boy couldn’t help opening their mouth!”

Xue Jiayue blinked, if she was the original owner hearing those few people taunting words she would obviously be sad but, she was not her and doesn’t care about it.

She does not feel that it was anything big, whether the food was cooked well or not, nor was it their sarcasm. The food on the table in front of her proves everything.

She smiled faintly towards Xu Yanwen and said lightly.

“It’s okay, I didn’t hear anything.”

Xu Yanwen choked: “…..”


Xue Jiayue picked up her chopsticks and said with a calm face.

Xu Yanwen looked at Xue Jiayue, she eat and drink the coup calmly. It seems that she really doesn’t care about what happened just now.

She was acting normal, just too normal. Nothing like before!

Xu Yanwen’s gaze deepened. He pulled the chair to sit down again and eat, it was clear that the food was still those food they cooked but when he put it in his mouth, it became tasteless.

The next morning, Xu Yanwen didn’t eat at home. He said that he was very busy with his work.

In the morning, before Xue Jiayue got up and in the evening until Xue Jiayue falls asleep he didn’t come back, not letting Xue Jiayue even see his shadow.

Xue Jiayue didn’t specifically ask Xu Yanwen if he really was busy. Anyway even if Xu Yanwen didn’t go home, she would live on her own.

She would draw designs draft at home every day, watch dramas, play games and go shopping when she has nothing to do, as the day pass.

This day Xu Yanwen was in the office to deal with documents, when Zhou Chenguang came again. He was very happy to report the progress of the new project to Xu Yanwen.

“The whole project is going very well, and will be completed next month.”

When it comes to the project’s achievements, Zhou Chenguang’s face would lit up.

Xu Yanwen read through the information Zhou Chenguang bought, and was assured of his efficiency and outstanding achievements.

“You did a good job.”

Once in a while, Xu Yanwen would praised him, making Zhou Chenguang very happy and seeing that Xu Yanwen was also in a good mood.

He took this opportunity to come forward and asked curiously.

“Brother Xue, to be honest, I’m curious is Jiayue’s cooking really good?”

Xu Yanwen looked at him coldly.

Zhou Chenguang saw that his eyes were not right and hurriedly said.

“I’m just curious, just curious that’s why I asked.”

This douchebag!

Their skin is really itchy without being scolded in just a day!

“I haven’t settled the score with guys for that day!”

The eyes behind Xu Yanwen’s rimless glasses narrowed slightly and his eyes stared at Zhou Zhenguang indifferently.

“Do you want to roll to Africa to dig mines?”

His boss was so intimidating that Zhou Cheguang couldn’t help but shake and hurriedly said.

“I didn’t! I don’t want to! I was wrong!”

“Get out!”

Xu Yanwen threw the document to him and gave the evection order without mercy.

Zhou Chenguang hastily clutched his project documents, not daring to stay a second longer and rolled away nimbly.

After going back Zhou Chenguang still think more and more aggrieved, their brother Xu has really change, really really change!

Zhou Chenguang opened WeChat and sent a message in the group to complain.

[Zhou Chenguang: @all, I am aggrieved, I am aggrieved, I am aggrieved, cry.jpg]

[Xiao Zhe: What’s wrong?]

[Zhou Chenguang: Brother Xu is not the old Brother Xu!]

[Tang Yichuan: ????]

[Wu Dong: What the heck?]

[Zhou Chenguang: How good Brother Xu used to be. He cared about us and took care of us, now he has changed his mind. His not the old him, he has change his heart! He told me to go away!]

[Xiao Zhe: ….]

[Tang Yichuan: …….]

[Wu Dong: …..]

The next second, a message alert appeared in the group: Zhou Chenguang was kicked out of the group by Xu Yanwen.]

Seconds later, the group let out a burst of laughter.

[Xiao Zhe: Hahahahaha!]

[Tang Yichuan:23333331]

[Wu Dong: laugh and cry.jpg]

And Zhou Chenguang who was kicked out of the group, looked at his phone for a while in a daze, and after a moment of internalization he was sure he was really been kicked out.

Aware of what he did Zhou Chenguang quickly send a personal chat to Xu Yanwen.

[Brother, I was wrong. Hug the thighs cry.jpg]

Xu Yanwen coldly returned his sentence.

[G-U-N, get out!]


23333331– internet slang for loud laugh


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  1. I know the oriMC was bad, but it irks me to read the parts where these fools degrading her

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