GTKWF 24.1

Translator: Dorkzilla

Editor: Kyoun15


The idol looks angry (1)

The IV was empty and Huo Xi called the nurse to take out the needle. After they were done, a few nurses pushed around and walked to Huo Xi: “Excuse me.. Can you give me an autograph?”

Huo Xi nodded.

After getting their autographs, the nurses were going to leave happily before Sheng Qiao stopped them: “Sister nurse, please lend me a pen.”

After getting it and after the nurse left, Sheng Qiao jumped out of the bed, took off her coat from the hanger and took out a coin purse in its inner pocket.

Huo Xi was wondering what she was doing until he saw her approach him and hand him a photo with a shy face: “Me too.”


It was a picture of him. It was a stage photo from the last concert. He was standing under the light in white clothes, holding the microphone in both hands, his head slightly tilted. It was Sheng Qiao’s favorite costume this time. He looked like a little prince, even purer than the moonlight. When she had gone back to Mother Sheng last time, she had picked her favorite picture, printed it in the photo studio in town and had been carrying in since then.

Huo Xi looked at her with a complicated expression for a long time.

Sheng Qiao urged: “Hurry up! Don’t let the production team see.”

Huo Xi took the photo and signed his name. Sheng QIao added: “Draw a heart here again.”

Huo Xi: ???

As soon as he was done, there was the sound of the doorknob being twisted. Sheng Qiao reacted quickly. She grabbed the photo, turned and flew to the bed and stuffed her prized possession under the pillow. She then laid on her back, looking like she had just woken up and like if nothing had happened.

Huo Xi: “…”

Zhong Shen came in first, followed by Le Xiao and Lu Yihan carrying the thermos that contained the soup for Sheng Qiao. Seeing she was awake, the group expressed their worry and sympathy.

At this time, the production team had followed and the live broadcast continued.

Zhong Shen was sitting by the bed and poking her head: “What’s wrong with you, you don’t even know you are allergic to eggplants? Last time, we bought so many eggplants at the market! Fortunately we did not eat them yet.”

She had bought so many eggplants because Huo Xi loved to eat them. She was not aware that Sheng Qiao’s body was allergic to them. Qiao Qiao felt very wronged.

Le Xiao pushed Zhong Shen away: “Why are you poking her? Why are you poking Qiao Qiao’s head?” She brought the soup over: “Qiao Qiao, drink some soup.”

Sheng Qiao took a sip: “It’s very fresh. Did you make it?”

“I followed a recipe with Xiaohan and boiled it for more than four hours. Drink it, quickly drink it, there is more.”

Sheng Qiao smiled: “It’s just allergies, I am okay, it’s not a terminal illness.”

Le Xiao looked like she was about to cry: “I was so scared! I thought you were hit by something that fell on the construction site.”

What an active imagination.

Sheng Qiao patted her head: “I’m okay, you don’t have to worry anymore.”

Netizens could not stand it anymore:

[I announce that the Brick CP is locked!]

[What the hell is Brick CP hahahahaha.]

[Sheng Xiao is sailing!]

[Brick CP is terrible, I vote for Sheng Xiao!]

[The Le Qiao party does not agree.]

[Sheng Xiao is the one! What kind of cult is Le Qiao!]

[No, Brick CP! It sounds nice, let’s call it Brick CP!]

Sheng Qiao’s allergy was not serious. After all, she had stopped eating and vomited rather quickly. After one last doctor’s examination, she was allowed to be discharged from the hospital.

Before leaving, Sheng Qiao secretly stuffed Huo Xi’s picture back in her coin purse.

When she was about to get home, she received a call from Feng Wei. She had bathed the dogs for a day according to her task and she had only learned after a while Sheng Qiao had been hospitalized.

Feng Wei was waiting outside the courtyard when Sheng Qiao got out of the car. Her tall and thin figure was lit up by the street lamp. Seeing them coming back, a warm smile appeared on her usually cold face.

She stepped forward and looked at Sheng Qiao for a while just to make sure she was okay. She then breathed a sigh of relief: “I was so scared.” And added: “I have thrown away all the eggplants.”

Sheng Qiao: “…”

All the eggplants she had prepared with love for her idol!

Netizens that were still watching the broadcast sighed:

[They have a good relationship.]

[Sheng Qiao’s like their group pet, I’m a bit envious.]

[Being envious is what we do.]

[I used to really hate her and everyone around me hates her too. Why is she so pleasing now?]

[Looking at her previous appearances, she feels like a whole different person.]

[It must have been very hard to be so oppressed by Xingyao Media before. Now that the scandal broke out, I guess she can act like herself.]

After coming back, the group ate the rest of the soup for dinner. Because everybody had eaten hot pot yesterday, they had to be more careful today. Zhong Shen was the only one to cook a bowl of noodles; he had moved bricks the whole afternoon and he was starving.

The director said: “Because Sheng Qiao’s current physical condition is not good for the construction site, Zhong Shen and her will exchange tasks. Sheng Qiao will have to invite the movie emperor to the house as a guest and if the mission fails, Zhong Shen will have to dance and sing.”

Zhong Shen, who was still eating, was dumbfounded and shook in anger.

“You are bullying me!”

Sheng Qiao patted his leg and laughed.

“Well, then I can announce that I will give up the mission and let Zhong Shen perform!”

Zhong Shen wanted to pinch her but between Le Xiao and Feng Wei that were guarding Sheng Qiao and Lu Yihan, the situation quickly turned against him and Zhong Shen ended up pressed on the sofa.

He yelled: “I want to quit this show!”

After the short event, Sheng Qiao took out her phone and looked through the contacts to see if the original Sheng Qiao knew any movie emperors.

Le Xiao came over with her own phone and said: “Qiao Qiao, this is the only one I know, Senior Meng Xingchen. I was fortunate to be cast alongside him last year and he was very nice on the set. He is patient and easy to talk to, and I believe he is currently on vacation in Finland and his schedule must be empty. You can try him.”

After speaking, Le Xiao patted her tight: “And you also have worked with him before!”

Had she? Had Sheng Qiao worked with this actor? Sheng Qiao thought about it for a long time and finally remembered she had. There was a historical drama they had both worked on a few years ago; Meg Xingchen had been the main lead and Sheng Qiao had only been a supporting character and had barely interacted with him.

Le Xiao added: “I will tell him the specific situation on WeChat first and see how he replies. If he does not refuse on the spot, you go ahead and ask.”

Le Xiao started typing the message as soon as she finished talking.


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